Last Evil – Easy Passage Guide

Last Evil is really good, it’s really fun to play. But I still couldn’t get the Archidemon, damn it. In the local manuals I was waiting for an incredible discovery – it turns out the cards – the reward after defeating the enemy – you can not take! In fact, here’s everything that’s been proven to work. Well, let’s get started!

Universal deck, build and swing

Let’s figure out how to win here, and what to collect, so it would not be embarrassing to the demons of the neighborhood. Let me briefly outline the situation:

  1. Fewer cards are better for the deck;
  2. A card that allows you to draw more cards is best;
  3. A card with zero value is a good card;
  4. A card that gives a permanent effect is a good card;
  5. Preferably, you should have a couple of shields in your deck

Otherwise, you can assemble the cards however you want. Let your imagination run wild! My boring build, on the other hand, relies on swinging damage from free Chill and a constant influx of cards from Chill. In a nutshell, we constantly use Infusion to bring back free Chill and free Hatred to reinforce the Chill. This merry-go-round happens three or four times per turn, allowing us to steadily deal 30 to 50 damage, while still being covered by shields.

Here are examples of decks with which I was able to reach and defeat Archidemon:

The ideal, alas, did not come out, but you can already identify some trends. Next I’ll talk about the necessary and pleasant in this case cards, items, and basic tactics for using this build. Let’s start with the starting bonus. The ideal is this:

This bonus allows us to immediately remove useless Temptation, and makes the deck lighter. If this is what you get:

Also not bad. From the proposed list of spells choose Hatred or Sadism. Also, not bad bonus on HP – it can save you if you or the local random screw up. Bonus on essence isn’t very useful, and we don’t need extra lust at all. If you get shit, you can go to the menu and start a new game – the bonus will be different.

What about perks, huh? It’s like this:

Of course you can live without them, but without the second perk in the left Survivor branch will have problems with shields, especially at high levels. And remember – only take the cards you need, if the desired card in the award is not – click on the cross in the upper right corner!

The deck: cards and swing

Based on the rules above, let’s highlight the key cards. First, let’s look at what we’re given at the beginning, and why we need it. Spell Temptation, throw it out on the frost at the first opportunity!

There are two attacking spells in the starter deck. Chill is our everything, the workhorse of this build. It’s free, deals damage, and slashes enemy damage. Also, Chill’s damage can be upgraded. I recommend to have 2 or 3 of each. Magic Missile will do for the first couple, it’s pure boostable damage, but not free and without bonuses. Gradually reduce the number of these cards to one, if you have the means, extinguish at zero.

Alas, we don’t have any free defense, so let’s look at the remaining options. The average Mana Shield blocks some damage per mana. Gradually remove it from the game, replacing it with a much more interesting variant (more on that later). Just like the Wall of Ice! Blocks twice as much damage, but at the cost of weakening the HP by one unit of power. Needless to say, Wall of Ice should be put up AFTER you’ve spent all your attack spells? Leave it in the deck until the last one, but at the very end it’s better to remove it.

Well, time to go shopping! Only the first two cards are important in principle, and the rest are nice bonuses.

There they are, the deck-building enterprises of our build! Infusion allows you to take three to four cards from a discard/ deck to your hand. Have strictly two pieces. It is the one we will use to pick up Chill and Hatred that have fallen in battle. Did someone say Hatred? Three morals to that demon! This totally free card will increase EVERY spell’s damage by 3 points for one turn. And Hatred stacks, not just with itself, but with other power and morale modifiers as well! I usually take one or two.

Very tasty in the early game cards that can, in addition to the main effect, pull some ace out of your sleeve. Haste, along with pulling one card, gives you a shield, and Sadism deals damage. These cards are better than the basic Mana Shield and Magic Missile, but not a panacea. I prefer to take one or two Haste cards at a time, just in case Infusion doesn’t roll on the first turn.

