Dark elf – Replayable Jrpg

About the game

Dark Elf is a representative of the Jrpg genre, created on the rather popular nowadays RPG-maker, with all the ensuing parameters. As a result, we have a game in which the character models, animations and mechanics are strongly reminiscent of the times of Final fantasy I-VI.

In the story, we play as an almost undressed dark elf. At the very beginning of the adventure, she will save a little boy from the monsters, whose parents died in battle. Our elf will decide at all costs to help the boy find his place in life, for which she will go out of her way to get the child to school.

Despite the simple gameplay, Dark Elf as a game is not strong at all by the combat system, the main feature of the game is the branched plot. The fact is that even the most crooked player on the first playthrough is unlikely to be able to break the woods by failing some mission, and will most likely end the game as a virgin. However, as soon as the player fails the plot task, the game reveals itself from a different side and the plot moves along a completely different line, without repeating the first passage.

Dark elf - Replayable Jrpg

As a result, on the first playthrough, you will most likely save the world, and on the second playthrough, you will be given a button that instantly loses the battle and … have fun. Lost to the robber from the first act? Now, instead of clearing the dungeons from monsters, you will be a servant of the nobles until the end of the game. Failed attempted murder? Welcome to the prison, which has its own laws for female prisoners. All in all, a good way to prolong the enjoyment of the game.

The game has good graphics as part of an RPG-maker, although a lot of models in the game are poked around from other projects made on the same engine. In fact, only the main character and spells are normally animated in the game, which in general does not really interfere if you are not particularly picky about the graphics.

Here is a huge claim to the music and, in general, to the sounds in the game. It is worth immediately unscrewing all sounds in the mixer to a minimum or turning off the sound completely. It hits the ears straight, brrr …


It’s difficult with this here … First, as mentioned above, your first playthrough will most likely pass without erotic scenes at all, or with a minimal number of them. For a very long time it is not convenient to lose in this game, even skipping all the monsters along the way and not swinging the heroine at all, she still, like a terminator, absorbs a lot of damage and does not die. However, already on the second playthrough, you can more than appreciate the efforts of local artists and their sick imagination.

Dark elf - Replayable Jrpg

Asian games are generally weird in terms of fapability, you never know what to expect from them. On the one hand, they can draw a pretty chan that they want to play as. But as soon as you unfasten your fly, the game will show your chan .. writing, or something worse. Nevertheless, hard-core lovers of Asian culture will not be embarrassed by this (probably, for me personally, too much). As for the rest, there are quite a lot of scenes for the game.

Some scenes are shown only with a certain development of the plot, while others can be caught by losing to an ordinary mob.

Time taken and rate of progress

The first playthrough, including conversations with all NPCs with peeking under all the bushes, took me about 1.5 hours. The second and third are the same. Most of the enemies in the game can be easily bypassed, since it is not particularly necessary to pump the character.


I will try to highlight the main pros and cons of Dark Elf, which personally touched me.

1. It is interesting to explore locations, chat with inscriptions and dash around the cities, in search of adventures on A..s;
2. Quite a lot of scenes with the participation of the main character;
3. Simple and straightforward gameplay in the spirit of early Final Fantasy;
4. Branching plot that radically changes the story.

1. The sound in the game does not fit the situation at all, the overall sound quality spoils the feeling of the game;
2. The scenes sometimes go too far to suit Asian standards, and that is urine, blood, and so on;
3. The game is too easy.
4. There is no Russian language in the game, and Dark Elf is translated clumsily into English.

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WalkthroughDark Elf – Walkthrough for all 7 endings
Dark elf - Replayable Jrpg

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