Treasure of Nadia – The prodigal harlot

Treasure of Nadia is an extremely rare representative of the now extinct species of expensive and high-quality games, made with heart, intelligence and also – for an adult audience. I don’t even want to drag the cat by the balls in this review, as Treasure of Nadia is one of the few games on my site that deservedly got all 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ fapability.

The plot in Treasure of Nadia

Our father, a great and famous treasure hunter, is killed by an ancient treasure-hunting organisation. We, as his beloved son, inherit not only an enormous manhood but also a small house on the edge of the jungle of Cape Vedra. He’s lucky, because there are so many beautiful people, mostly women, living nearby, some of them even close relatives, but our son’s heart goes out to adventure.

We are to follow in his father’s footsteps – take on the role of an ancient treasure hunter, unravel the mysteries of the local tombs and give battle not only to a sinister organisation, but also to the mystical secret spirits of a dead civilisation. Fortunately, our hero is not alone and each of the 12 beautiful girls will help our boy become a real man =)


Treasure of Nadia is built with RPG Maker, but it’s not a role-playing game. It’s a huge, linear, story-driven quest with a few minor additions in the form of searching for items, solving puzzles and engaging in a few mini-games.

From the start of the game you will be sent to a conditionally open world, where we have to earn some money for all sorts of necessities and, in the process of earning them, the story will begin to gain momentum, through which you will be introduced to all the game characters and mechanics. The main way to make money in the game is by searching for treasure, which randomly appears in different locations. Over time, the game will reveal other ways to make money.

The main purpose of earning – work on repairing his home, in order to invite the lovely ladies to his home for “cofee”. Most of the girls, envied neotyosannyu shack without repair – simply refused to date =). And… I’m getting off on the wrong foot here, because this isn’t a date simulator at all.

Most of the time in Treasure of Nadia you’ll be dealing with the story, visiting different characters and solving their problems and puzzles. The story and the adult part of the game are designed at the highest level. The fact is that in addition to the interesting plot and denouement of each situation, the developers managed to give the seemingly simple game an excellent visual component.

About graphics

I suggest judging the quality of the animation and the work done by the game’s trailer. I’m going to mute it by default, in case you turn it on by accident 😀

Similar animations accompany the protagonist throughout the storyline. The game intelligently and appropriately switches from the main gameplay to the videos, then jumps back, it all looks very cool and harmonious, which keeps you bored and well motivated to move strictly along the storyline.

Okay if only the clips looked good – but no, even the appearance of the seemingly classic RPG Maker things looks extremely attractive and non-standard for this engine.

Here are a few screenshots to prove it:

As they say, expensive-rich =)


While playing Treasure of Nadia, remember that you’re not the same as the protagonist of this saga =) Take care of yourself from exhaustion, prepare a whole pack of tissues, because the number of clips and situations in the game is simply overwhelming.

In the first 10 hours of the game, the body is likely to experience more than once a pleasant feeling, but for all this splendor, I must admit that after this time, Treasure of Nadia has a drawback.

That disadvantage is that we are faced with a harem film. All of the H-scenes in the game, (and there are over 120, by the way) are recorded with our protagonist + H-number of girls. Needless to say, with this approach, no matter how inventive the developers are, the number of poses and situations in the game is drastically reduced. In my opinion, this is a very strange decision – after all, in fact, Treasure of Nadia features a whole bunch of other male characters, most of whom are thugs, bandits or mafiosi. I was really hoping that at least once I would meet a situation involving more than just our character in the game, but alas.

As for the rest, Treasure of Nadia’s fapability is all right, it deserves the maximum 5 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ fapability out of 5. All the girls in the game are beautiful, almost all are intelligent. The quality of the animation and the amount of work done is really impressive, especially against the background of the visual novelisations and static pictures in other games.

The verdict

I can safely recommend Treasure of Nadia to anyone who wants to relax. It took me…30 hours to get through the game in full. I used the hints from time to time 😀 The game is so huge that I have to use the end to finish it.

The game is so huge that by the end of the walkthrough I was getting bored of reading 😀 But I couldn’t stop. Apart from the quality animations and interesting situations, the story in Treasure of Nadia is a really good one. There’s room for everything, exploration, humor, mini-games, and H-content itself is given HUGE attention.


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