Pornstar Harem – A guide to the “stars”

Just a few weeks ago, a new game from the Bulgarian studio Phoenix media saw the light of day. Like almost all past games of the studio, Pornstar harem is a frontal clone of Hentai Heroes, so almost everything that I will talk about the game in this article applies to both projects.

The game launched in May 2022 and is essentially in beta at the time of writing. You can poke into it both from the browser and from the mobile phone. Link to the game – click.

Similar games: Comix Harem, Hentai Heroes.


Alas, the game has not been translated into Russian, although given the specifics of the genre, the plot in this game is not something brilliant and does not require understanding. The main goal of the game is to collect girls through participation in various gaming activities. There aren’t many activities like this in the game.

Pornstar Harem - A guide to the "stars"

There is a campaign in which you just watch a small cut of scenes with “adult” scenes with certain stars. Viewing each frame requires energy, which is naturally replenished both over time and through the expenditure of in-game currency. In the process of passing the story campaign, we get girls, whom we will have to swing and use as a unit in pvp and pve battles.

The battles in the game take place automatically – you only need to collect a pool of the most pumped up heroines, after which the simplest algorithm will calculate “who has more” and give a victory or defeat. However…

The girls that we get are not only a source of strength in battles, but also additional content in the form of regular shots with this particular actress. There are a lot of girls themselves, and in order to get everyone we are forced to participate in game events. There are also Sasha Gray and Joseline Kelly, who have gathered many – from beginners to old-timers of the genre, from streamers to hardcore.


To be honest, I don’t really like the girls in this game, but it’s a matter of taste. I never liked streamer girls, and even more so the silicone stars of the European stage smeared with cosmetics.

However, I still like 20-30% of the stars represented in the game, which suggests that the developers are trying to reach people of different tastes and preferences.

Through the use of scenes from adult films, with different genres and different girls, Pornstar Harem deserves 3 ❤❤❤ fapability out of 5. You can fap, and it doesn’t even require you to be a pervert.


As in all studio games, it is not necessary here – since in fact there is practically no race between the players. Almost any event in the game will give you new girls for your collection, and the pursuit of the first places in the ranking simply does not make sense here.

Naturally, the game has both a fancy battle pass and the ability to buy game currency for real money, but it does not really affect the development of your character in terms of a harem. As an example, here is a screen where the heroine will open for a person with a battle pass just a little earlier than for a person without it:

Pornstar Harem - A guide to the "stars"

The game is generally not particularly demanding either on the skill of the player or on the time spent in it – it is rather just a game about relaxation, go a couple of times a day, watch new scenes, pierce activities and go about your business.


Thanks to the “realistic” setting, Pornstar Harem surpasses the studio’s past games like Hentai Heroes purely in terms of fun. Personally, having got some girls in my collection, I immediately went to look for their other “creativity” on the Internet, so the game, in my opinion, is worthy of attention, especially if you are hungry for finding new “stars” for your evenings.

Genre Idle/Clicker
Client type Browser/Mobile
Graphics ❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤
Link Click. Also Available in Nutaku

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