Goons raid her game review!

Today we’re reviewing a pretty good game called Goons raid her. If reading the title aloud gives you strange syllabic associations, that’s not a problem, because Goons raid her is a pro-parody on the popular version of Tomb Raider games.

The main character’s model is based on the appearance of Larka from the 2013 re-launch. In order not to bore the player, the developer (The Architect) not only wrote a good story, but also came up with interesting game mechanics.

The plot twist in Goons raid her is as follows – Clara Raft is preparing to search for another ancient relic, but she needs more than just her butler, she had to hire some shady guy to her group – our main protagonist. But here’s the trouble, another one calls us and offers a much bigger sum for us to make her adventures hell, depriving her operation of any chances for success.

Gameplay in Goons raid her

In terms of gameplay, the game resembles a mixture of a quest and a visual novel. On the one hand, we wander around the location, solve simple puzzles and collect items, and on the other hand, we are engaged in the formation of the main character’s personality.

At first we, playing as our character, wander around Lara’s mansion, gaining access to hidden cameras in the bedroom and tampering with the heating system, then we slowly begin to spoil her future adventures by substituting real banknotes with illiquid currency and planting dildos in her bag.

Once the preparations for the mission are completed – Larka goes on her hike, and we, in turn, are free to whisper to her what to do in the current situation, when there is no ammo in the magazines, and the bandits are willing to make concessions only for the “private” services from Larochka.

Depending on what, how and when we whisper to her will form the personality of our Lara. Initially, she is an immensely silly, naive virgin, willing to fight off any excuse to touch her body.

Quite a lot depends on the decisions the player chooses. The liberated Clara is easily willing to obey “do as he says,” and later will make those decisions on her own. The combative Clara, on the other hand, is able to avoid all “adult” scenes by blowing the brains out of anyone who has had the misfortune to look in her direction.


All of the scenes in the game are created on the game engine (we have Unity here). In this case, this played to the advantage in terms of fapability, because we are not looking at a recorded video, but at the normal interaction between the game models. At the same time looks good enough to achieve, so to speak, the desired effect.

There is a small issue in terms of the themes of the scenes themselves – given the specifics of the enemies Clarke will have to deal mostly with members of local gangs (kek). All this leads to a slight problem – the main theme of the skits will be exactly the coercion, which is of course reflected in the main character’s face in the form of very unpleasant emotions. I can’t say it’s too striking or distracting, but still.

In addition to the coercive scenes in the game there is still quite normal, classic, so to speak, entertainment, and they are connected to our main character. If Clarke trusts him enough and if the player in the process of passing did not turn her life into a living hell, you can count on a little romance with consensual mini-games.

It must be said that Goons raid her turned out quite a fapable game with a decent amount of content. On the background of the same visual novel and a lot of standard hentai sketches I’m ready to give the game 4 ❤❤❤❤ fapability out of 5.


Unfortunately, the game is crude and unfinished, there are bugs that require restarting the game. The developer has already abandoned it in favor of other projects. The reason is clear – such a game cannot be sold in stores, because Larka’s appearance is used, which is fraught with huge fines.

Nevertheless, the story part of the game is completely finished and I highly recommend passing it to every visitor of my site. Yes, it’s not as good as Treasure of Nadia, Whorecraft, or other games that have a fapability number of five. But it’s definitely a good product for the hell-game industry, which, like the regular game industry, is rotten with monotonous projects.

There’s some gameplay and good renders, an interesting story, mechanics and variability are present. On the first playthrough of the game will take ~ 5-8 hours, plus after passing

Fap on your health!

Genre Quest
Client type Client
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤
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