Seed of the dead – Review and evaluation

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Suddenly =) First-person shooter with elements of you know what. At first glance it may seem as if the game is similar to Left4Dead, but no, although in some places they are similar.

In the story, the guy who appears to have an inexhaustible “supply of power” finds himself trapped in a town overrun by zombies. Seemingly bad – but no, we have three very useful companions, which together with us roam the levels, firing off crowds of different kinds of monsters, as well as serve us as “first aid” if you do mischief to them.

As you progress through the story we’ll come across more and more monsters, guns and all sorts of activities, and between story chapters we will always be waiting for a scene with the main characters.

Playing on medium difficulty you can pretty much lose, which hints at us still occasionally “using” our girls to heal. The use itself is as you would think – the main character will start an act with the chosen heroine by activating a small mini-game, on your success in which will depend on the amount of healing you get and the quality of the temporary boosts you get.

Generally in the Seed of the dead universe the girls seem to be able to heal anyone, because if one of the heroines dies, the only way to get her back on her feet again…well you get the idea.

As I mentioned above, Seed of the dead is a first-person shooter, which means that most of the time we’re engaged in firing waves of various enemies, or wandering around the level and engaging in mopping up. The shooting itself in the game is done at a very average level, but the feel of the game itself is mostly positive, largely due to the very good soundtrack. The metallic beats of the gunfights and dynamic music sometimes make you feel like you’re playing Doom, rather than some low-budget dud.


The game is based on the Unreal Engine, and almost everything in it is created based on the engine’s own Assets. However, some levels (for example, the level in the cave) look quite good, the only complaint is with the models of our female companions. They seem to be made in different styles, and cause a little dissonance. What’s more, if you remove the censorship from the game, and it is there by default, you can see that the causal places of two of the three heroines are not even depicted.

Personally, this didn’t bother me too much, because the first time I played Seed of the dead I was censored, and turning it off neither added to the fun nor diminished it. During the playthrough I was more into the shooting, the drive and the blood, rather than looking at the models.


It’s okay for once. In between missions, one of the heroines will always hit on the protagonist, and we’re offered to watch a skit on the game’s engine. Many of the scenes are made for glory, by the way, Unreal Engine in general has long established itself as a good engine for various kinds of erotic games and in different projects can surprise you with the elaboration of details.

A full playthrough of the game gives you access to the entire gallery with all the scenes, including bonus ones, so if you want you can get a snake for your favourite moment and repeat it.

Time taken and speed of progress

The game is played in ~3 hours on medium difficulty, with breaks for smoke/tea and things to do.

The verdict

I liked the game, and therefore – I recommend it, even if you don’t find anything fapable in the game, it’s still fun to play.


  • Not bad, by erotic game standards, graphics;
  • Sometimes interesting fapable scenes;
  • Pretty simple and fun gameplay like shooting for the evening;
  • On medium to high difficulty levels the game can already be challenging.
  • Not addictive, enjoyable.


  • Incomplete control from the gamepad, not very comfortable. Although the mouse+keyboard combination is fine;
  • Weird companion design, one of them looks like she escaped from Sailor Moon altogether;
  • 3 hours for miracles. It didn’t seem enough to me, at least I wanted more.

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