Heavy Metal Babes – Review

Heavy Metal Babes – Review

Gameplay in Heavy Metal Babes

A game in the genre of turn-based tactics. As units, there are girls in mechanical robots, they have different classes, elements, skills, and so on. Battles take place in turn-based mode, the order of the move in which depends on the speed indicators of the mechs. No matter how you describe the gameplay, it is almost completely lapped up here with Raid: SL.

Depending on the type of battle, from 2 to 5 girls go into battle, and the choice of the team plays a key role. In most battles, to win, you need to take turns defeating several waves of enemies, if possible, without losing a single fighter. The reward for the battles is new girls, resources, items to strengthen the squad (nanochips), and all sorts of goodies in order to romance your squad.

Heavy Metal Babes - Review

From the modes – there is a campaign, pvp seasons, daily rooms with different resources, event battles with restrictions in the hero pool, etc. At the same time, the campaign, as in Raid: sl, is divided into several difficulty levels, and requires passing oneself by 3 stars (without deaths), unless of course the player wants to take the maximum reward. In general, the game at the moment is not particularly overloaded with activities, but it is very pleasant to play it.


The game uses the Unity engine, so it can run in any chrome-like browser, while drawing a nice three-dimensional picture in front of your eyes. Each unit has nice combat animation, shots, explosions, ladies jumping out of the screen with rocket launchers, the game is clearly trying to focus on some brutality of what is happening, but or just a corporate Japanese style I dont know.

Heavy Metal Babes - Review

Music does not lag behind the graphics, so you don’t even need to turn it off. They play mostly non-tensioned guitar cuts, which really goes under the explosions and shots of our bellows.


The game has a lot of quality adult content. Sometimes it’s animation, sometimes it’s high-quality erotic art. Of course, every art and animation happens to the pilots of your Mechs, and every pilot, at every stage of its corruption, has some good content for you. At the same time, I will not say that the content in the game opens quickly – to collect any collection, you will have to play at least a couple of weeks. When asked if it is possible to jerk off in Heavy Metal Babes, I answer – yes, and give 4 ❤❤❤❤ fapability.

In addition to intimate scenes through gifts and seductions, events for a group scene are periodically held in the game, participation in which is possible only with the presence of specific female pilots. Well, and a small bonus – during the evolution of the pilots, they not only increase the characteristics, but also take off their clothes a little.

Heavy Metal Babes - Review

Time taken and rate of progress

It is impossible to sit in the game all day long – energy is the limiter of activity. It accumulates slowly, it is spent relatively quickly, and therefore this game is one of those who enter a couple of times a day for half an hour. And this is not bad or good, the gameplay does not have time to get bored when you decide to take a short break in the middle of the working day and go through a couple of missions. Considering that there are no social activities in the game, except for the conditional pvp, there is simply no need to brag about progress and chase after it.

Donut in this game is a song. The fact is that there is no need to rush somewhere in the game, and therefore why donate here – I xs. Even if you suddenly want to support developers for a small amount, there are no such amounts. If something is on sale, it costs at least $ 10, which, as for me, is quite a lot for the desire to simply encourage developers. In addition, most donation kits are designed not for the combat effectiveness of your Mechs, but for accelerating the opening of scenes.


A good game with good gameplay, quality art, cute heroines, graphics and music. If you need to find a game for 30-60 minutes a day, Heavy metal babes is a good choice. The game is regularly updated and perhaps in the future we will see more modes, activities, and of course, virtual pairing in it.

Client typeBrowser/Mobile
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