House of Lust Complete  Walkthrough

A complete guide from start to finish of House of Lust and its many lewd unlocks!

This is a walkthrough article for “House of Lust” by “Frozen Lettuce.” We are careful about spoilers , but please be careful when reading. Also translation is quite rough so please bare in mind while reading.

The map itself can be quite confusing on first glance but take your time to read each area. It is very easy to get lost.

Game Tips & Tricks

-Saving is your friend. By Saving you also heal your stamina.
-Pen and paper sometimes can help with remembering certain puzzles
-It may look like a good idea to jerk off but watch your stamina to make sure you have enough
-You WILL get lost. Take your time exploring the mansion and make mistakes.
-ONLY USE THIS GUIDE for passing certain puzzles. The game will be quite shorter if you just reply on this guide. The idea of the game is exploration, puzzles and enjoying the lewds .

START Part 1

House of Lust Complete  Walkthrough

① Check that the main entrance door cannot be opened.
You can masturbate at stone statues in various places, but if you ejaculate multiple times, the game will be over.
*Dash can be done with the “space key”. If you run too fast, you’ll have to stop, so do it in moderation.

② Obtain the “East Connecting Passage Key” and “Small Room Memo” from the west small room.
You can “save (S) ​​in the small room on the right. A chest of drawers is a place of refuge in case you are attacked by monsters.
The “artificial monsters” that appear when you move will play BGM when they appear, and you can avoid them by hiding in a wardrobe.
*If you are afraid of the BGM when it appears, please reduce the volume or mute it from the options.

③Unlock the connecting passage in the east corridor and head from the north corridor to the small room to the west.
Normal paintings do nothing, but “big breast paintings” are restrained when crossing.

④ Enter the gas room, open the shelf on the right and enter “09” to turn off the gas. (Answer: Number of stone statues)
The “Big Breasts Doll” in the room will disappear when the gas is turned off, so if you want to see an H scene, please save first!
After turning off the gas, get the “watering can” on the desk and head to the kitchen on the east side.

⑤ Fill the watering can with the kitchen sink and get the “Water Can”.

⑥Get the “Painting Note” at the dining area.
Remove the “bar” on the right door to open it to the east corridor. (not required)
Return to the entrance and head up the stairs to 2F.

Part 2

House of Lust Complete  Walkthrough

①Pour water into the vase in front of the left door using a watering can to unlock it.

② Get the “gold ball” in the bedroom.

③Collect the “Bed Memo” in the next small room. (The armored statue written in the memo has not appeared yet)
A “brown monster” that mimics a memo will appear by examining the mimicked memo. It’s harmless if you don’t investigate.

④Place the gold ball on the scale in front of the right door at the entrance to unlock it.

⑤ Go out of the study and talk to the “Angel Statue” and a quiz will appear.
The answer, “Croissant,” is located in the dining area on the 1st floor. If you talk to him again after investigating, you will receive a “Solid Book”.
If you keep failing to answer, you will be forced to masturbate, but you can also do this by examining the angel statue after giving a correct answer.

⑥ Insert a heavy book into the bookshelf in the center of the study, and a hidden door will appear on the left.

⑦Obtain the “Old Clock Hands” from the left back of the hidden room. (There is a thumping sound when you cross the window)

⑧ Insert the needle into the old clock in the center of the entrance and a hidden door will appear.
The plump “ghosts” will attack you at high speed, but if you walk you won’t be attacked.

⑨ Sprinkle semen on the stone statues in the order of “right, left, center” to open the basement passage on the west side of 1F.
This hint will be displayed as a number when you examine the stone statue in the west hallway on the 1st floor. It can be removed without investigating.
When the gimmick is lifted, you will not fall down even if you ejaculate three times, but please be careful as you will be exhausted after the gimmick is lifted.

This is where the “armored monster” appeared.
It is a mimic type disguised as a stone statue. It starts moving when you lose your line of sight, but you will hear a creaking sound.
The appearance rate is low, so if you want to encounter one, go back and forth between the small room and the hallway in the west hallway on the 1st floor and cross the stone statue.

Part 3

House of Lust Complete  Walkthrough

・There is a single road underground.
Get past the “giant woman” that connects the entrance and the passageway, and get the “Key to the Annex” at the back.
Proceed when the eyeball in the background is closed, and when it is open, proceed by hiding behind the wall.
On the way home, a hand attacks me from behind.

-After collecting the key, go to the “annex building” from the northwest via the 1st floor east connecting passage.
It’s to the left of the gas room we explored earlier.


House of Lust Complete  Walkthrough

① Climb the stairs at the entrance and get the “Red Key” from the bookshelf in the East Study.
Be careful, if you talk to the “demon fox” at the entrance, you will be squeezed to death with a hand job while breastfeeding.
In addition, the demon fox that appears and attacks you during the search cannot cross the amulet and disappears when you move the map.

② Enter the small room from the west space of the hallway and collect the “Red Jewel”.
You can unlock the study door from the jewel room.

③ Examine the shelf in the center of the east small room three times to obtain the “Blue Key.”
There was a hint about this in Nishishosai’s book. (Check what you are looking for three times)

④ Enter the small room from the east space of the hallway and collect the “Blue Jewel”.
*Once you have collected two gems, separate the save data.
⑤Insert the two jewels into the large entrance door.
In the Demon Fox’s room, you can receive the “Entrance Key” by “withstanding the Demon Fox’s temptation for one minute.”
This is OK as long as you keep facing the left side. (The signal is “Give me the key (screen goes black)”)
*After obtaining the key, entering the main building will be the final event, so erotic bondage with monsters cannot occur.

⑥You will be chased by a “demon fox (black)” in the passageway connecting the annex and the main building.
When you manage to escape, you will be seduced by the “owner of the building” in a small room in the main building. (Yes = game over)
If you decline, the final chase will occur from the next hallway. If you can escape to the front door, you will be cleared.
Also, you will be tempted at the entrance at the end. Of course, be careful because if you select “Yes”, the game will be over.
The owner of the building is slow, so please be careful of your fatigue level and use walking.


Extra: Unlocking Lewd Scenarios

Here is a list of all the unlockable sex scenes and how to obtain them. Sometimes there will be more than one scenario to unlock. Such as a pose or sex scene.

Artificial Monster
A) Captured by the monster.
B) found in a wardrobe

Big Breasted Painting
A) captured by running in front of it
B) while running in front of it

A) Captured by the ghost.
B) found in a wardrobe

Armored Monster
A) Captured by the monster
B) found in a wardrobe

Brown Monster
A) Captured by the monster
B) found in a wardrobe

Big Breast Doll
A) Masturbate in the gas room on the 1st floor.

Demon Fox
A) Select “Yes” to the temptation at the entrance of the separate building.
B) be restrained by contact.
C) after getting the key contact in the hallway

Lord of the Mansion
A) Select “Yes” to the temptation at the main building. be restrained by contact.
B) captured by the lord.
C) Choose “Yes” to the temptation at the entrance.

Underground giant
A) Contact when the underground eyes open.

Busty Bronze Statue
A) Masturbate at the bronze statue at the 1st floor entrance.

Armor Stone Statue
A) Masturbate with stone statues of armor from all over the place.

Big Breasted Painting
A) Masturbate to paintings of women from all over the world.

Angel Stone Statue
A) Masturbate at the stone statue of an angel in the back of the study on the 2nd floor.

That’s all. Have fun 💖


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