Booty Heroes Game Review

Booty Heroes is the latest game from Hooligapps. I must admit that the productivity of this studio can only be envied – in 5 years they released 8 “free” games, almost completely copying the mechanics and sometimes even graphics of other games, with the only difference being that they add 18+ content to their games.

I feel that soon I will have to allocate a separate section on for Hooligapps games. But that’s not the point. Let’s have a look at the studio’s new game, so what if it’s… not so bad?

It should be noted – at the moment (10.07.2023) the game is in development. Booty Heroes is only available in browser version and can only be run on a PC.

Genre Idle/Clicker
Client type Browser
Graphics ❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤
Link Link to official website. Another link – Nutaku.

Gameplay in Booty Heroes

Before us is a game in a popular nowadays (for mobiles and browsers) style – autobattler. In brief – your task is to gather a group of 6 heroes, place them on the field and watch the battle, and then get (or not) a reward. The main gameplay trick of all such games is to collect an effective group and pump up local heroes in order to advance further in the campaign and events.

Since we are facing an adalt version of such games, Booty Heroes features only female characters as heroes. All of them are obtained exclusively from lootboxes and are divided into elements and classes. With the elements everything is classic – “life” characters deal 30% more damage to “death” characters, death deals more damage to order, order to chaos, chaos to life, etc.

Classes are much more interesting, although the set of classes is still predictable – Knight, Priestess, Gunslinger, Mage and Bandit. Each class has its own direction in the group. Tanks, of course, should be placed in the front, they have low attack speed, but a lot of health and good survival abilities. Bandits, on the other hand, walk fast, but die just as fast, as soon as a tank is killed by a stray ability.

The most interesting thing about Booty Heroes is the heroines’ abilities. A mage is a mage is a mage, not all priestesses heal in the same way – many of them are just as good at crippling. Collecting local heroines and combining their abilities is something I enjoyed.

For a free-to-play browser game, Booty Heroes has a good pace. In the first week you don’t want to leave the game at all, as the game is constantly flooding the gamer with all sorts of rewards, and you can feel the progress with each level up of the heroines. The game skillfully “plays” with our dopamine addictions, constantly throwing situations of success, because of what it essentially turns into a killer of working time of any office employee.

About the donation siystem

Donate to the game, of course, there is.

I can make you happy, the prices in the game are very gentle, the minimum donate will cost only 1$. The game does not insist and does not offer for donation any significant boost in progress. Most likely you will treat purchases in this game as a small bonus.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to local events. Similar to the studio’s past games, in progressing through events, donat sometimes solves more than that. The thing is that rewards for events are given only to players in the top 10, while points to get to the top can not only be earned, but also…bought.

I’ve already been in a situation where I was in the top 5 for 3 days with a big gap from the rest of the lower positions, but a few hours before the finale of the event, “rich” players came and quickly bought event points, knocking me out of the reward positions.


At the moment, the phapability in Booty Heroes is tending towards zero. H-content is awarded for progress in the campaign and for completing tasks in the local “Dating” system. I put the word “date” in quotes for a reason – after fulfilling the conditions you sort of talk to another girl, and then you get a static picture, and your answers don’t really affect anything – you’ll get the art anyway.

To be fair, it’s worth noting that Hooligaps traditionally hires talented artists – the quality of local artwork is respectable, but it’s quite difficult to get a static picture, because we don’t live in the 1990s, when you had to be satisfied with posters and lizard chips.

The H-content itself is extremely small – for a month of the game I managed to open 23 images. The developers promise to add more content in future patches, but until they do, I give Booty Heroes a 2 ❤ of 5.

As per tradition – check out the work of local artists:

You can see that the girls were drawn by different artists, but still score.


Personally, I…loved Booty Heroes. This game is a great timekiller, I spent hours on end for the first month. Great optimization, nice visuals and uncomplicated gameplay.

If you have been looking for a toy of this kind for a long time – I recommend it. If you are looking for a game purely for fap, I recommend looking in the direction of client games, all the same browsers are rarely fapable.

I hope the game will be finalized. So far, it stupidly lacks content, some varied events and version for mobile. The developers say they are already working on it. Well, we wish them good luck in this.

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