Runaway Princess: Ultra Lewd Royal – All CG Walkthrough

Quick guide for Runaway Princess game (or “lewd princess is sure a cinch”)

Alt+Enter: full screen. Space/Enter: confirm. Num 0/Esc: cancel.

Main Story

Get the clothes in the closet.
Go left. See the king.
Go downwards from the king. Downstairs.
Go to the kitchen in the upper right. Talk to the maid.
Go out through the stairs in the lower right corner.
Wear the maid’s outfit. Go out.
Go through the forest into the castle town.
Talk to everyone in the street until night.
Go into the slum in the lower right and talk to the old man.

Go south out of the town into the middle town.
Talk to a man with a red headscarf in a yellow house in the lower right.
Go south and through the forest maze.
Go south and through the desert maze. Wear the indecent outfit, otherwise have a heat stroke. Find stairs near water. Go upstairs.

Go south into the desert village.
Talk to an old woman in the pub.

Go out to the south into the south port. Find a sailor on the west.
In the cave, find 4 boxes to repair the boat.
Arrive in the west port and find a sailor on the southwest.
Arrive in the south island. Talk to a man with a purple hat in front of the inn.
Go southwest into the south village (ranch). Find the owner of the ranch in the center.
Go through the ranch maze.

Go south to the castle of the final boss.
Go to the room of the boss through the sewer.
Defeat the final boss.


Bad End: Lose to the final boss

Lewd End: Defeat the boss. Wear the indecent outfit. Use the skill to throw a lot of money to defeat the boss.

Good End: Escape from battles too many times (> about 20 times). Then lose to the final boss.


Line 1
1 Buy the school uniform
2 Buy the combat clothing
3 Wear the combat clothing. Talk to a man in the lower right corner in the pub in the desert village. Go south and go to the mine to the west of the village. Talk to a bald man there. (After one play-through)
4 Wear the swimsuit. Talk to a man in a house on the left in the ranch. Accept the quest and defeat all scorpions
5 Buy the swimsuit
Line 2
1 Buy the indecent outfit
2 West port. Wear the indecent outfit. Talk to a man in a big house on the left
3 Buy the waitress dress
4 South port. Wear the waitress dress. Talk to the owner of the restaurant
5 Escape too many times and lose to the final boss
Line 3
1 Defeat the final boss
2 Lose to the final boss
3 Lose to the final boss
4 Main story in the ranch
5 Main story when repairing the boat
Line 4
1 Main story
2 Main story
3 Main story
4 Main story
5 Main story

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