Succumate – The main thing is to stop in time

There are many stories of a young man being visited by a seductive succubus for one clear purpose. Succumate is one of those situations.

At first glance, it may seem that Succumate is a very close relative of another well-known in small circles game – Summer memories. So it is =) Both games have the same developer, and therefore the mechanics of the games to some extent similar.

Succumate not only falls in love from the first frame, it also offers a rather interesting look at the games built in RPG Maker.

Succumate storyline

We play as a young and lonely guy, living in a small town, barely making ends meet, and then… Suddenly we find a stranger in our room.

The stranger turns out to be a cute little succubus, who, without hesitation, immediately lays all the cards on the table, saying, “Let’s make a deal and you’ll be my sperm donor”, to which the main character naturally agrees.

Days go by, we successfully “feed” the succubus everything she needs, when suddenly the police knock on the door. It turns out that in our town in recent years often found dried up to dry corpses of lonely men …

The hero adds up 2+2 in his head and realizes with horror that he is living together with a creature that can suck him dry for any misstep. This will happen if he, in the process of “feeding” does not stop in time, but it is more and more difficult to stop every day…


The game is a mixture of management with a light touch of quest. To avoid getting Game Over in succumate, you have to learn all the game mechanics from day one.

First, the timeline. The game is divided into 6 chapters, each of which lasts from 3 to 8 game days. During this time we have to “feed” our succubus enough vitality juices, and the “juice” required of us is much more than the body can produce a young boy. Strangely enough, under the conditions of the game, the life-giving power is restored only by taking drugs, which of course require money to purchase.

This is the second element of the game and, in fact, most of the time you have to deal with their extraction. Our hero needs money all the time, the game is implemented mechanics of needs for food and sleep. In addition, money is required to develop relationships with local residents, with some of whom you can also get H-scenes. The money itself is obtained through simple mini-games, in which, as a rule, it’s enough just to press the right button on time.

At first it won’t be easy. You’ll have to go to work tired and spend almost all your free money on replenishing your strength in time to “saturate” the succubus to the limit, but over time, thanks to passive parameter growth, side-quests and training, you’ll have plenty of free days to explore the city and develop relationships with secondary characters.

Visual style and Deja Vu effect 

The game looks very nice, both during the gameplay and during the story inserts and dialogues. Despite being a corny RPG Maker, the developers have tried to present Succumate as a viewing episode of some anime.

The thing is that between the chapters there is a classic anime animation. That is, in fact animated clips, as if drawn not for the game, but for a full-fledged H-chic.

Because of this, during the passage of me did not leave the feeling that such a cartoon I have seen. I had a feeling that I’d already seen similar H-anime about succubi, but I couldn’t find anything similar, although the situations and the heroines’ design are very familiar to me.

If you’ve got that impression too, or maybe you’ll remember where the developers stole it from, please write in the comments below :D.


Oddly enough, Succumate is difficult to evaluate on the fapability scale. During the course of the game for me, it constantly ranged from 3 to 4 ❤️ of fapability out of 5.

On the one hand we have quality cutscenes and the constant need to please the succubus so as not to die. On the other hand – the need to constantly farm money and rapidly falling health of the main character does not give enough to enjoy what is happening, the gameplay stretches the intervals between interesting content.

Having fun with our succubus, we also open up new poses for her, but the game is only 15 poses. And it would seem that the poses are well animated and posed, the sounds are juicy and the girl is beautiful but … but you do not change the place of action, it’s always – your apartment. Even the angle doesn’t change-you’re always watching from the side.

It turns out so-so, if in Summer Memories there was an interest to discover new poses and abilities, if only just to see how it would look, in succumate, alas, all the poses with a succubus look monotonous.

What is missing is some additional interaction with our roommate, such as the ability to invite a neighbor or roommate over… That said, our neighbors do interact with us =) Each of them can be hooked up and regularly taken to her house for “tea”, but the succubus herself, for some reason, evaporates at this point.

In general…probably still 3 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ fapability out of five. I’d like to put more, especially on the animated clips, even if they are stolen, still well transferred and as if redrawn from scratch.


Succumate is quite an interesting product. From the first launch I played 10 hours and opened all three endings, unlocked all the content and had a good time.

There’s a nice picture, interesting characters and, by the way, a good, by the standards of the genre, the plot. For me, it would be better to go more often these games, rather than crafts on Ren’py or cloned jrpg on rpg-maker. Here you can at least see that the developer approached the issue with imagination. Though his own, specific, Asian).

Despite the somewhat drawn-out gameplay and sometimes superfluous mechanics, this game, in my opinion, deserves attention, and therefore – highly recommend that everyone try it genre fans =)

The game is officially on Steam for cheap, but I would not take it for the full price, especially since it has no achievements, plus the game will have to patch the ancensor. Despite the good scores on Steam, the game obviously didn’t shoot as well as Summer memories. If you really want to support the developers – take it at a discount.

GenreVisual Novell
Client typeClient/Mobile
LinkThe game is on sale on Steam
Useful LinksSuccumate – The Big Passage Guide

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