Agony Unrated – How to get All Endigs

Guide for ppl who want to get all endings in Agony Unrated.

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Let’s go!

Agony Unrated Endings

Normal Ending

The normal ending is not particularly hard to unlock, and is gotten simply by playing through the game normally. You can’t exactly fail to get it, though its possible to get other endings first. You can simply Continue from those chapters to still eventually reach the Normal ending.

Play through the game normally, and in Chapter 4 in the Goddess’s Temple, you will take the spiral staircase upwards. In the throne chamber on the 2nd floor, a cutscene will begin which will take you to the final stage, and which beating will reward with the Normal ending.

In Unrated, this is no longer needed to unlock the Succubus ending, but some elements, such as the first Angel being available, still require beating the game once to access.

Succubus Ending

The Succubus Ending is similar to the Normal Ending, and is gotten by playing through the game normally in Succubus Mode.

In the Goddess’s Temple, instead of going upstairs, you will enter a Succubus Door on the first floor, and travel down a large pit. At the bottom of the pit, a cutscene will occur and the ending will be unlocked.

Viewing this ending is required to unlock the Nimrod ending, and purportedly, the new 8th ending as well.

Madman Ending

The Madman Ending is usual, because its very easy to do, and also very annoying and unreliable.

This achievement can be done as soon as you’ve accessed the Mushroom Mind section of Chapter 2. What it requires of you is to hold completely still for about 5 minutes. No mouse/keyboard input is allowed, which probably means you can’t be using your computer at all for this time.

The tricky part about this is twofold:
A) Depending on where you stand, there are wandering Onoskelis who may find you and kill you during the 5 minutes
B) The game seems to randomly decide whether or not its “working” or not.

If you are successfully holding still, your character will periodically hold their hand up to rub their head, about 3 times, before the ending officially occurs. If 4 or 5 minutes have passed without seeing this, then it is not working, and you should either try moving and stopping again, or quit out and try again from scratch.

Aside from the achievement, the Madman ending does not unlock any additional content or endings that I’m aware of.

Evil Ending

The Evil Ending is unlocked by killing large quantities of Martyrs throughout the game, 70 in total. I believe you must do this as the Martyr, NOT the Succubus, so that makes this slightly more difficult, but not tremendously so. Simply hit them with a torch several times and they will die.

To actually access this ending, once the requirement has been accomplished, travel to Chapter 4 in the Goddess’s Cathedral like most other endings. But instead of climbing up the stairs to the 2nd floor, approach the front altar like area with the massive painting of the Red Goddess.

If you’ve correctly fulfilled the requirements, a cutscene will appear once you climb the altar’s stairs, and the ending will occur.

This ending is required for accessing the Nimrod Ending.

Angel Ending and where to find Angels

The Angel Ending, also known as the “Good” Ending, is unlocked by finding 4 Angels throughout the game, and then traveling to the Tree of Life, where a special cutscene will trigger and show the ending. You cannot unlock this ending until you have beaten the game at least once as the Martyr, which causes the first Angel to become available.

Unlocking this ending is also required to access the Nimrod ending.

Their locations are as follows:

Angel Locations:
Chapter 1 – After the Spider’s Lair. You see her through a crack, but are unable to access her due to rocks being in the way. After you’ve beaten the game, the rock pile will be cleared and you can go through and find her.

Chapter 2 – In the Fractal Forest, if you go to the Golden Martyr Statue cave, exit it and follow the right-hand wall around two corners, and there will be a stair way leading up to the Angel. If you are at the beginning of that area, try to follow the right-hand side for a while, and you will eventually find it.

Chapter 3 – In the final section of Chapter 3 in the Fallen Kingdom, if you hug the left-side wall as you exit the last building (the building with the large golden statues), you will be able to wrap around the side of the building. If you continue to follow this path, you will eventually reach some branches; keep following these and eventually you will find the Angel.

Chapter 4 – There are two exits out of the Forgotten Caves, leading to the desert. One is on the right side, and is full of statues and people hung up between pillars. If you go to the one on the left side, you will find that you are walking along a long hallway before reaching the exit. If you turn right halfway through this hallway, the Angel will be clearly visible in her own hallway.

Baphomet Ending & Fractal Forest Hearts

The Baphomet Ending is one of the more convoluted/puzzle like endings in the game, and was a source of significant confusion for many players for a long time.

To unlock the Baphomet Ending, you need to have defeated Baphomet in Chapter 1, and unlocked a chamber at the end of the Fractal Forest in Chapter 2 and examined Baphomet’s Golden Statue inside. This is easier said than done.

To unlock the chamber, you need to balance some scales in the Fractal Forest. To do this, you have to find the hearts in two different locations. To UNLOCK these hearts, you have to examine two different paintings back in the Floating Forest. So, starting from the beginning, lets walk you through this.

Lets assume you’ve already beaten Baphomet in Chapter 1, as that’s required.

Step 1:
Go to Chapter 2: Floating Forest. There are two paintings you need to find here. The Hanged Man Painting, which is found on the right side of the area (near where Baphomet is drowning a constantly screaming man), and the Stairs Painting, which is found on the left side of the area (where the cauldrons and the giant Goddess statue are).

So, lets start with the Hanged Man painting. Bring a torch, as that will make this task easier. Work you way over to where Baphomet and the screaming man are. You will see an island with three Martyrs chilling out together. On this island is a large purple branch. Climb up the branch and jump to the next island, which is covered in spiders. Quickly walk forward to the next island, which is small and has a broken bone gate on it. From here, you should be able to see this:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Facing this direction, jump across three islands. On the third island, turn right, and you will see a temple-like area blocked by bushes. Go ahead and burn them. In this area, you will immediately find one painting near a table. This is NOT the painting you are looking for. Keep going, and after some rocks, follow the path to the shore, where you will find this painting:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Once you examine this, we are good to move onto the next one.

