Fap Ceo – Finally a proper clicker

The battle is lost

As much as I would have liked it, clickers as a genre of video game have found an audience and become firmly embedded in the gaming community. From time to time, looking at what my friends I used to work with and grow up with play, it’s time to admit it. Clickers have won. Completely and utterly mindless gameplay that doesn’t require the player to turn on any brain functions at all, apparently very suitable for people ~25-35 years old, and not surprisingly so. A working day, life’s problems, family matters, we all want to play something in our free time.

And here Fap Ceo hits the spot, not only does it fall into the age of people playing clickers, but it finally tries to be an interesting game within the genre. Surprisingly,…. it manages to be good not only within the framework of casual projects, but also within the framework of adult games.

How Fap Ceo bribed me

Despite a general dislike for this genre of games, Fap Ceo has found its way to my heart through various little things.

For example, it really pisses me off that modern “Unity developers” love to rivet their games purely for the browser. Browser is simply not suited to take the load of 3D graphics and complex mechanics, and as a result these games are slow and unstable. And here Fap Ceo, although it works fine in browser and Nutaku app, suddenly offers to download standalone client for PC. Furthermore, a Linux version is available.

The protagonist himself doesn’t mind looking at unlocked artefacts

The second nice detail is the content. I’m referring, of course, to “adult” content, if you can call drawn chicks “adult” content. What have we seen in other clickers like Fap Titans or the recent Fake Lay? There, you have to plough through the game like a second job to find even a little content. Moreover, in such games you can hardly call the content erotic. So what does Fap Ceo do? Dumps a bunch of quality art, right from the start of the game, without delay. Taking part in events constantly throws up not only static art, but also quite a mood-enhancing animation.

In case your level of English is more or less passable, the local dialogues will also deliver. Each, literally every girl in the game carries a personality, and correspondence with the local girls in the atmosphere similar to how you once corresponded with his wife-to-be, wanting to simply put her in bed. However, looking at pictures is not part of Fap Ceo’s core gameplay.

The gameplay does not disappoint

At Fap Ceo we are building a business. Basically, we hire girls of different professions to conduct private chats with clients, and we earn an income. The game’s main credo is endless development, and literally everything in the game rocks. Levels of girls, levels of chairs, levels of our campaign, even the main character’s skills and all the items in his office – also can and should be pumped.

The mechanics aren’t new, what matters is the implementation. Again, here we can compare the game with its competitors – in most clickers we are asked to click a single point, trying to kill a monster or seduce a girl. Not so here. Clicking will be precisely on that damsel, which is currently leading a private chat, and the income from this will depend on many factors. You can place up to 11 girls per level, and before you start each level you should think about where to put them.

The game, like its competitors, has modifier and reincarnation mechanics, which I’ll talk more about in the manual when I finish it.


The art in Fap Ceo is sweet and juicy, and the dynamics of getting it are at an acceptable level, which means you can easily unlock 5 highly detailed art with your favourite girl per day, especially at first.

Unfortunately, most animated scenes are only unlocked for participating in events, and that’s a bit of a nerd. It’s not that they’re impossible to get, it’s just that the mechanics of the Event itself involve the player being in the game frequently, every 2 hours to be exact. Overall though, the quality of the casters and the accompanying bonuses are a decent reward for a very modest effort on the part of the player. I would give the game a 3 fapability ❤❤❤❤ out of five for the amount and quality of adult content.

I spent $3 for a starter pack to support the developers, but I didn’t feel any strong advantage. All of the in-game donation is obtained by obtaining currency in in-game events, and the donated currency itself in Fap Ceo is somewhere at the level of expendable material. It’s not a lot of free money, but enough not to lose interest in the game without regular payments.


The game is ok, it’s playable.


  1. Client version of the game (Requires Nutaku account);
  2. Eye-pleasing graphics, juicy art and animation;
  3. a lot of girls, each with their own character and content;
  4. The gameplay is addictive, the developers know how to properly motivate the player.
  5. Suitable for munchkins who want to develop anything and everything indefinitely.
  6. A user-friendly interface in clickers is a rarity. In Fap Ceo it’s thankfully handy.


  1. You want to click a lot, which makes you feel sorry for your mouse;
  2. Autoclickers are outside the law, khalyavit leaving the computer overnight will not work.
  3. the main game starts very late – with 100 level campaign. In fact, a day with an active game and the right set of skills, etc the player can pass 3-4 levels of the campaign, and you have to 100. So it turns out that for access to all the content in Fap Ceo would have to play for ~ a month. But given that the game is not bad, mb this is not a minus.
Client typeBrowser/Mobile

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