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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good one) Cost of Survival is a mix of economic strategy with a light dusting a la the Sims series. Since the game can not be purchased anywhere, the link to download Cost of Survival can be found below, in the evaluation section.

The story in the game is purely for show, but it’s there =) Humanity is facing another pandemic. Women are not dying from the disease, but become practically sterile, but only 1 of 10 men survives. If there were no children, humanity would simply die out. Given the drastic reduction in the number of men on earth, many governments have passed legislation legalising female slavery, in the hope of combating the decline in fertility by the number of sexual acts.

That’s how the game Cost of Survival starts. We play as one of the male survivors of the pandemic. Since the cities have long been empty, we purchase an old mansion for next to nothing and are eager to build a new business in it dedicated to the exploitation of the entire female sex.

Gameplay in Cost of Survival

There are two modes in the game: story mode and sandbox mode. The only difference between them is that the story mode has a strict time limit of 80 days, plus the game throws a few sticks in the wheels depending on the number of days, gradually and slightly changing the rules.

Anyway, we start off in a dilapidated mansion, which nevertheless has the most important rooms – bedroom, kitchen and…torture chamber. The mansion’s previous owner apparently knew a lot about perversion, but we’re going to need it! So first thing we do is to go to the local slave warehouse and get our first movable property in the form of a woman.

Being a slave, of course, she won’t want to cooperate right away, so we take her to the torture room to tame her, so to speak. At first she will live in a cage, but we will do our best to turn an innocent flower into a real source of income.

At this point the game throws us the first challenges. Each of the girls has its own characteristics, characteristics in the form of skills (social and sexual), as well as the three most important scales – hunger, hygiene and intelligence. While the first two are clear, the third is a bit tricky.

The first difficulties

A girl who has been tortured in the first few days will go mad and refuse to do anything at all in that state. It always costs a pretty penny to call a psychologist, and we’re here to earn, not spend. So there’s no need to shove it down her throat 10 times a day. Yes, sooner or later she will like it, but patience is much more valuable in this game.

On top of that, you’re now responsible for her health, and she needs to be fed. It all requires money, and at first you’ll have to spend most of your day earning it and simultaneously training your slave.

Without good care, a young slave is likely to fall ill. A house call to the doctor is another expense, so you need to slowly think about improving her conditions. Again it is a question of money…

Cost of Survival - Slave labour
Catgirl, as she should, sleeps in her own separate pen after a hard day. Because she bites.
Making money

In Cost of Survival there is only one “legal” way to make money – by simply working at your computer. The only income you’ll get is enough for one or two slave-slaves. By developing your local skill tree, you can slightly increase your white income, and if you have a good relationship with a slave, you can accept her as your help. In that case, the fresh money coming in will double, but it still won’t be enough.

The main money in the game is earned the “dirty” way. The most profitable way is to train slaves and sell them at auction. Having “untwisted” all the openings in our property, you can easily pay off your accommodation for weeks to come, or build new rooms, which, in turn, will open up new opportunities as well.

A slave who has been “swayed” and trusts you can always be turned into a full-fledged family member and sent to work. For example, in a local bar, dancing a striptease, or in a clinic, so that she can “help” in the extraction of sperm. You can also rent her out to rich clients, or shoot videotapes with her on camera in the bedroom. Profit from this or that job directly depends on the girl’s features, her skills, passives, and even her biography.

The main challenge in Cost of Survival is to unlock all the content without going bankrupt. If at the end of the day you have a negative balance, collectors come and demand money. Of course you can offer them your wife as a payoff… But practice shows that after three such omissions your wife runs away =) In the case of bankruptcy, there is a full GameOver with only the possibility of replaying the last day.


Perhaps the main drawback of the game is the controls. It’s not that it’s very annoying, it just involves using two hands on the table at once. The thing is that the movement between rooms, locations and dialogues is done with the keys from 1 to 9. You can control with just the mouse, but in that case the game loses noticeably in tempo. I’m sure that the controls on Unreal in this genre could have been implemented better, after all, the game is very reminiscent of the same Sims in its actions. The controls take some getting used to at first, then they’re fine.

The second drawback is the camera, specifically the “immersion mode”. The entire Cost of Survival game is played from the side view, but we want to see the action from all angles, don’t we? And the developers have given us this opportunity, but entering the “cinematic mode” during coitus you are unlikely to be able to pick up a good shot. There’s no fully free camera, but that’s not really a big deal; it just leaves you with the misgivings that it could have been better.


In terms of fapability, the game does quite well. First of all, there is a lot, a lot, of sex in the game, as it is often the main way to make money. Secondly, the engine, for once it’s not Unity, but Unreal.

Despite the inability to get “close” to what’s happening on screen normally, the game does a great job of creating the right “mood”. The movements are smooth, the poses and a lot of opportunities, and most importantly the game motivates you to use it all =) There is however an oddity….though this is to taste and colour. I, for example, do not like to use fists in “pacification”. They can leave scars on the girl, as a result – for a high price then you can not sell her, that is, the game can also not like it, but, nevertheless, for fans of all this content in Cost of Survival also brought in.

If you don’t use your fists, the game gets a fair 4 ❤❤❤❤ out of 5. If the game had anything like DP, I’d give it a fair 5 =)


The game has been undeservedly forgotten, although it has reached the final stages of development on Patreon. There really aren’t many projects completed like this! I could not find information either about the developers or the method of distribution of the game, and it’s a pity, I would really like to look at other games from this studio.

And the game is cool, the content for a small game – a lot, if it were on Steam, I would definitely take it. There’s traditional stuff and catgirls and even magic and alchemy in the game too actually. I poked around in the game for two whole days, played a total of maybe 15 hours and in fact have not yet felt and half of all the charms of the game. In general, maybe you’ll get sucked in.

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LinkLink to the cloud. Password is shadani. Version 1.07p (x64 only)

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