Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

Bunker 69 is a short but still quite interesting game. Despite its simplicity, some players still have questions during its passage, and therefore I consider it my duty to help.

Warning! Spoilers! Although such games as Bunker 69 is not played for the story.

Bunker 69 walkthrough

Warning! Despite the fact that the game supports control with a gamepad, you still have to pass Bunker 69 on the mouse. Some actions in the game can not be done on the gamepad.

Hints for passing:

There is no time limit in the game, but all of the girls teleport around the asylum according to their schedule.

The girls only give out their quests when they are at work. The ideal time to take and pass the quests from 12 to 18, this is when ALL the girls are dispersed to the workplace and ready to talk to the GG on the issued quests.

Bonus scenes – there are few and almost all of them can be seen only peeking at the girls through the ventilation at midnight. Also, one bonus scene awaits with a redhead, if at 9 am to go to the shower room through the door.

Starting the game – getting to know the bunker

So, in search of a food-filled bunker, our protagonist finds himself at the entrance to the iron doors. While trying to dial the code on the door the main character decides to look around the nearest objects. Under the nearest mat is written the password – 3422 – we try to type this password on the panel and…get into the bunker, though in an unexpected way.

We are greeted by the blonde Olivia and are given our first Scene.

We leave the medical bay, behind the next door is the local caretaker (Martha, a redhead), we just need to talk to her. If you try to leave the room, she will call Amanda, who, in turn, will show the GG his room. There’s nothing to do – we have to go to bed.

While the IG in the room we can only 2 actions – either sleep, or look at the schedule with the data on where and at what time to walk all the inhabitants of the bunker, and the residents that it turns out to only 4. Forget the list, there is no practical use of it – everything is more or less understandable.

In the morning out of his room. At this stage, you can already get acquainted with the whole structure of the shelter 69 – it is quite simple.

There are four floors in the shelter, you can move between them with the help of the elevator.

The administrative floor is where the caretaker of the asylum sits from 10 to 18. Also on the floor is the infirmary, where from 10 to 12 am you can get a sketch with a blonde.

Technical floor – there are only three offices. The first is the generator room, where from 10 to 18 am Amanda, a technician we already know, sits. The second is the pumping station, you will have to visit it only once on the quest of Laura, the girl from the canteen. The third room is the local farm, where the blonde nurse Olivia hangs out from 12 to 18 hours.

The living floor is the floor with our room. It’s also the dining room on the left, where from 10 am to 6 pm you can find our fourth quest lady, Laura. There’s a gym to the right of the living rooms, but there’s absolutely no activity in it.

Basement – The last floor on the list, not the value. In the basement are several story quests, there is a workbench, as well as an escape route to the living floor through the ventilation.

With the introductory part finished, now let’s go to the full passage.

The first block of quests

  1. We have to go to the canteen and talk to Amanda – she will ask us to talk to the caretaker.
  2. The caretaker lives on the Administration floor and you can meet her in her office from 10 to 18. The caretaker will tell us that we need to get a medical exam, as well as try to help all the residents of the shelter with domestic problems.
  3. The first thing we go to the medical station (I remind you – this is the room next to the caretaker’s office) and watch the second scene. From this moment on, your task is to fulfill four orders of the girls.
The Caretaker’s first task is to fix the “Mixer”

We need to visit the Caretaker after the medical exam–she will give the GG an urgent assignment! Her vib…”mixer” is broken.

The initial task is to go to the workbench in the basement and try to fix it. That’s what we do, but the GG discovers that the “mixer” needs a bearing to fix it.

The bearing we’re looking for is in the trash in the medical office. To get there, you have to come to Olivia for a checkup between 10am and 12am.

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

We take the bearing, fix the “mixer” and return it to the owner.

Olivia’s first task is to fix the ventilation system

Olivia gives out an assignment in the farmhouse.

She thinks the plants on the farm are growing badly because of ventilation problems – you need to check it out.

To do this, go down into the basement. Immediately near the basement door is a box – from it you need to pick up a screwdriver.

In the right part of the basement, behind the barrel, there is an entrance to the ventilation – move the barrel and unscrew the bolts with a screwdriver:

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

Go to the top and pick up the dead rat, which is the cause of the broken vent.

Walk through the rest of the ventilation compartments – essentially this is access to the Living Rooms through the basement. The protagonist can now peek at the sleeping (and not-so-sleeping) residents of the asylum, the scenes will change depending on the developments in the game. To do this, you must periodically visit the vent after midnight.

Amanda’s first assignment – missing panties

Amanda gives out her quests in the generator room (from 12 to 18).

She thinks that one of the residents stole her favorite panties and asks us to deal with it.

In fact, no one stole her underwear – the hero needs to go down to the basement, there is a small pack of local bunker rats.

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

This is one of the few quests in Bunker 69 where you have to engage in combat. The combat is classic RPG-Maker, just hit the rats with an auto-attack and you’ll be fine.

Laura’s first assignment – leaking pipes

Laura is a girl with purple hair who lives in the kitchen and gives out tasks from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Laura first complains to the protagonist about leaks in the pipes. The local plumbing is accessed through a room on the technical floor, but the room itself is locked.

