Ambrosia story and side quest walkthrough

Complete story and side quest walkthrough guide for Ambrosia game.

Prologue – Landing on Cerbes Island

Upon gaining control of Flode you will need to clear the shrine of evil spirits. There are 3 of them, the enemies are weak to holy bolt. After defeating the 3 spirits, you need to find another creature in the back of the shrine. Go to the northwest corner to find stairs and go through them. Engage the creature you see there, she is weak to fire.

After this you will be given a quest “Clean up the Shrine”. Head to Inark Village on the overworld map after leaving the shrine. After engaging Dex upon entering town, talk to the bald character named Carpenter Strain near the east half of town. Follow the scenes and once you regain control of Flode you will be asked to sleep. Your room is in the eastern half of the shrine. Additionally you can reach it outside the shrine near the water.

Upon waking you will receive a quest “Spread the Faith.” Head to Inark Village again and look for Missionary Work spots. They look like little book icons around the town. There are 3 locations, north, south, and east in Inark Village. Head back to Flode’s room in the Shrine to rest.

The next day you will receive another quest “Find the Boy from the Village”. Head to the Strange Smelling Forest via the overworld map. You are given a bit of money at this point. Feel free to buy some items from Dex in Inark Village before heading out. Make your way through the Strange Smelling Forest, you should pick up treasure chests and gathering nodes along the way as you’re able. There are 4 mobs in the Strange Smelling Forest

  • Bush Rat
  • Hornet
  • Greedy Petal – weakness fire
  • Old Tree Giant – weakness fire

After completing this quest, return to Flode’s room and rest.

This concludes the Prologue.

Chapter 1 – In search of Lafleur

Upon completing the prologue and waking the next day, you’ll be told Lafleur has been kidnapped and Dex has information regarding it. Head to Inark Village and speak with Dex. This will give you the quest “Find Lafleur”. Head to Port Town Myra via the overworld map. Upon arriving speak with the young person with the “…” above his head. He will tell you to go north to see Volze. Speak with Servant Jann in the north most section of Port Town Myra. He will allow you access to the house, head up to the second floor and speak with Volze. After verifying Lafleur’s location you will be taken back to the shrine automatically. You’ll be asked to head behind the shrine via a mysterious voice. This can be done directly via Flode’s room, there’s a door in the back. Head to the cave almost directly north of Flode’s room. Head a bit north west then straight north to the monument and interact with it. You will be given the Rock of Teleportation which allows you to return to the shrine automatically by pressing the W key. You will also acquire the quest “Get Lafleur back”.

Head to the Strange Smelling Forest and continue to explore it. Additionally Port Town Myra is open for exploration. I recommend making sure to do your missionary work as increasing your Priest Rank will allow you to acquire more spells. After you explore the forest and reach the depths, you’ll encounter your first boss enemy – Mary’s Garden. It is weak to fire. After beating Mary’s Garden take the blue portal to Noir’s Sanctuary. Loot the treasure chests and interact with the crystal in the sanctuary. There will be one treasure chest you cannot loot (the purple and gold one), you can come back for it later. You can Rock of Teleportation out via W.

Now that you’ve acquired a treasure of Noir, talk to Volze. He will now ask for all 7 treasures of Noir. Head back to the Shrine and speak with Noir in the cave. Speaking with Noir will unlock the quest “Gather the hidden treasures of Noir”. Speak with Noir further to find the locations of the next treasures, Coastal Cave, Abandoned Mines, Altoce Town, and Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage.

The next chapter will continue with gathering these treasures.

Chapter 2 – Finding Noir’s Treasures

First, speak with Dex in Inark town to acquire the quest “Obtain the treasure”. He has a key, which is a hidden treasure of Noir. You can buy it from him for 100,000 G. The price can be reduced by helping him out at night.

Head to Cerbes Beach next, the Coastal Cave shrine is your next destination. There are a couple enemies in the Coastal Cave, all weak to lightning. You may want to raise your Priest Rank to 3 to acquire the lightning spells prior to engaging this cave.

  • Cave Fish – weakness lightning
  • Deep Soldier – weakness lightning
  • Sea Jewel – weakness lightning
  • Aqua Drake – weakness lightning
  • Deep Knight – weakness lightning
  • King of the Sea (Boss) – weakness lightning

After exploring the cave and beating the boss you will see another blue portal which takes you to the next Sanctuary. Loot the treasure chests you can and engage with the crystal. The treasure you acquired here is the Dreamy Conch Shell. You can set this to provide additional bonuses while Flode sleeps in her room. This includes exp, G, priest devotion, or indecency.

