Succumate – The Big Passage Guide

I hope this guide will help you get up to speed quickly so you can open all the sweet content with ease 😀

The basics of the game

The game is conditionally divided into two zones – our house and the town.

The house is a small hub, where you can stay, eat and sleep. In contrast to the walks on the street, the house does not pass the time, so in a sense, staying in the house is also an opportunity to put the game on pause. All store-bought items can only be used from home, that is, even to eat on the way home the character can not, except from the trash.

Town is a small village with a set of activities, it’s here we will earn money for food and to restore strength, as well as to meet with additional characters and fulfill their quests. Each of the characters in the city has its own schedule.

As soon as the character leaves the house – the time begins to go, the hero gradually gets tired and hungry, even if he stands on the spot. In the city you can stop time if you open the menu of fast movement (x on the keyboard), but this menu is not available if the character is tired or hungry. In this case, you can pause the game with a dialogue with any NPC.

Most of the time in the game we have to earn money and monitor the main characteristics of the character.

Succumate is conditionally divided into 6 chapters, in the first 4 chapters the main task will be to completely satisfy the succubus by a certain day on the calendar, for which you need to fill her “Quota Progress” scale to the maximum.

Main Features

I think we should start by describing the main parameters of our character. There are only three of them.

  1. Satiety is the satiety scale. The more full, the better. As soon as the scale falls below 20 points, the character is given the status “Hungry”, which increases the chance of getting sick. If it drops to zero, the character will move slowly, and fast movement will be blocked. Being hungry, the hero can eat from the garbage outside the restaurant, but you should NOT do this :D. The hero will regenerate 50 satiety points, but will lie there with his stomach the whole day. Being hungry, we also can’t entertain our succubus.
    It’s best to fill up with Katsudon Lunch, which you can buy for 400 yen at your local convenience store. It replenishes +45 satiety.
  2. Fatigue – Fatigue scale. The less full, the better. The consequences of maximally full fatigue scale are exactly the same as for satiety – slowing of movement and disabling of some functions. The scale can be replenished only at home – with the sleep command or with consumables, at that consumables will sooner or later give the fatigue effect anyway, so you will definitely have to sleep.
    The Sleep command has two values. Take a nap – spends 2 hours, restores only 15 fatigue, it makes almost no sense to waste game time this way. The command “sleep for 6 hours” completely removes fatigue to zero.
  3. Vitality – the vitality scale. Spent only on having fun with the succubus and our roommates. When you reach zero, it’s the end of the game, so it’s always important to stop in time, leaving yourself at least 20 units of vitality.
    Strangely enough, the life force is not regenerated by itself. It can only be restored by using the Vitality Booster for 800 Yen (+50 vitality). The only way to restore vitality is to use the “Vitality Booster” (+50 Vitality), which is sold by the blond doctor standing behind the counter in the town’s streets.
  4. Quota progress – the scale fills up when we use the succubus (what we spend our Vitality on). The task of the first four chapters is to fill up this scale before the designated day arrives.

The Cold

If you often go hungry and tired, the hero can get sick. This status is called Cold, and the efficiency of all consumables is reduced by 50%, as well as severely cut wages when working in a cafe. Cold is treated with the item “cold medicine”, it can be bought in the convenience store for 500 Yen. Always keep a couple pcs of these medicines in your pocket =) If you sleep with low Vitality levels – below 20 – your chance of getting sick increases.

Secondary characteristics

Secondary stats grow on their own as they pass through and indirectly affect some abilities.

  1. Charm – it’s also a charm, it’s required to develop relationships with neighbors. Enough to develop up to 100. Kachaetsya through work in the cafe, as well as during the “lessons” with Succubus. Once a day as possible to feed a street cat with the help of a prepurchased in the store “Canned Cat Food” for 370 Yen, will give more +1 charm.
  2. Courage – aka courage. 100 Courage is enough to unlock all of the Courage-related content in succumate. With it, the hero can read an adult magazine, take an obscene part-time job, as well as dare to use new poses. It’s easy to get a skill, for almost any action. For playing the guitar, having fun with a succubus, eating food out of the trash…

Naughtiness, Service and Pervertendess are characteristics of our succubus, they only affect the number of poses available. There are a total of 15 poses in the game – 5 for each of the qualities. If you don’t get hung up on any one pose, it will pump itself up. On the gameplay does not affect.

