Fap Titans – Review and Evaluation


Fap titans is a clicker game. A game that plays in itself. Nevertheless, in order to achieve at least some goals in the game there is always something to do. Personally, these games are not to my liking, but I got involved.

The very essence of the game is in endless development. The game has a bunch of heroine cards that you can endlessly develop, enemies that you can kill endlessly, a castle that you can endlessly rebuild, and so on.

However, by virtue of the genre, there is very little gameplay itself – and it is clear, the heroines are simply raping their enemies, it looks like a melting health bar and that’s it. All you need to do is to deal with management – to give the heroines levels and abilities.

During the day, regardless of your desire, you participate in a daily tournament. As a result, depending on your success and activity, you will receive a reward for your place in the tournament. Among the rewards are various improvements for your girls, as well as components for getting erotic scenes.

The game also has a faction war, which is a choice of a faction and the subsequent capture of points on the global map, reminiscent of the guild war from Cuntwars, only here this faction war is completely broken.

Every weekend there are events waiting for you, they all offer slightly different gameplay elements, always as simple as possible, but still variety.

And all these activities serve you for one purpose – to collect chests, discover new art, new heroes or improve old ones.

Fap Titans - Review and Evaluation


In my opinion, static pictures can hardly be called graphics. Yes, there is some kind of drawing, I would not be surprised even if it was stolen from similar projects. Art with girls is sometimes good, but more often than not. This game can be a collector’s paradise, but it will never satisfy the person who came for a beautiful picture.


If you can jerk off to this, then you are definitely under 18, or you have never seen women. The game has several poorly animated scenes made in an anime theme. Each of them needs to be put together for a long time and persistently piece by piece in order to finally see the final version, which is usually no more than a minute long.

The second option to jerk off here is art. As the game progresses, you collect various pornographic images, drawn by different authors, on different topics and different styles. Apparently, the game is very proud of this, since a whole section with achievements in collecting, sorting by genre, and so on is displayed under the gallery.

Well, all the girls presented in the game, as they develop, strip to the point, also without animation, just a picture. Based on all this, the fapability is 2 points ❤❤.

Fap Titans - Review and Evaluation

Time taken and rate of progress

The game is quite capable of playing itself, however, in order to achieve at least some goals in the game – be it collecting or endless progress, the player needs to devote a lot of time to it. So, to win daily tournaments, or rather to take the first positions in the top, it will take more than one hour of contemplative gameplay and management of the levels of your units.

An inattentive gamer can easily spend tens of hours in the game without interruption, perhaps because the gameplay is simple and understandable to everyone. For those who do not want to miss the stars from heaven in the game, a couple of hours of playing a day will be enough to take “pre-top” positions. The game gives the impression that the stronger you become, the easier and faster you will compete with other players in the future, and this is true, but the game also exists …

Be sure that in any event in the game you will most likely be overtaken by donators in a matter of minutes, at least at the beginning. I do not know who these people are, and why spend money supporting developers on such a blatant hack. After about a month of active play, thanks to participation in the events, you will compare with local donators in terms of rating in the tournament (although taking the top positions will still take a lot of time). Nevertheless, you can play without donation.

If you suddenly like such games and you are ready to give the developers a pretty penny, then the most advantageous offer here will be getting VIP 5. VIP is given here permanently, its levels are accumulated when buying local diamonds. Upon receipt of VIP 5, the player receives a significant bonus in the form of free daily chests, and these chests are exactly what helps speed up the collecting of art and the buildup of characters. In addition, the owner of VIP 5 will always have a 100% chance to increase the characteristics of his character. Please note that to get VIP 5, you will have to spend ~ $ 20 to buy diamonds. All previous VIPs are pointless.


When I played Fap Titans, I had the feeling that this game was created only for one thing – to advertise other games from this developer. In no other game have I seen so many ads for third-party projects, but it’s understandable. Fap Titans is a completely ordinary game. A game that can captivate collectors, but cannot captivate a person who came to an erotic game AT LEAST to look at cartoon boobs. Try it or not – your choice, I would pass by and save myself a lot of time.

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  1. Developed by Hooligapps and published on the Nutaku gaming platform, Fap Titans is a casual clicker game that is anything but casual! At its heart, the gameplay is simple and based on a combination of incremental and idle play where you only need perform a set series of simple actions to advance.

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