SiNiSistar – For maniacs, impotent people and gamers.

Gameplay in SiNiSistar

SiniSistar is an enjoyable platformer with a dark, gloomy style, with gameplay often reminiscent of the early Castlevania games. Despite the similarities in combat mechanics, the game itself is still not a metroidvania, but a series of 9 levels. Each of the levels is filled with different kinds of enemies, many of them require a certain approach to themselves (in case of death – you * fuck * t). At the end of each level there is a boss with slightly complicated mechanics and, naturally, its own animation if he wins.

We play as a kind of nun armed with a bow and sword. There are no combo hits or particularly complex mechanics in the game – everything is intuitive, the controls are convenient (played from a gamepad).

Sinisistar death

The game is simple, but some platforming skills will come in handy here, such as hit-move-jump-hit. The number of attempts is not limited, in case of failure, you will be shown death with rape or murder of the main character, and then simply returned to the checkpoint.


As you probably already noticed from the screenshots, the graphics in the game are pixel art for 16-bit consoles of the early 90s, which does not at all prevent you from enjoying the local gothic style. Seriously, the design of the characters, the enemies, the animations – everything is well done, this is not a flash game for you.

Sinisistar slime

The solid graphics are complemented by a depressing gothic soundtrack, I don’t know how I wrote the music for the game, not every steam turkey you will find such a level.


SiniSistar is quite an interesting product that should not be classified as erotic games, rather it is an 18+ game with bloody scenes of rape and death. Therefore, the game has a low fapability – only one ❤. Maybe someone is really excited by the sight of how a nun is bitten off her head, how she is raped by pigs and people infected with some kind of worm. For such people, yes, the level of fapability can be higher =). The value of this game is not in the erotic scenes, but rather just good gameplay.

By the way, you don’t have to die of every monster to watch all the explicit and violent scenes in the game. After passing all the levels, you will be presented with a gallery with all possible scenes from the game.

Sinisistar group

Time taken and rate of progress

The game is fast, all levels + viewing the entire gallery took me ~ 1.5 hours


I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the game. SiniSistar leaves only positive emotions, even if you do not strangle the snake in the next 1.5 hours, but you will have a pleasant time.

Sinisistar pig
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LinkSearch on torrents, there is a page on Patreon. Link to the cloud, password – shadani

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