Ways to make money at Succumate

There are three ways to make a living in the game. Two of them are available from the beginning – playing the guitar and working in a restaurant. At the beginning of the game, I advise you to work at both jobs every day to evenly pump up the Charm and Courage characteristics.

Guitar playing

This type of earning is available at any time of the day. When you activate the guitar, a minigame starts, in which you must periodically press the indicated arrows on the keyboard in time. Successful pressing will credit to the account of our hero +200 Yen.

During the game animals will slowly start to come out of the trash. Play the guitar until you get the inscription “You’re holding a concert for animals!”, that is, when all 4 pets will come out. In the end you get 1500 yen for the pets + 200 yen for each successful arrow press. The appearance of the arrows is pure random, and in order not to waste time, it is easier and more profitable to restart the game on the guitar.

Succumate guitar
Работа в ресторане

This is a more serious minigame, which has three stages.

First you are shown the names of the dishes and the direction on which side what dish is requested. Then we need to repeat the order, cook 4 dishes and put them in the same order as shown in the first stage. If you correctly guessed the order of the food and have correctly placed everything, you get a bonus. If the hero came to work with a cold, the salary is cut in half.

You can work in the restaurant from 10 am (AM) to 5 pm (PM). The maximum amount of Yen that can be earned here per shift is 3600. After work the hero will automatically return home, and in the wake will receive a “meal of the day”, which not only restores the scale of hunger, but also passively pumps the secondary characteristics.

Part-time with a camera

To activate the third type of earnings you need to meet the Company employee in room 102.

Before you can interact with him, you have to catch him in the middle of the night outside the gym. It looks like he’s standing there from midnight to 4am. It takes ~15 Courage for our character to talk to him (the character will say “…if only I was more courageous…”. The guy will tell us that he has a small business selling videos taken with a camera, but he doesn’t have time to watch people in the bushes, so he’ll give us his video camera.

From now on there will be two random events in the town where you can catch some couples committing adultery. If you film everything that happens and don’t get caught during the minigame, this recording can be sold to the man in 102.

If you develop a relationship with your roommates, they can be filmed several times a day and thus forget about work altogether.

Sub-quests (sub-events)

In addition to the main plot, Succumate also has a set of secondary quests, the implementation of which opens our hero access to new poses, scenes, as well as slightly simplify the gameplay.

Quests – Romances with roommates

In addition to our succubus, you can also entertain yourself with three female roommates. All of them are romantically involved in the same way, through gifts and conversation.

We give gifts until we fill the scale of sympathy with the girl. The scale is not displayed in the game, but if you exceed the gift limit at a particular stage, the game will report “Limit Reached!” At each stage you have to give them 20 points worth of gifts, the Pretty Crystal, sold at the doctor’s shop for 700 Yen, is the perfect item for this. It gives +5 to sympathy, give 4 of these crystals and you can start to develop a relationship. In addition to the crystal, you can give the gift and the usual food (will give +1), and duplicates of your Gatcha-figures (+3).

Once you have developed a relationship to the next step, you must wait one day and catch the neighbor on the street again.

Once the relationship with the girl is maxed out, you can catch her any day and drag her into the bushes, while also making a video of the whole thing for sale.

Gym Instructor

Every day, from 5 to 6 a.m. and 10 to 11 p.m., a redheaded Kagami runs out into town for a walk. I recommend catching her as early as possible, the first conversation with her will open up the possibility of going to the gym.

Succumate Kagami

A visit to the gym allows you to increase by +20 the maximum value of one of the three main characteristics. The cost of one session is 2000 Yen. It makes sense to develop only one characteristic – Fatigue (Stamina building), because fatigue is always fully restored during sleep. Raise the maximum values of the scale of hunger and endurance, I personally do not see the point.

The first 4 levels of the relationship are overcome through simple gifts and talking.

At level 5, Kagami decides that it would be a good idea to provide home coaching services, after which a new function – Call – will appear on the home menu. Calling Kagami at home will cost you 2500 Yen.

To get to the sixth level, give her 20 points worth of gifts again. During the next conversation our hero will hint to her that it would be a good idea to give her a massage service as well. We go home and use the same Call function to call Kagami home for a massage. This time, the call will be free and with a bonus scene =).

Sato-san room

Sato is the girl in the gray jacket, our roommate from room 201. Catching her on the road is easy – she leaves the house at 7 a.m. and you’ll meet her at every location load until 9 a.m. Moves down the road from the house to the 24-hour supermarket. She returns home between 07 and 08 pm (PM).

