Detective Girl of the Steam City Game Review

At first glance, Detective Girl of the steam city is a typical Kagura games RPG-maker, of which there are probably hundreds, if not thousands. All of them tend to resemble each other like two peas in a pod and I even reviews on them already lazy to do, because nothing new to me, alas, do not get to say. Detective Girl of the Steam City has suddenly and favorably distinguished itself from all of its neighbors.

We play as a girl named Sophie, her father is a noble detective in London, and her daughter wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. Luck throws her such a chance – her father temporarily leaves London, Sophie puts on a detective hat and decides to prove to all that a woman can also be a detective.

Just at this moment the city is threatened – a real war breaks out between the local gangs, the police can not cope, and here and then the newfound girl thief in a latex costume constantly threatens to steal all sorts of valuables.

The Detective’s Way

In an attempt to become a real detective Sophie takes on absolutely any request for investigation from local residents.

Most of the game takes place in peaceful urban locations we collect additional quests and investigate incidents, as a reward for each completed task we get a detective point, which in the future are free to spend on the development of detective or combat skills. In the course of our investigations we either need to find any clues, or someone to find or bring something – there’s nothing special about it.

The main difference between Detective Girl and other RPG-maker trinkets is the variability. Many side quests can be completed in several different ways, all depending on the skills of the protagonist and her promiscuity. Things are a little different with the story quests.

The game has two separate storylines, one for the police and one for the local gang. Sophie is free to work for both camps for a while, but towards the end of the game we have to make our choice – to help the gangs or to follow the law. The ending will depend on our choice.

Passing the story campaign for the police Sophie will have to focus on the investigation, the tasks will require observation and other skills of a detective.

The campaign for the bandits on the contrary, is directly related to the passage of combat locations, depriving the player of the need to prance around the city in search of clues.

Visually, the game looks good, there are no standard RPG-maker cheeks. The developers were not lazy and drew separate models for the environment and each of the game characters. As a result – the game has acquired its own unique recognizable style, which can not but rejoice.


The developers use the classic system of promiscuity, or, as it is called here, sanity, as the H-content mining system. Our Sophie wants to be a detective so badly that at times she is willing to do anything, just to investigate the case to the end.

Each time getting into “juicy situations” heroine loses part of his mind, which allows her to behave more promiscuous in the quests and even on the battle card. For example, having worked in a brothel and mastered the skill of seduction, Sophie can even skip ordinary battles, seducing all the enemies on the way. The same skill allows you to open up alternative options for passing tasks, somewhere to get a discount, somewhere to get the necessary information.

It sounds good, but things aren’t so rosy when it comes to fapability in Detective girl. The developers did a great job trying to get some good Rpg-maker gameplay into the game and bring at least some variety to the genre, but they forgot about the most important thing – the H-content. It’s in the game stupidly little. I mean, not so.

There are a lot of game situations where Sophie is subjected to some juicy moments, they are found literally at every step and not badly described in the text, but the sheer number of H-scenes and their variety drives you into boredom. The art seems to be well-drawn, but it’s constantly repeated, in 50% of the quests you’ll get a picture which you’ve probably already seen in another quest. Not a single scene in the game is animated.

The lack of diverse H-content forces me to give the game a 2❤fapability out of 5. As they say, it’s fun, but difficult.


The game is not bad, I spent in it 20 hours, closed all the main and additional quests, opened all the H-content and can not say that I was bored =)

Even the meager set of H-content does not embarrass me, because the game itself is interesting, and therefore – recommend to pass.

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