Spells that burn after use are also practical. They don’t take up a slot, which makes it easier to juggle cards later on. The juiciest one in our case is Amplify. It gives a power boost, and unlike Hatred, that boost stays until the end of the battle. Of course, you’ll have to pay mana for that, but it’s worth it. And after upgrading Amplify, it’ll be free. Take 1-2 pieces. Mana Stream is simple – mana and cards in your hand for free. I recommend keeping one copy.

Also, if you come across any of these, feel free to take them. The cards are ultra rare, so you’ll barely have more than one, but you don’t need more. The Mistress is a shield in case things don’t go according to plan. Tupa reduces the damage of each attack to one. Not a shield or a medicine. Sold without a prescription after the death of the boss/champion. Quick Shot is sometimes sold by a trader if you’ve poked her four times before. Yes, the damage is ridiculous, but it increases, and, attention, the spell EXCEEDS the card. And, if Quick Shot is the last and only card in the deck… you know what kind of anal bloat awaits all enemies, hmm?

Let’s take a look at the order of pumping:

  1. Take cards so that you have Haste/Sadism (1 piece), Infusion (2 pieces), Hatred (1 or 2 pieces) as soon as possible. The rest is not important.
  2. Apapa should be Infusion first, then Mistress and Quick Shot if there’s any, and Amplify on exchange, if you managed to grab it. The rest, of course, also apai, but if you can remove a card instead of aping, it’s better to do so.
  3. Remove cards in the following order: Temptation, why alternate Magic Missile/Mana Shield until you have one of each. Our ideal is a 10-card deck (to make Infusion as predictable as possible), but up to 14 cards is fine.

The deck: artifacts and turn order

Well, not tired of the books yet? Nothing, almost finished, now there are artifacts and anomalies how to play it all. So, first things first.

We hardly ever take cards, so why not take advantage of it? The mop called Overflowing Staff improves a random spell in the deck, as long as we didn’t get any enemy cards at the end of the battle. Which means what? That’s right, it means that by the end of the game you’ll have everything you can and can’t have. It’s dropped from the bosses, so first, alas, walk around in your outfit. And if you feel the call of the inner beast, try on the dog collar. Dog Collar allows you to retract one spell at a time of rest – just what we need for our build! Drop this accessory from the chest, you can not worry. But it’s not so easy to get special earrings. It is necessary that during the event (the badge behind the magnifying glass, ha-ha-ha), our succubus_ess came across a human patrol, so to speak, culturally spending time. After defeating these knuckleheads, we take Earing of Charm – and now our Chill chills our enemies not by a quarter, but by a half. Given that this spell is our main damage dispenser, the earrings prove to be a useful thing.

You thought that a banana was not only healthy, but also quite arousing. Our G.G. is aroused by two lusts at the beginning of the fight. And two lusts is what? That’s right – it’s the price of The Mistress, so we’ll always be ready to take unexpected lusts at any moment of the battle, the main thing is to get the Mistress out. And a very specific and exotic thing, Clitoris Piercing, allows you to draw another lust card if you use a lust card. Imagine if you had the only lust card in your deck, and its name was Quick Shot? You feel that, don’t you?

So, how do you walk? And I explain. But, like, keep in mind that this is a late gameplay, from level 2 and maybe the boss level 1:

  1. First you throw all the free buffing game, Hatred, Amplify (upgraded), and the like.
  2. Then you pull cards. If you have any, pull with Infusion, if not, use Haste/Sadism, if there’s nothing, put up all shields, use all free stuff, and pray: you probably have too many cards in your deck.
  3. If you have Quick Shot and not enough cards: pull and use cards, trying not to waste mana, until there’s nothing left in the rebound. Then you use Quick Shot, Quickshot draws itself, and you can go into an endless cycle.
  4. Maximum hand capacity is 10 cards. Infusion draws a maximum of four. So count to have no more than seven/eight cards in your hand, including Infusion itself, before the next use of Infusion. Feel free to use everything free, leave your mana for Infusion.
  5. Draw with Infusion until you’re blue in the face.
  6. If opponent intends to hit seriously – spend last one/two mana on shields, preferably Wall of Ice and Haste.

So the Archidemon has fallen at my hand three times already. On that note, I bid you farewell, and may random have mercy on you.

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