SpunkStock: Music Festival – How to Full-Combo YuMei

The Easiest Way to make Full-combo YuMei in SpunkStock: Music Festival
Trying to 100% the game?
good for you.

Struggling to fully combo YuMei because of how weird their gameplay is?
This is the guide for you!
Doing this method will take a long time, but will guarantee you that sweet win!

How to Full Combo YuMei

Things to consider when trying to get all perfect notes

The only way to win is to finish Yu’s bar (right side), you can finish in Mei’s bar (left side) however many times you want, the only objective is you just have to finish the right side once.

  • Make sure that Yu’s bar doesn’t go all the way down, if her bar is all the way down, you will automatically lose.
  • Use one hand to hit the notes and use the other hand to switch between Yu and Mei, for example, your left hand is hitting Z and your right hand is on the middle mouse, trying to switch between characters using one hand throws you off.
  • Use drinks to your advantage, The YuMei drink (i believe) makes it so only 1* modifier will show up, if not, Pica and Toto’s drink help the perfect hit time as well as effectiveness.
  • Make sure that you don’t go over any of Yu’s curses, wait until you’re at a comfortable perfect hit rate, then start claiming the Blessings to get rid of the curses.

If you have the Lucky Charm, make sure you choose the glass first!

SpunkStock: Music Festival - How to Full-Combo YuMei

When trying to complete the YuMei challenge, the one modifier you want to focus on is glass, glass is the best safeguard to make sure that you hit perfectly every single time.
As stated above, you always want to make sure that Yu’s bar doesn’t go anywhere that is dangerous, you will naturally win the game as every time you finish with Mei, your multiplier will go up every time.

SpunkStock: Music Festival - How to Full-Combo YuMei

Which modifiers should I prioritize first?

  1. Glass – Increases the perfect hit size.
  2. Perception – This makes it so that every time you hit a perfect, you will gain a critical which will make you finish faster.
  3. Stamina – Yu’s bar will de-progress slower when you focus on Mei’s side.
  4. Needle – Makes you finish faster every time you hit a perfect note.
SpunkStock: Music Festival - How to Full-Combo YuMei

You also want to make sure that you don’t claim any of Yu’s curses, in doing so, it makes it much harder as some of her curses will make the challenge MUCH harder, keep her bar to a point where she doesn’t use a curse and to the point where she won’t immediately fail you if you let it drain too much.

SpunkStock: Music Festival - How to Full-Combo YuMei

Eventually, if you do everything correctly, you will hit all perfects and eventually full combo; if you ever run out of money, you can also spam rerolls, restart the game or go to the haunted hall and complete it the maze for more Rep. (doing this will not remove drinks)

This is the most tedious step in the game, but it’ll be worth it!

p.s. have fun with secret..
the poster didn’t lie 🙁

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