The next treasure is located in the Abandoned Mines. Battle the 2 Kobolds at the front of the mines. There are a number of enemies located here. The difficulty here spikes a bit with most enemy packs containing 2 or 3 mobs at once. You may want to raise your Priest Rank to 5 to obtain area of effect spells.

  • Kobold Trooper
  • Kobold Scout
  • Yellow Jellian – weakness fire
  • Goblin Soldier
  • Orc Warrior
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Orc Chief (Boss)

After exploring the mines and defeating the boss you will see another blue portal which takes you to another Sanctuary. Loot the treasure chests and engage with the crystal.

After this you will need to unlock the road to Altoce Town. Head to Port Town Myra and head to the bar (one map tile down from where you enter). Speak with the man at the counter, he will tell you to take the Road to Southern Cerbes. Go to the overworld map and take the Road to Southern Cerbes, then head west until you reach a bridge with a man blocking your path. You can pay the toll or fight your way across. I recommend fighting your way across, but this does involve 3 enemies.

After exploring the Abandoned Mines and defeating the Orc Chief take the blue portal which takes you to another Sanctuary. Loot the treasure chests and engage with the crystal. Continue heading west until you unlock the location “Altoce Underground Village” on the overworld map. Head west and then straight north in town and speak with Xenic, he will send you on a quest to catch a drug dealer. The dealer you’re looking for is in the southeast section of town in a corner. Speak with him and this will cause an encounter with 2 Drug Dealer enemies. Defeat them and head back to Xenic. He will then unlock the temple for you. You now have access to the temple.

Start exploring the temple, most enemies here are weak to holy damage. Continue through the temple and eventually you will come across the boss and next Sanctuary.

  • Miasmatic Spirit – weak to holy
  • Geist – weak to holy
  • Zombie – weak to holy
  • Purple Jellian – weak to fire
  • Cursed Coin
  • Fury – weak to holy
  • High Priest – weak to holy
  • Grand Master (Boss) – weak to holy

After defeating the Grand Master, there’s a blue portal. Head through it, acquire the treasure and engage with the crystal. The treasure you just acquired is the New Moon’s Cloak. This item can be activated to allow you to ignore enemy encounter at the cost of MP. You essentially pass through enemies. Head to the Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage next. As you head north you’ll receive a cut scene saying you can’t make it across the chasm. Head back to Noir behind the shrine and ask her for help. She will inform you that the Rock of Teleportation is a lost treasure of Noir and it needs to be upgraded to get you into the Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage. Head to Port Town Myra and talk to the Alchemist in the south half of town. Have her create a Jet Black Holy Water (in other items). Black Demonic Stones can be found in the Abandoned Mines and Altoce Temple. Create this item then head back to Noir and wait a day. After this, when pressing W to use the teleportation rock, you will now see a grid based map instead of going straight back to the shrine. Head to the Shrine Maiden’s Pilgrimage and take the portal that has appeared here.

Upon entering the Pilgrimage you will need to read some books prior to proceeding. Speak with the man in front of the room after reading the books to proceed. There are some enemies here, mostly weak to holy again. Traverse through the Pilgrimage, mostly heading east. Avoid the traps as much as you want to. Additionally you may want to have some anti-arousal items handy due to said traps.

  • Miasmatic Element – weak to holy
  • Evil Eye – weak to ice
  • Succubus – weak to holy
  • Living Loom
  • Red Jellian – weak to fire
  • Noir’s Avatar (Boss) – weak to holy

Upon beating the boss, grab the treasure and engage the crystal. Upon grabbing this crystal you will become eligible to become Noir’s Shrine Maiden and will allow you to acquire the Priestess Aptitude stat. (not relevant just yet).

After this head to Inark Town and buy the Venus Key from Dex if you have yet to do so. This will be your 7th treasure. Head to Port Town Myra and hand in the 7 treasures to Volze. He will give you the key to free Lafleur in the basement. Head down there and free her. Head back to the Shrine and rest. This will lead into the end game of the main story.