The first three levels of the relationship proceed as usual, through gifts and conversation.

Then, Sato confesses to the hero that she’s afraid of earthquakes. As a result, the next day an earthquake occurs, causing a hole to appear in the wall we share with our neighbor. There’s a new Wall Hole function in the home menu, but don’t stare at it just yet. Give Sato gifts until the next level. There won’t be any new dialogues with her.

Every night, from 8 PM to 5 AM, the hero will receive a message saying that someone is watching him (You feel like you’re being watched…). If you saw this message, grab a succubus by the hair and … make noise. The chances of that triggering to advance the plot aren’t 100%, so try a different pose every time you see the message about Sato watching.

After such an incredible night, catch Sato outside, she’ll report that she heard everything and even peeked, ask her to be quieter next time. Fill out the sympathy scale again and repeat the night’s entertainment.

For the next meeting, Sato will offer her unusual participation. In the evening, from 9 PM, activate the hole in the wall and call Sato…


Married girl, lives on the first floor in apartment 101. You don’t even have to catch this neighbor on the street, just knock on her door between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

The scheme is the same as for the other neighbors – give gifts for 20 points, then talk. If you see a new dialogue – it means you did everything right, if there is no dialogue – try to chat with her the next day. Already on the second level of sympathy new dialogues will suddenly stop.

In order to move the plot further, you need to catch Nanjou talking to her husband. At around 7 a.m. they will both be standing outside her door discussing the fact that her husband often comes in late. After talking to her, we’ll shower her with gifts again.

To continue the plot, we need to hang out outside her house around 1 PM. On her door, a heart sign will suddenly appear, which we should definitely take advantage of.

On the fourth level of sympathy, the girl will ask you to follow her husband as he is coming home late. You can catch her husband by the hand at 3 a.m. outside the restaurant.

All we have to do is go back to the neighbor and inform her, then just continue courting her with gifts. Then it’s worth it to pick up her obscenities again, she does it ~ from 0:0 PM to 0:2 PM. Above her door the heart sign will appear again, only this time, we’ll get more than just a peek…

As usual, you’ll get a skit and a chance to film Nanjou on camera any daytime as a gift for completing the quest.

Secondary quests with bonuses

Radio Exercise Man

This character every day at 5 to 7 am appears near our house and for two hours waiting for our dialogue with him. Without exaggeration – one of the most useful and easy quests in the game.

A man will ask us to do some dancing or singing with him-it doesn’t matter, so we agree. The exercise itself takes an hour of playing time, and when it’s over we get immunity to the common cold.

Radio Exercise Man will ask you to involve more people in the activity, which requires us to chat about it with the following characters: the Company Employee (you have to meet him first and get a camera from him) from apartment 102, Yoshiksawa-san from apartment 203, her young student and our three roommates (Sato, Kagami and Nanjou, see in the novels).

Once we invite everyone to participate in the morning warm-up, Radio Exercise Man will raise the reward for his attendance. Now, by exercising with him every morning, in addition to immunity to colds, the main character will also get +50 to maximum satiety, fatigue, as well as restore 30 points of both.

Fidget Sponner Radiance

The quest can only start on August 4. You can see a shiny object near the table when you walk by the restaurant in the afternoon. As soon as we pick it up, a kid will run up to us and start the chain.

The guy will hang out outside the restaurant from 10 am to 8 pm, to complete his chain will require defeating him in a battle of spinners 4 times.

The game is pretty simple – during the battle we press the left and right buttons and as soon as we accumulate 200 energy – we press the attack. To defend in this game makes no sense, as well as all points on pumping spinner should be invested only in the attack. This is done through the item Customize-Enhance status-Enchance Attack. Please note that each time you try to customize the spinner, the invested points are reset, which means that you will have to transfer all the points to the attack again. For an easy victory in the last battle, it is enough to raise the level of the spinner to 10.

As a reward for the fourth victory you will be rewarded with an extra feature. After having fun with the succubus, it will be possible by pressing the left-right buttons to get additional points in the Quota progress bar.

Secondary quests with poses

Uneqaled Master

He is often found in the woods behind the house, both in the morning and in the evening. To pass his sab quest you need to buy his erosmithing courses 5 times. Each course will give you a random skill or pose. If you have already learned the pose on your own at the time you pay for the course, Grandpa will give you a refund, but this attempt will also count towards passing the quest.

The first course will cost you 2000 Yen, with each subsequent course costing a little more than 500 Yen.

