Merge Nymphs – Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф

Помимо артов и анимаций, которые можно получить развивая нимфочек, в игру вплели простенький Dating Sim. Задача – верно ответить на задаваемые нимфой вопросы 3 раза подряд за одну попытку. Дабы упростить задачу соблазнения нимфок, буду записывать верные ответы для развращения каждой из них.

Внимание! Порой разрабы чуть чуть меняют сами вопросы, но не меняют ответы на них, потому если не нашли нужный вопрос, ориентируйтесь по вариантам ответов.

Lake nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: What movie should we watch see tonight?
    Ответ: Any movie is great as long as the story is well played!
  2. Вопрос: I’d like to go for a walk, but my sisters say it’s raining outside…
    Ответ: So? It’s just a bit of rain. Don’t listen to them, go!
  3. Вопрос: Let’s grab a drink tonight! What are we having?
    Ответ: Put that soda aside, let’s try something natural.
  4. Вопрос: So what are you going to do with me tonight?
    Ответ: Whatever we fancy! We’re both open to anything, aren’t we?
  5. Вопрос: How should i paint my bedroom?
    Ответ: Colder colors will help you relax!
  6. Вопрос: Do you remember your first kiss?
    Ответ: Yes, but honestly, don’t recall the girl.
  7. Вопрос: They say any time is good for sports! How about we do some exercises?
    Ответ: A little jogging never hurt anyone…
  8. Вопрос: I got invited to Forest’s birthday party! What should i wear?
    Ответ: Find something cute and comfy. Looks don’t matter when you’re having fun!
  9. Вопрос: Toching myself got a bit borring… I wonder how i can spice things up…
    Ответ: Feathers maybe?
  10. Вопрос: I want to throw a party… What do you think?
    Ответ: Count me in for a themed party with masks!
  11. Вопрос: Oh, what have you brought here for me?
    Ответ: не вино
  12. Вопрос: It’s getting late and I’m hungry!
    Ответ: Romantic dinner at a new place, then?
  13. Вопрос: The weather is good enough to go for a walk, but where should we go?
    Ответ: Let’s enjoy our time together by the lake, shall we?
  14. Вопрос: There is a Nymph outside but i don’t know her! What should i do?
    Ответ: Go and give her a smooch!
  15. Вопрос: How do i look today?
    Ответ: Perfect from the front and the back!

Volcanic Nynph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: Soo, how i look today?
    Ответ: Fishing for complimets? That’s ulkike you. But shill, hot as always, babe
  2. Вопрос: My sisters say i break ther things too often…
    Ответ: So?! What’s a little bit of destructuon!
  3. Вопрос: Some people say that a party without booze is just a boring meeting. What do you think?
    Ответ: Drunk sex is fun sex, thes’s what i always say.
  4. Вопрос: You’re always wearing too many colothes when you’re around, how are you not hot?
    Ответ: I want to hear you beg in that pretty voice of yours. Then i’ll take them off.
  5. Вопрос: If you ever leave i’ll kick your ass! I hate men who don’t keep their girls satisfied.
    Ответ: Haven’t been good to you, babe? All those toys i got you, too…
  6. Вопрос: What were you thinking about when you first saw me?
    Ответ: Spanking you and showing you your place!
  7. Вопрос: The other girls think I’m mean and dumb cause I always tell it like it is. Uhg, they suck so hard! And NOT in a good way.
    Ответ: You’re not mean, you’re just drawn that way. But you have been a bad girl…
  8. Вопрос: Be honest, what’s my best angle? I wanna do a “Kings of Nyphs” magazine photoshoot and I should look my best.
    Ответ: Babe, you know I love you on you knees.
  9. Вопрос: Today I thought we could meet up with one of the Nymphs and do something together.
    Ответ: Sea might be available, she seemed to realy be into you.
  10. Вопрос: It’s time to think about what our new bedroom should look like!
    Ответ: Bet you’d love a fire theme. I’ve got you to get me hot, no need for flames.
  11. Вопрос: Gimme a good roleplay scenario, something you think will get me in the mood.
    Ответ: You already know the answer, you love it when i take control, don’t you?
  12. Вопрос: Outdoor sex; yay or nay?
    Ответ: With you, even rocks feel like a cozy bedsheet.
  13. Вопрос: OMG I just had the best idea ever: marathron sex for a week, no distractions, no other Nymphs, just me, you and my favorite toys!
    Ответ: Oh yeah, babe, i’ll make sure you’ll need another week to recover from it.
  14. Вопрос: Be honest, which part of getting down and dirty do you like more?
    Ответ: The dirtier the better, no preference on how we get there.
  15. Вопрос: I’m in the mood for a wild nature trip…
    Ответ: Somewhere sunny and hot, wanna se you wearing next to nothing.

