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Comix Harem is the fourth game from the Belgian developers Phoenix Media, who are not greedy. What are usually their games? As a rule, it is a simple gameplay, like clickers or simple management, and for the development of the plot in their games are often made in the form of comics with adult content. In other games of the studio I was personally pleased with the good humor and just a huge story. This is about H.Heroes, in H. Clicker unfortunately I did not find anything good.

So, Comix Harem is in fact a complete clone of H.Heroes, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of pitching the story. The developers have not even changed the interface =). The only thing they differ in is the setting. If in H.Heroes the developers made fun of fantasy worlds and anime, in Comix Harem they made fun of comic book universes. The game launched on June 1, 2021, is currently in beta and is available at the link.

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The gameplay in Comix Harem can be divided into three parts:

1. Comic Book.

This is the main part of the narrative, and it’s essentially the only reason to go into the game from time to time. We accumulate energy – we pour it into “passing” the comic, essentially just watching the story and admiring the 18+ art. At the same time, we gain experience and discover new girls in his collection. No mental effort required =) Unfortunately, the game has not yet been translated into Russian (remember the beta version). The game is only available in English and French, and, therefore, the comic book story for most will pass by. We’ll wait for the Russian translation – I’m sure that when the game is translated, it will be no less humorous than the last game of the studio.

Since the game parodies the comic book universes – the artwork is made in a classic DC and Marvell style, very reminiscent of the X-Men comics from ~2002.

2. Battles.

Regardless of the game mode – be it PVP or boss battles – the battles take place in fully automatic mode. Battles are essentially a comparison of the characteristics of the girls you choose with the characteristics of the enemy. Yes, there are some formulas and calculations, and in the battle there is an element of randomness, but, let’s be honest, nobody cares about them. Since I’ve been playing the “source” in the form of H.heroes for a long time, I vouch for the fact that any player, regardless of the strength of the assembled group, always quietly gets all the major rewards for activity in events on battles. Battles are the main “source” of new girls for your harem and the main element of player cameramen.

3. Collecting and Management

This “gameplay” element is the second source of erotic content in Comix Harem. We add more and more heroines to our collection, raise their levels and give them gifts. For each level of relationship you get not only art with the chosen heroine, but also a serious increase in her stats. Stats are required for battles – that is, they participate in the process of obtaining more and more maidens, and so on in a circle.


Unfortunately, Comix Harem is a lot inferior to H.Heroes in terms of narrative tempo. This is most likely due to the beta version. After the start of the game energy is not even enough to fanfare at least once, perhaps not even have time to get up =). This fact is depressing, because the game does not have time to captivate the player, offering all the best in the beginning. This I know that the developers are good and know how to develop the story, despite the fact that everyone around is chomping at the bit, but to the new players who looked for 10 minutes, Comix Harem simply can not give what they came for.

Also, the comic book art looks less erotic than in the last game. It is clear that we are dealing with a parody, but still, the erotic content, to me, should excite. In general, despite the awesome quality of the drawing, because I personally did not get it – I put 2 ❤❤ of fapability out of 5. Maybe someone will like it a lot more, it’s subjective as usual. Maybe I have a washed out eye from the number of erotic games I’ve been through). Check out the local drawings:

About Donate

The game does not depend on your donation at all, except that, like in H.Heroes, it is sparing. In the sense that the only and best thing you can buy in Comix Harem is an energy pack, just to quickly unlock most of the modes and advance in the story. This treat always costs €2 and serves more as an opportunity to thank the developers than to enrich them or gain an advantage over other players.

Given, again, the status of the beta, the question of the appropriateness of donating to this game remains open. Most importantly, it is not necessary and does not solve anything. The genre is not the one to decide =).


Comix Harem is another game that doesn’t require a huge amount of time. You can keep it in your bookmarks and just periodically progress through the story, discovering more and more art. These games can hardly be called games – but the fact of collecting maidens and erotic art, as practice has shown, many have to like it.

I certainly can’t recommend the game to everyone, especially while the game is in beta status and carries little content. The review date is July 17, 2021. As soon as the game gets out of beta status, I’ll rewrite the review, since I’ll be playing it anyway =). The progress of the beta will be saved by the way.

Client typeBrowser/Mobile
LinkClick (this is the official site of the game). Also available in Nutaku

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