Part-time job

It is enough to work 5 times a shift in the restaurant, and then during the succubus classes there will be an additional feature – Zoom, zooming a little picture of what is happening.

Bond with Gacha Man

Standing by the gacha machine from 02 PM to 08 PM. The kid will tell us that he’s so crazy about the figures that he’s already spent all his money on them, so he asks us to put together a whole collection for him.

There are only 10 figurines, and they fall out of the machine standing next to Gacha Man. Naturally, they fall at random, with a decent chance of a duplicate. One try will cost you 200 Yen, duplicates can be used as gifts for our neighbors. In general I managed to collect all the figurines after spending only 3000 Yen, so this sub-quest cannot be called any difficult.

After collecting all the gach will give the character an adult magazine (naughty magazine) and disappear from the game. We bring the magazine home and open it through the inventory – as a result we get a new strange skill – Rape. Unlike the rewards in the form of succubus poses, this skill must be equipped manually before you start playing with the succubus.

Teacher and Student

Yoshiksawa-san lives in apartment 203. You can’t have an affair with her, but completing her mini-quest will teach you a new pose. Yoshiksawa leaves home at 10 a.m. and walks around town until 12 a.m.

First, we have to catch Yoshiksawa on the street and get acquainted. The continuation of the quest starts on the third game day (August 4), as we need to meet her student as well. The student goes to visit his teacher around 01 PM, talking to him will transfer the quest to the second stage.

Then we need to meet them both near our house, around 4 PM.

The fourth and final step of the quest is to catch them in the act by peeking in the window of apartment 203 from 05 PM to 07 PM. A heart sign will appear above her door, allowing us to peek in on what’s going on. As a reward for completing the quest, the hero will learn a new pose called Anal =)

Live for Animals

There is a small passageway behind the trash can where you play the guitar. Visit this passageway every time you successfully play a concert with the four animals. There, one by one, animals will begin to appear, first the chicken, then the cat, the dog, and finally the horse. As soon as a new animal appears – talk to him, otherwise the next one will not appear.

You must talk to all four animals to complete this sub quest. As a reward for talking to the last one – the horse – the hero will get a new pose for the succubus.

Notes on the main Succumate storyline

The difficulty level you choose at the beginning only affects the difficulty of filling the quota between chapters.

The main character will sometimes enter a kind of Deduction mod, in which you have to answer all the questions correctly. Before starting Deduction, the game automatically makes a save on the 4th slot, so it is impossible to lose in this mode. If all the questions are answered correctly, the hero will get 2000 Yen, otherwise the bonus won’t be available.

In the third chapter the hero will try to get into the succubus backpack, but will be rejected. In order to advance the plot, you need to buy Thick Pudding in a convenience store, and bring it home.

In chapter five, the main quest will not be recruiting a quota at all. Instead, we will need to collect information about strange deaths in the city. To do this, we go out into town and talk to all the unnamed passers-by (pink and blue silhouettes), so we’ll dig up three of the five clues. The fourth clue we will get working in the restaurant. Next, at about 5 p.m., two boys will hatch near the trash, their dialogue with us will tell us that additional information about succubi can be obtained from the books. The book we need is for sale in the supermarket, called “Understanding Succubi”. We buy it and run home to read it. We are interested in the chapter “Leanan-sidhe artic”. It’s the last, fifth clue.

Be sure to make the August 26-27 save on Chapter 5, you will need it to get the last ending.


Ending #1. – “Abnormal Death Case Resolved?”

This is the classic ending of the game, just don’t accept Lin Shii’s offer in the sixth and final chapter of the story. The “Don’t become her lover” item, you’ll have to press it twice, as the hero will hesitate in the first choice.

Ending #2. – “With Hoori.”

Hoori, the blonde succubus, complains at the end of chapter four about the lack of anyone willing to “feed” her. We, in turn, can offer ourselves to her, which will be the first ending.

Ending #3. – “Succumate.”

An interesting ending with an unexpected twist 😀 First you need to get the ending #1. Then, through the main menu, go to “Recollection”. We need to talk to this guy:

It hints at the third ending. This is where saving in chapter 5, between August 24 and 28, comes in handy.

During the passage of this time period, you probably met the homeless man, who since 11 PM is spawned near the trash near the restaurant. You won’t be able to interact with him on the first playthrough, but after you chat with the “Recollection” guy, the bum will be a little livelier. To activate the trigger you need to have at least one Energy Booster in your pocket, the bum will steal it from you, which starts the third ending.

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