Sea Nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: Now let me ask you… What sound makes you feel relaxed?
    Ответ: The soothing sound of summer rain.
  2. Вопрос: Tell me, do you like me better when i ride you or when you’re on top?
    Ответ: It’s not about the position, it’s about how good we make each other feel.
  3. Вопрос: They say it’s what’s on the inside that matters. What do you think?
    Ответ: I agree, my cock inside your pussy is always important.
  4. Вопрос: My wardrobe’s crammed with clothes but i can’t decide what to wear today!
    Ответ: Well, I hear accessorizing’s thing, so maybe a scarf?
  5. Вопрос: I think a real man should know how to add some spice to a night together.
    Или: I’m feeling a bit naughty. How would you bring some spice into my life?
    Ответ: If you want to get creative, I have some toys in mind for you.
  6. Вопрос: Is there any part of you that one of the other girls hasn’t played wit yet? I’m feeling a bit possessive today…
    Ответ: Anal play’s a thing, right? I’m willing to try something new.
  7. Вопрос: I wonder how my fellow Nymphs are doing…
    Ответ: It might be nice to pay them a visit. Maybe we should drop by for dessert?
  8. Вопрос: We deserve a great holiday. Where do you think we should go?
    Ответ: Let’s go diving! Great weather, beautiful views, you in a bikini…
  9. Вопрос: You’ve been a little on the edge lately. How can I make you feel happy and relaxed?
    Ответ: A sensual massage would’t go amiss.
  10. Вопрос: You know, I could use some new jewelry…
    Ответ: I’m not realy good at picking jewelry, but tell me what you like and i’ll get it.
  11. Вопрос: What do you say about a game night?
    Или: Are you into games?
    Ответ: Fun workout with Twister! Hell yeah!
  12. Вопрос: Our love need celebration, so let’s have a few drinks! What shall we order?
    Ответ: Something strong, like whiskey, then we can get down and dirty.
  13. Вопрос: I feel like you’re not realy into me lately… It’s like you don’t even know me!
    Или: Volcanic Nymph told me you don’t like me anymore. Is that true?
    Ответ: Of course I do, you’re my wild girl who makes my blood boil.
  14. Вопрос: I’m thinking we should get rid of my sofa… We have a bed anyway.
    Ответ: No, keep it! It’s so nice when we cuddle on it…
  15. Вопрос: I think I have a stalker…Someone keeps leaving stuff for me wherever i go. A pair of earring, a scarf…
    Ответ: Maybe it’s one of the other Nymphs?
  16. Вопрос: Are you into games?
    Ответ: Fun workout with Twister! Hell yeah!
  17. Вопрос: No matter how mych fun we’re having, we need to take a break sometimes. Where do you want to go?
    Ответ: Let’s go diving! Great weather, beautiful views, you in a bikini…
  18. Вопрос: It’s been a while since i talked to the other girls. I wonder how they are doing…
    Ответ: It might be nice to pay them a visit. Maybe we should drop by for dessert?
  19. Вопрос: What do you think? Should we get rid of the sofa? We have a bed anyway.
    Ответ: No, keep it! It’s so nice when we cuddle on it…

