Cunt wars/Chick wars – worth a look

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LinkMobile version – tap. Desktop version – click. The game is also available on Nutaku (chick wars)


So here we are, Cunt wars. I have to say that I’ve been hooked on this game for at least a couple of years now, which is saying something, because I’m an old-school gamer.

Cunt wars to me is kind of like heroes, only without the castles, heroes, but with boobs. In essence, this game positions itself as a collectible card game, but unlike HeartStone, which is commonly taken as the basis, here the positioning of your units plays a huge role.

Once in the game for the first time, you are lavishly gifted with base cards and left to be picked apart by random players or bots. Bravo to the developers – the strength of the cards does not always affect the outcome of the battle, you can defeat a much stronger enemy with weaker units, but in Cunt wars will still decide the pumping of your cards, which directly depends on the amount of time spent in the game.

There are quite a few tactics in the game, despite the fact that only 8 cards can exist in your deck at any one time. Collecting, pumping and developing cards is at the heart of the gameplay itself. Depending on the game mode, you’re free to use your collected deck as well as various other options. Tower of Darkness, for example, allows you to use all the cards in your collection, and a special “pit” mode, to fight bosses, allows you to use each card only once a week. It may sound insane, but it’s not a bad game, after all we all have a deep-seated desire to collect things, and being able to enhance and use what we “collect” in Cunt wars is fun.

Cunt wars itself is a fork of the game Mighty Party, with the difference that each “card” in the game is stripped when you pump. All of the mechanics of the original, including the character models, have been carefully preserved, it is likely that Cunt wars and Mighty Party are even produced by the same developer, but that is not certain.

The game has a mobile version, as well as an alternative version in the form of Chick Wars from Nutaku. The mobile version allows you to play on the same account as the PC, but uses some strange mechanics in terms of opening the chests, so be careful if you decide to play both there and then.


Pleasant, generally copies the same Mighty party, except for the erotic scenes. The game doesn’t slow down in any of the modern browsers, it’s well optimised and overall the graphics isn’t the main thing here.


Extremely low. Even though you’ll be seduced from the very first trailer with animated scenes, you won’t see a single scene with any movement later on. I’ve been through all the adventure mode and a bunch of the events, so I can say straight out – this game is not for those who want to fan it. It’s more just a game to admire the art, you’re unlikely to get anything up in the game.

Cunt wars/Chick wars - worth a look

Time taken and speed of progress

In order to achieve anything at all in Cunt wars you need to play, play a lot. In fact, if you like the mechanics, you’ll progress quite quickly, but…

You have to invest in the game, not a lot of money and not all the time. A player who just decided to check out “what’s in Cunt wars” probably won’t get anywhere in terms of progress. However, the player who really liked the game, I would recommend that the first place to buy a couple of chests and some pet, the total amount of investment will be ~ $ 50. Quite a lot for a “free game”, I agree, however I…well…really spent, and have been playing for a couple of years now, I like it and don’t get bored.


Despite the extremely low fapability rating, Cunt wars is really worth a try. At the very least it’s worth trying out, and if you don’t want to donate dollars, you can always try what’s called the “kids version” in the form of Mighty Party, which is available on Steam. Specifically, I have only one complaint about the game – pets, which bring imbalance to the game, because you can only buy them for dollars, and pump – for in-game currency. Perhaps one day developers will allow to buy pets for the local donat currency, then the game will look easier, but for now it’s too much. You can play, but to play with pleasure – you have to pay extra money. Too bad.

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