Love for Mushrooms =) Peach Untold Tale

Peach Untold Tale went a very thorny way. The game was developed by one person, and he did it almost since 2012. For many years the game grew with content, but each time it was hampered by various Flash-player limitations. In the end, the most terrible thing happened – Nintendo required the developer to suspend the project and remove the development from github, and because of that all the links to download PUT, including translations and early versions disappeared from the game’s official site.

This is an erotic parody of the Mario games. But Mario himself we will not meet in the game, the fact that he disappeared =) We play as one of the 4 girls to choose from, the classic canonical version is to play as Princess Peach. The princess wakes up in the morning to find that her lover is not in the castle and the entire kingdom has been cursed by an evil wizard. The curse, as we always do, is of an erotic nature. All the creatures in the world now want not to kill us, but… you know.


Peach Untold Tale plays like a classic platformer, but carries the traits of a metroid. We have at our disposal as peaceful locations with quests, research and adventures for his G, as well as the classic levels-worlds in the manner of Mario.

In contrast to the unpretentious platformers, the locations in PUT are multi-level, which is seriously pushes to explore everything and everyone. Implemented crooked, but allows the princess to “meet” new characters and enemies, or find some costume or scene. Some costumes, in the manner of those same Super Mario, give the princess extra abilities, such as the ability to shoot enemies or a little float in the air.

By tradition, most of the enemies die from jumping on them, but if you screw up… The game has no health index princess, each enemy in contact with him will show a random scene and quietly fall asleep, adding the princess +1 to the index nymphomaniac =). Reaching a certain nymphomaniac threshold, the princess will start to lose control over herself, which on the one hand will make the game a little harder (She will walk slower), on the other – will make it more…intense.

Unfortunately, instead of a full-fledged engine the game uses Flash, and it is extremely unstable for such a large game project. That is why in the latest versions of the game there are unpleasant and unpredictable bugs. For example – the heroine after another scene with a monster can easily teleport to another place on the level. It’s not that strongly interferes with the game, but the mood confuses, thanks I was able to find not only the latest version of the PUT, but the early ones, where these bugs were not.


Of course it’s a matter of taste, but for me the fapability here is off the charts. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s a scene waiting for you in every house, on every rooftop. There’s a whole bunch of animations for every enemy and you want to see them all as soon as possible =). What’s more, if you meet different conditions, the skits will change.

In recent versions of the game the princess also added the parameter “chastity”, for which she will often at first refuse some scenes, and thus – go ahead to corrupt =)). Even in the early versions of the game content is plentiful.

Yes, the animation is drawn, the sounds are ridiculous, but no one here pretends to be serious about what’s going on. In this world, “happy mushrooms” are the norm. Unlike Japanese games of this genre, everything fits seamlessly into what is going on.

I am extremely fond of this level of content, I like it when I am given the choice of what to do and what not to do. My subjective evaluation of Peach Untold Tale’s fapability is 4 ❤❤❤❤ out of 5.

Verdict. Peach Untold Tale is gorgeous, but…

I don’t understand why such a game could not be taken as a basis and make a great hit on this layout. PUT could have been a better metroid platformer. If you put it on a proper engine and keep the mechanics and levels that the developer already invented, it would be a masterpiece two heads higher than Alien Quest Eve. In fact the fact that it’s on flash is the only flaw in the game.

Otherwise, this game is a great example of a good idea, and that idea works. It’s fapable, it’s fun to play, and it’s curious to explore. I remember when I first launched PUT in 2016, I spent several nights playing it until I stumbled upon a “we haven’t finished it yet” patch from the developers. It was a wonderful pastime with a powerful boner and excitement in my eyes. I recommend it to everyone, at least for a review. Just below is a link to download Peach Untold Tale.


Client typeClient (flash)
LinkYou can download Peach Untold Tale from my OneDrive. The password is shadani

How to run Peach Untold Tale

In the archive you’ll find several different versions of the game, some with Flash already embedded, some will run only through Flash Player, thankfully I found earlier versions of Flash too. In my case, the game feels good on Flash Player 31, test the performance with different launch options.

If launching the .exe everything is clear, the file .swf runs as follows:

First you run the player itself, for example the file flashplayer_31_sa.exe. In the player you click on the file, open and manually select a file with the extension. swf with the desired version of the game. Well, you can also just drag the .swf file to the flash player window.

About saving. Flash uses a binding to the location of the file and its name. Accordingly, in order not to lose your saves, do not move or rename files .swf and .exe.

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