Shadow Nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: Thunder tried to convince me to try out some extreme sports.
    Ответ: We could try motorbikes. Get to feel the speed, the leather, the vibration! Plus, you can take the driving seat, if you want to.
  2. Вопрос: It’s so great being able to wake and see you nearby!
    Ответ: It feels great that i can bring you breakfast in bed and cater to you early needs!
  3. Вопрос: I have a lot of liquor in the cabinet What should we drink for a starter? I can’t seem to make up my mind. You pick.
    Ответ: Small & strong! Small things often pack a big punch.
  4. Вопрос: How would you describe me in two words?
    Ответ: Quiet but tenacious.
  5. Вопрос: I found a leather belt in the drawer. How can we put it to good use?
    Ответ: It might come in handy in tonight’s spanking round!
  6. Вопрос: Picture three ingredients for the perfect evening together.
    Ответ: A whip, a strap-on, and you.
  7. Вопрос: I saw you snapping pics of me, what was that all about?
    Ответ: I can’t help it! It turns me on when you’re not aware.
  8. Вопрос: You made me wait for quite a while. You were staring at me the entire time, doing nothing…
    Ответ: Sorry for the delay Mistress, I’ll go down on you now and satisfy you.
  9. Вопрос: Forest’s birthday was quite a night to remember…
    Ответ: You were extremely surprised when i toched you under the table during the main course.
  10. Вопрос: Tell me, big boy, are you a giver or a taker?
    Ответ: I came here to make you happy, so…
  11. Вопрос: I came up with a great idea! Why don’t you lie down so i can ride you?
    Ответ: Of course, my lady!
  12. Вопрос: Some Nymphs love outdoor sex and showing their love to all those around.
    Ответ: But that’s the thrilling part, isn’t it? Anyone could see you!
  13. Вопрос: Oh, it’s great that you’re here. Help me set up some lights to fit our mood.
    Ответ: I prefer it dark, to be frank. Works great for enhancing your senses.
  14. Вопрос: I bet that Volcanic’s kinks fall short of what i can show you.
    Ответ: Have it your way then Mistress. Take the lead!
  15. Вопрос: Other Nymphs are dressed in such rich and vibrant clothes.
    Ответ: You don’t need to wear much as long as it’s latex!

Frost Nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: What’s your favourite outdoor activity?
    Ответ: I like playing tag. When I finally catch you, you’re so hot and panting. And at the right time of the year a good snowball fight would be nice!
  2. Вопрос: I want you right now and right here. Tell me what to do.
    Ответ: I want you to sit on me. I like it when you’re on top and I can see the blush in your cheeks and your tits swinging in front of my eyes.
  3. Вопрос: Sometimes i wish i could be more bold and decisive like Shadow. She’s so strong all the time.
    Ответ: Sometimes we wish to be like somebody else, but our original self is unique and best. I like your personality
  4. Вопрос: I’m thinking about redesigning my room. Maybe a bit more simplicity like in Star’s bedroom? I’m not sure, but i need a change…
    Ответ: I think your room suits you – all those furry and laced pillows. Maybe just a colour refresh? A bit of pink to break the white and blue?
  5. Вопрос: Things are getting a bit predictable, don’t you think? I wish we could get creative this evening…
    Ответ: Let’s have a hot jacuzzi bath with cold champpagne and strawberries. Bubble foam, your legs around my waist, your hot tongue in my mouth…
  6. Вопрос: I’d like to cut off from the reality for the weekend. Where should we go?
    Ответ: I see us together by the ocean. Sunbeds, frozen drinks and a lot of lotion to protect your delicate skin. A proper vacation time! No regular activities.
  7. Вопрос: If you could pick, what would you like me to wear for you tonight?
    Ответ: I’d pick silk – it feels great combined with the touch of your skin. And one of those sexy stockings of yours.
  8. Вопрос: Where’d you like to eat a dinner tonight?
    Ответ: Don’t know about you, but i saw a frozen-yogurt place on my way here. Can’t stop thinking about it. Would you join me?
  9. Вопрос: I saw you looking at Volcanic’s suit during the party last night. Would you like me to wear something like that?
    Ответ: Naaah, those stockings and transparent dresses of yours – I realy enjoy them. The soft, slippery toch of silk and nylon…And…I have a boner.
  10. Вопрос: Recently I thought about adopting a per. Can’t decide to anything particular though. Any advice?
    Ответ: A cat suits you. White and fluffy like your pillows. You could name it Snowflake.
  11. Вопрос: Last time after ice-skating you were really naughty in the changing room…
    Ответ: Your pussy tasted so good. Did you like what i did? Next time i can take you from behind. We just have to keep it quiet behind those lockers.
  12. Вопрос: If you could get whatever you want, what would it be?
    Ответ: A dinner for 2 at the Snowman restaurant in Finland. I’ve heard they have great food and furniture made of ice!
  13. Вопрос: Imagine an ice cube. Any ideas what we can do with it?
    Ответ: I would put you in a hot bath and use the ice-cube on your skin. I bet your tits would explode with pleasure – cold ice and my hot tongue.
  14. Вопрос: I bought something special for our date! Do you dare to guess?
    Ответ: Guessing guessing… A new pair of crotchless tights? Maybe with this sexy seam on the back?
  15. Вопрос: Do you like getting flowers? It’s been a long time since anybody gave me one.
    Ответ: I’ve never got one, to be honest. But you know what? I know one cute snowy numph, who should close her eyes and stretch her hands out…

