Tuition Academia – General Guide

Although Tuition Academia is a fairly straightforward game – the secret hidden endings can be tricky! (also just general tips and gameplay things)

I would recommend starting with either Smooth Operator +50$ -5 Shame. +20% money from all. (Also can steal 1x a day from store & pickpocket 1x a night at the club). Or Always Horny +10 Sexual Desire +20% sexual desire from all sources. (Honestly you can’t go wrong, I advise to spice it up and try different mixes, it does change game play dialogue!)

Also should do 2 perks, my favorites: Rich Parents, start with an extra 30$ and gain +30$ every week. Selfie Star, Gain followers 10% faster, 100 followers start. Heavy Sleeper gain 2x stats when dreaming. (Really all the perks are great – just depends on what you want / like.)

School! (duh.)

(Test every Friday: 1st is 10 smarts receive “grant” $$$ when passed, goes up by 5 smarts each week.) Boost smarts by studying at home, tutoring students or Yomo tutor session or study with Crush/BF. Or buying study books from the store!


Best money to start is work the bar + events & tutor students which becomes available after 1 study session with Yomo. Then Lonely Fans / Chat Fap is great in late game so start on that asap (You get one free slot picture on Lonely Fans). Massage Parlor / Strip Club is okay once you get low enough shame. Studio doesn’t really pay well unless you say yes to drugs.


*Once you unlock the bank highly recommend either persuading or using your elbow grease to get that initial 2% bonus, Get 4% ASAP.*

Study Questions Answers.

Q: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 is what famous number thingy?
A: Fibonacci Sequence

Q: Firework color containing copper chloride?
A: Blue

Q: What term is 20,000hz?
A: Ultrasonic

Q: Astronomical unit is the standard measurement from earth to?
A: Sun

Q: Medical phenomenon “singultus?”
A: Hiccups

Q: Hottest planet?
A: Venus

Q: What color is your blood when inside your body?
A: Red

Q: Duel betwixt 3 people?
A: Truel Thanks Devildogg237 for the comment!

Q: Mammal that lays eggs?
A: Echidnas

Q: What’s a river horse?
A: Hippopotamus

Then any study sessions after all questions answered correct will give +2 smarts.

Unlocking Locations

Boys College Dorm: Have less than 50 Desire & Shame / Ask Crush to be your BF.

Bank: You must have 500$ then click and say yes you want to unlock.

Park: Wear a naughty outfit. (Event will trigger with invisi-girl)

Studio: Have less than 70 shame.

Club: Susu will invite you eventually. (Yoko : Select the wait for someone to approach option. Once you do this twice another option to talk with Yoko will appear.) Thanks Suzz Raven for the comment!

Strip Club: Have more than 30 Seggsy Desire.

Massage Parlor: Have 20 Seggsy Desire.

BDSM Club: Have 50 Seggsy Desire.

Hospital: Get Preggo. (Will unlock once you’re far along enough (10 days) to make decisions)
(Also have found hospital to be the most buggy to unlock / stay unlocked.)

Secret / Hidden Endings

Blackout: Go to either Student Bar or Club order max drinks then go to beach and order drink and let hunk guy buy you drink but don’t pursue sexy time. (or do? I’ve had it trigger both ways)

Professor: miss ~40~ consecutive in game days of class for 1st encounter and ~58~ consecutive days for 2nd encounter. (Did a run where never went to college just to see how many actual in game days it took for this event to trigger – I’m unsure if that’s a static number or if it changes depending on your play through but this secret ending is a time sink to actually get.) For a faster way you can first accept and leave college at the first encounter instead of a BJ, and then return in the evening and do the nasty to get back in and a lot quicker to get!

Secret True Ending: Do everything on the To Do list – do everything & watch every ending. Oh Boy. Then go to the bedroom click the view endings book and click “True Ending”.

In conclusion.

As a general note if you follow the handy dandy to do list / view endings you’ll be able to finish all the routes, it’s mainly just get enough affection and low enough shame to progress seggsy activities, occasionally buy a thing or two and keep your smarts up. 

Have fun!


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