The Caretaker (from 10 to 18, Administration floor) will give you an access card to the plumbing, but she will refuse to talk to you until you fix her “Mixer”, so if you haven’t done the quest to fix the dick – now is the time.

Once you get the access card, go to the Technical Floor, but before you break into the plumbing, check out Amanda in the Generator Room – she should give you the Wrench, without which you can’t fix the leak.

The second block of tasks

In order to get these quests you need to go to the girls on the next day after you have completed all the tasks of the first level. Almost all tasks of the second type are simple and repetitive like serve and fetch, they are needed only to raise the level of relations with the girls to 100. The only exception is Olivia’s second task.

The caretaker’s second task – dead batteries

The caretaker’s batteries died pretty quickly in her Mixer. The task is very simple – just run up to Amanda on the Technical Floor and ask her to recharge the batteries.

Amanda’s second assignment is pumpkin jam

That’s the assignment. Just run to the kitchen, steal the pumpkin jam and come back.

After completing this quest, your relationship with Amanda will reach 100 and she will invite the main character to her room for the evening.

Amanda’s room is located to the right of ours, you should go to her between 18 and 22. At the same time you’ll get your first full scene.

Laura’s second assignment is to work on a farm

Lora runs out of supplies – you just have to go to the farm and collect 5 cabbages and 5 pumpkins.

Olivia’s second assignment

In contrast to the tasks of the other maidens, Olivia has a real problem – her plants are too cold on the farm. She asks the main character to turn up the generators and raise the temperature, which requires stealing the key card from Amanda and sneaking into the generator room under the cover of night.

You can get the key card from the generator room at any time of the day – just sneak into her room through the vent:

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

Now we have the right key, all we have to do is come to the generator room after Amanda leaves work, that is, after 6:00 p.m. The quest, according to the classics, will have to be handed over the next day, at 12 am at the farm.

The third block of quests

After completing all the quests of the second stage, all the girls stop issuing tasks, throwing us the phrase “For today, that’s all, come tomorrow.

To start the third block of quests in Bunker 69 need:

  1. Sleep with Amanda. At this point you have already accumulated enough points for this. Amanda is waiting for you any day between 6pm and 8pm in her room.
  2. Meet the story scene. To do this between 6pm and 8pm, climb into the vent and peek into Amanda’s room (to the right of ours). Eventually, the hero will overhear Amanda’s dialogue with the Caretaker.

Once all the conditions are fulfilled, the girls will again allow the GG to get quests and improve the relationship with them. We are left to raise the sympathy level of Laura and Olivia.

Laura’s third quest is to roll canned goods

This time Laura asks the GG and rolls the harvest into cans.

We simply go down to the basement and craft 5 cans at the local machine.

Olivia’s third quest is to exterminate the rats

We may have inadvertently told Olivia that there are rats in the shelter, and now she’s asking us to kill them.

There will be two packs of rats in the basement. It will be hard to kill them in one go, so use canned food to heal your GG. Canned food can be taken once a day from the fridge in the canteen.

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

We kill all the rats and come back. Now your relationship with Olivia has reached its peak and she will offer the GG to watch a movie together.

Olivia will be waiting for you at the TV from 6 to 8 pm.

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69


If you have completed all of the above quests, then all you have to do before the final fork is to get to Laura – there will be a simple quest with another harvest and canned food crafting.

In order to proceed to the final fork the player must have already slept with three girls – Amanda, Olivia and Laura. After that, we just go to bed – the GG will automatically wake up in the middle of the night and crawl out into the vent to spy on the Caretaker.

We accidentally overhear the conversation again! Except now the girls suspect something. We can’t just go back to our room, we have to make a detour.

We go down through the ventilation system to the basement, from there to the elevator and to our room. Amanda, who is waiting for us there, suspects something, but leaves anyway. We try to go to bed and the main character finds a warning note

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

You have the opportunity to go to the caretaker, then you will see the scene with the redhead and the bad ending.

The note was left by Laura, she is waiting for you in the dining room as usual. Laura knows how to escape from the bunker and disable the security systems, but first she will ask the hero to hide personal belongings in the basement.

So we do – we go to the basement and put a screwdriver and wrench in a box. On our way to the kitchen, we suddenly notice that the blonde Olivia is sitting by the TV. She automatically suggests watching a movie and offers her escape plan.

Olivia suggests not going with Laura, but trying to take apart the blocked-up passage in the basement.

If you go to Laura, there will be a bad ending.

Go down into the basement and push one of the barrels to the right:

Full text walkthrough of Bunker 69

The code lock still doesn’t work, even if you enter the code from the note from the beginning of the game. Go back to Olivia, this time she will be waiting for us on the farm.

Agree to run to her – she’ll ask to get weapons and disable the generators.

The only effective weapon for the whole bunker is kept in her room by the red-haired Caretaker. You can get into her room only in the daytime, from 9 to 18. At night she plays with her “mixer” all the time.

After we got the guns run to turn off the generators (after 18:00).

It remains only to go down into the basement, where we meet the last battle, Olivia and a good ending.

That’s it.

Bunker 69 was an extremely short and completely uncomplicated game. Too bad it has so few scenes and locations, well, at least the story is interesting) Good luck.

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