Kitsune Nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: I saw that Shadow has a big motorbike. Thunder and Falcon have jumped with a parachute. Maybe I should try something too to get an adrenaline kick…
    Ответ: Some search for adrenaline and some are created for a more calmer life. O don’t think you should force yourself to anything. Stay who you are, I like it.
  2. Вопрос: I’d like to try something new in bed. Any ideas?
    Ответ: We could do some shopping to get you some new toys, what do you think? And i thought about drawing orders from a big jar of wishies…
  3. Вопрос: I’m worried that I don’t fulfill all your needs and kinks.
    Ответ: No way! You’re great and I have a soft spot for your triple tail. Holding it in one hand and the leash in the other I feel I could fuck you all night.
  4. Вопрос: What’s better in your opinion, to give or to receve?
    Ответ: Both. I like to give you pleasure, but at the same time i like to receive it from you. It’s like with gifts – should go both ways.
  5. Вопрос: The weather isn’t very nice today, the air is so gloomy and damp. Can’t force myself to go outside. It’s so cozy in here.
    Ответ: There’s no need to go out. Everything we need is here. I can brush your fur and then you can thank me…with your tongue…
  6. Вопрос: What should I wear for our weekend trip?
    Ответ: I think one of your sexy skirts would be great. And no panties. I like to ask you to bend and pick up things for me, when you wear that outfit.
  7. Вопрос: I’d like to read something while you’re not here. But I lack new books. Maybe you could recommend me something interesting?
    Ответ: Erotic novels would be best for that time! You can think of me while you’re reading, so you’ll be all wet and ready when i visit you again…
  8. Вопрос: If you get an in freeuse gift card from me, so you can get whatever you want, what would it be?
    Ответ: I’d like you to bend over and let me lick your sweet pussy, like the other day. After listening to your wild moans i’d take you hard from behind.
  9. Вопрос: Let’s play some music. What should I turn on?
    Ответ: Something cheerful and happy would be nice. It suits your vibe and what we do here.
  10. Вопрос: I did some yoga with Lake yesterday, and now my back and butt are in pain. I’m npt really into sports, I guess.
    Ответ: That’s a great occasion to give you one of my famous massages! If you let me rub you, all aches go away. It can be our regular thing!
  11. Вопрос: That was something – feeling your foot between my tights under the table last nihgt. I barely kept it quiet when you made me cum. I was so shocked.
    Ответ: I saw you were having a lot of fun and tried to behave neutrally. You did so good. I was proud of you. It’s great to make you such unexpected gifts…
  12. Вопрос: I’ve been horny all day thinking of you and touching myself. Maybe you could help me a bit…
    Ответ: It’s damn hot when you’re so straight forwart about it… Here, come closer and let me ease your tension with my fingers. Spread your legs for me.
  13. Вопрос: I really love those holiday cookies for the upcoming party, but i feel like i’m getting bigger and bigger… Oh, am I too big already?
    Ответ: Don’t even think about that! Your curves are beautiful! I like that you enjoy pleasuring yourself in life. You do that also in bed…which is hot!
  14. Вопрос: I’m not sure how to decorate my room for the upcoming party…
    Ответ: A lot of bows would reflect your personality. They can be green and red and in different sizes.
  15. Вопрос: When i look at other nymphs’ clothes, I think I should get rid of my fur to wear those thin, transparent stockings. I’ve heard you like them…
    Ответ: Oh, I do like that type of stockings, but I also do like your furry body! You are unique. I enjoy your fur very much. You’re so soft and curvy…