To find the Stairs Painting, proceed past the Cauldron area, as if you were going to the Goddess statue and the Fractal Forest. If you get to the statue, you’ve gone too far. While you are on the vine/branch walkway leading to the statue, there will be a subtle gap in the stone and underbrush. This is what it looks like:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

At first glance, it doesn’t look like there is anything here. Even worse, sometimes there are collision detection issues with this path. Try crouching if needed. Once you get through, you will find this:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Once you examine it, you are ready to proceed.

Step 2:
Head to the Fractal Forest. As a reminder, there are four dimensional rifts here which will take you to an alternate version of the forest. All but one of them look like ghostly green kneeling figures.

1. The first one is on the left path is not important for this task.
2. The second one is on the right path, and this is where the scales are that you must put the hearts on when you find them.
3. The third one deeper in the forest, and is characterized by some very prominent stairs in the middle of it. This is where you find one of the hearts.
4. The fourth one is very well hidden, at the end of this area. It has the 2nd heart, and we will discuss it more soon.

First, you want to go to the Third Dimensional Rift. Players familiar with the area should be able to find it fairly well. Once you are in it, the Heart will be found sitting on the stairs:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

From this position, you want to turn right and work your way towards the end of this area, where there is a large fire lake. You may see Baphomet again, chewing on someone. Once you are here, there is a very well hidden crevasse in the wall to your left (with the fire lake being on the left as well). It looks like this:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Passing through the crevasse, you will be warped into the Fourth Dimensional Rift. Inside, you will see a Golden Martyr Head, and a hanged man. If you activated the picture correctly, the heart will be in his hands. The hanged man looks like this:

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

From here, return to the rift near the beginning of the section, and place the hearts in the scale to balance it. Now we can move on.

Step 3:
Leave the Fractal Forest, heading into the cave system at the end, which leads towards the Waterfall of Blood. Once you enter the cave, the chamber is very visible straight ahead of you, with a large golden statue of Baphomet standing in it. Go ahead and examine it.

Step 4:
From here, proceed through the rest of the level normally. When you reach the end of the Mushroom Mind section, a cutscene will occur and you will receive the Baphomet ending! Congrats!

Nimrod Ending and Garments of Adam

The Nimrod ending requires that the player collect all 5 Garments of Adam, which is done by possessing or killing the 5 Martyrs who wear them.

They are found spread throughout the game throughout the game; 2 of them are fairly obvious, but 3 of them are actually quite subtle and really easy to miss. If you possess the Martyrs wearing these items, you will get a message on screen announcing it, and those Martyrs will no longer be wearing the items in subsequent play.

In addition to this, you need to have completed the Evil and Succubus endings first, and gathered the Golden Martyr Statue in the Cathedral to open up the basement. After doing all of these things, go into the basement and the ending will unlock

Garments of Adam Locations:

Necklace of Adam – Chapter 1 – The Pit
As soon as you drop down into the Pit, there will be a chamber to your right with a female Martyr on the floor wearing a necklace. If this room is not unlocked, its because you need to open it by viewing a painting; if you go up the stairs and take a right, there are some bushes leading to a chamber with this painting.

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Shoulders of Adam – Chapter 2 – The Floating Forest
When you leave the Floating Forest, you climb up a precarious mountainside. Towards the end is a small cave full of gore, which is blocked by bone fences. Use Soul Vision to enter it, and you will find a male Martyr walking inside of it. If you look closely, he has golden arm jewelry on.

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Rags of Adam – Chapter 3 – The Chamber of Ishtar
Easily the most obvious, probably everyone saw this guy while playing through the game, and probably noticed his rather luxurious clothes. He’s on the second floor of the Chamber of Ishtar, one of the only Martyrs accessible in this entire area.

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Sandals of Adam – Chapter 4 – The Plague Chamber
This is probably the easiest to miss, as this Martyr is fairly easy to walk by without ever looking closely, and the entire room is filled with an obscuring green smoke and weird visual effects that make perceiving details difficult. In the Plague Chamber, climb up to the second floor and walk across the rafters to a small platform in the corner. A single female Martyr sits alone, and if you look closely, she’s wearing flip flops. The absolute height of fashion.

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Crown of Adam – Chapter 4 – The Forgotten Caves
Probably the second most obvious after the Rags, this guy is kinda just walking around the middle of an empty room with a crazy hat on. In the cave system, he’s by one of the exits leading out to the desert. Its the same exit where you find the Angel for Chapter 4.

Agony Unrated - How to get All Endigs

Once you have gotten all of them, just head to the right-side door on the first floor of the Cathedral, go down the staircase, and when you enter the room, the ending will commence.

Queen Ending

An unofficial name I gave for it, this is the new ending in Agony Unrated. It is also the last ending to be unlocked.

It appears that it requires:
– Having unlocked the Nimrod Ending
– Having unlocked the Evil Ending (to get the Nimrod Ending)
– Having unlocked the Succubus ending at least once (to get the Nimrod Ending)
– Having killed 30 Babies (unclear if the kills can be done as the Martyr or if the Succubus counts)

Once these have been accomplished, start Chapter 4 as the Succubus and run to the Cathedral at the end of the chapter. As soon as you enter, it will immediately begin the cutscene for the ending.

That’s all endigs in Agony Unrated. Have fun!

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