Hunter Quest: Aina’s Arduous Tale – Review and rating

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Gameplay and storyline

Hunter Quest is one of the many Jrpg’s created at Rpg Maker, however, unlike similar projects, it has managed to gather a proper fanbase. Thanks to the fans, the game has eventually been translated into Russian, well, we, in turn, can now really enjoy the work.

In the story we play as a girl Aina, a rather promiscuous girl who has decided to become a monster hunter. This world needs hunters because the world itself is covered in mist that activates and enhances animals and monsters. It’s up to us to go the way of the monster hunter and save the world or destroy it. The game sounds simple, but unlike its twin brother, Dark elf, the game is much more enjoyable.

The interface is not overloaded, the mechanics are simple, the difficulty is slightly below average, and that goes to the game’s advantage. Unlike the same Dark elf, where you simply cannot lose, in Hunter Quest you can easily get defeated by the boss. And what does it mean to lose to a boss? That’s right, getting a scene with him.

Graphics and music

The graphics in Hunter Quest are typical Rpg maker. They don’t hurt your eyes or your ears. The ability animations are simple and tasteful. Scenes in the game are drawn in a classic Asian style, albeit with some pixelation censorship.

The music deserves a special mention, it is always on-topic and not annoying, as it usually is in games of this type.


The good news is that, despite the fact that we have an Asian fantasy setting here, the heroine doesn’t piss herself every scene and it’s not like she gets raped. Or rather, most of the time our heroine will be happy to give herself to one character or another.

In addition to the scenes you get from defeats in combat, you can easily find peaceful scenes in Hunter Quest, but their number will depend on the main character’s lustfulness parameter. Lust itself increases over the course of the game by opening new scenes, so I highly recommend not to sweat the healing on the first playthrough of the game and lose every boss on your way (scenes with losing to common enemies are not up to snuff here).

The game keeps the bump solid, largely due to the good translation into Russian, but every now and then go over the top with the Asian. Moreover, the game has censored art, which seems strange to me, considering the genre. I give it a 3 ❤❤❤❤ fapability out of 5.

Hunter Quest: Aina's Arduous Tale - Review and rating

Time taken and speed of progress

I found the game to have three endings, it took about 3 hours to do the whole thing, including pumping and opening all the scenes in the gallery. I have to say that I personally enjoyed my time in the game, the chapters are not drawn out, everything in this game is in its place.

The ending itself branches out at the stage of rescuing another huntress from the clutches of the local Wolf gang and depends on whether or not you lose to the boss and save the huntress herself.


Hunter Quest: Aina’s Arduous Tale is not a bad way to spend an evening. I recommend it. I enjoyed it.


  1. Nice visuals;
  2. The main character isn’t a “victim” like Asian people usually are, she enjoys having fun, and she’s generally adorable;
  3. Comfortable control from both the keyboard and the gamepad;
  4. Nice art, quality drawings.


  1. No challenge for the gamer, no choice of difficulty;
  2. Censorship;
  3. some scenes are questionable, especially the snake and squid scene.

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