Star Nymph chat answers

Merge Nymphs - Правильные ответы на вопросы нимф
  1. Вопрос: Every once in while, I lose track of time when watching other stars on the sky…So far, yet so close to me. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll lose myself there too.
    Ответ: Don’t be afraid. I’m always here to bring you back yo reality with a few spanks and bites!
  2. Вопрос: When I’m with you, I feel so powerless, yet so horny. I love ut when you take control over me.
    Ответ: Find a blindfold and the handcufs. On your Knees and bend. I want to see your naughty pussy calling me to feed her with my cock.
  3. Вопрос: What’s on your mind right now, Master?
    Ответ: It’s you. I can’t wait for our next session and how I’ll tie you up with this new rope.
  4. Вопрос: Did you have fun at Carnival’s New Year’s party?
    Ответ: I liked it, but I lived how great you looked in that dress. And the night got even better when I look it off.
  5. Вопрос: I love falling asleep with you by my side. It feels easier to bid the night sky goodbye when you’re here.
    Ответ: Cuddling with you is one of my favourite things to do. Besides fucking you, of course.
  6. Вопрос: I feel like refreshing my wardrobe. Could you help me pick something to buy, Lord?
    Ответ: Look at this one – frills, a cute apron and net bra. You can expand your maid suits collection, not to mention how great you body looks in it.
  7. Вопрос: I’d like to go for a walk tonight. Would you like yo join me?
    Ответ: Definitely! Darkness, the stars over you heads and your hot body in amy arms.
  8. Вопрос: What’s your favorite sex experience with me?
    Ответ: Hmm, tough choice. Fucking you blindfolded from behind… The blowjob you gave me in that threesome – I liked them all…
  9. Вопрос: Have you ever had a dream about me?
    Ответ: Several days ago, yeah. And when I woke up I wished I could dream it again.
  10. Вопрос: I’m worried that my introvert nature makes me look like a party-pooper.
    Ответ: Don’t worry about that. You quiet and mysterious nature makes me horny, and that’s the most important thing!
  11. Вопрос: I had a dream about our next date. Can you guess how it will be, Lord?
    Ответ: Night time, blanket and candles under a full moon and the sky full of stars. We’d have a picnic watching falling stars and making love.
  12. Вопрос: I feel hungry. Don’t you feel like eating something, Master?
    Ответ: Hmm, maybe you’d like yo lick something sweet with you little, ping tongue, what do you say? It could grow us both an appetite.
  13. Вопрос: I,ve heard you play with Shadow and Volcanic a lot. Is there something wrong with me? Am I boring you?
    Ответ: There’s nothing wrong, honey. During days like these you’re all I need. You gloomy eyes, horny look and hungry pink tongue make me want you so bad.
  14. Вопрос: Would you do me a favour and describe your wildest fantasy with me?
    Ответ: Having you wrapped in shibari, with clips on your nipples and my cock deep in your mouth. I’m slowly putting my hand inside your pussy, deeper and deeper…till you squirt.
  15. Вопрос: Threesome – yay or nay?
    Ответ: All the way! Every time we do it, it,s amazing! My little naughty Star Maids…