Chapter 3 – Tying up loose ends

An alchemist will visit you at the Shrine while you’re sleeping and have you fight a mechanical golem. It is weak to lightning. After this battle he will flee and you have to track him down in order to keep Lafleur safe.

Head to see Volze in Port Town Myra, speak with him about the alchemist. Afterwards head to Xenic in Altoce and speak with him as well. Head to the Altoce bar and speak to the man at the counter with a red “!” above his head, he will unlock the “Road to Western Cerbes” which is the next place you should head. Keep west on this map and start heading north. Eventually you will find a mechanical golem. Engage it and defeat it to enter the “Underground Alchemy Facility”.

Begin exploring the Underground Alchemy Facility and eventually you will get to a 4 point split, you will need to acquire a key from 3 of the 4 sections. The north section is locked and requires the 3 keys. This entire zone is filled with varying Alchemic Golems and they’re nearly all weak to lightning. Enemies here include the following list. After acquiring the 3rd key you’ll be able to proceed north into a new area and into the boss encounter.

  • Alchemic Golem MK. II – weak to lightning
  • Alchemic Golem MK. I – weak to lightning
  • Alchemic Golem MK III – weak to lightning
  • Metal Jellian – no weakness VERY high defense and resistance
  • Prototype Golem
  • Paracress (Boss)

This concludes the initial main story and credits will roll.

Chapter 4 – Post Game

After defeating Paracress you can do a time skip located in Flode’s room on the table in her room, this will take you to post game. Lafleur mentions seeing a new monster, you have to go to Inark Village and speak with the adventurer there to find out more. Head to the Strange Smelling Forest and look for a tentacle like monster. You should encounter it on the 2nd map tile. This creature is weak to fire. Head back to the Shrine and speak with the Priest in Flode’s room. Read the letter from Harmond, in your inventory. Speak with Noir in regards to this letter. You will receive the quest “Find a Paracress Root”, you need to find 7 samples of the monster you just fought. Take the 7 samples to Noir and she will unlock the Paracress’s Divine Land area.

You will encounter varying high level monsters including essentially a boss rush mode to get to the final boss. Here is the list of monsters you will encounter along the way.

  • Larva – weak to holy
  • Stray Jellian – weak to fire
  • Root of Paracress – weak to fire
  • Epidemia
  • Tiny Legion
  • Alarune – weak to fire
  • Diva (Boss)
  • Orihalcon Crab – weak to lightning
  • Alchemic Shark – weak to lightning
  • Charybdis (Boss) – weak to lightning
  • Adamas Horn – weak to ice
  • Highlander Orc (Boss)
  • Alchemic Golem F – weak to lightning
  • Chronos (Boss) – weak to holy
  • The Faceless (Boss)
  • Paracress Antithesis (Boss)

After defeating Paracress Antithesis you’ve beaten the “main story” quest of the post game.

Chapter 5 – Side Quests

Shrine Side Quests –
1. Attract people to the shrine
Acquired by entering the shrine, Flode wants to bring more people in. Head to Inark Village’s chief.

2. Open a Souvenir Shop
After acquiring upgrades for the Shrine, one will be a souvenir shop. Get this upgrade then head to the bottom left doorway. This is the shop. You need to head to Inark Village to find someone to run it. Speak with the man near the cows with a red “!” over his head. He will watch the shop for you and this will complete the quest.

3. Lewd Awakenings 1
This unlocks after Flode’s indecency hits 75/75 and she sleeps. Pray to the altar and succumb to the feelings to complete this quest. It unlocks further indecency levels and scenes.

4. Lewd Awakenings 2
This unlocks after Flode’s indecency hits 200/200 and she sleeps. Pray to the altar and succumb to the feelings to complete this quest. It unlocks further indecency levels and scenes.

Inark Village Side Quests –
1. Collect Rubian Fruit
Located in the house slightly South of the character Strain. She will ask for 3 Rubian Fruit. This can be looted from certain gathering nodes in the Strange Smelling Forest. Just keep gathering from nodes until you get 3.

2. Return the bag
Located on the east half of Inark Village given by the character near the well. Search the 3rd screen of the Strange Smelling Forest and the bag will be on top of a cliff in the center with a red “!” above it. Return it to the character in town.

3. Make Pamphlets –
After speaking to the village chief he will tell you to head to Myra to speak with the painter there, he is a bit right after entering town. Speak with the painter in his home and he will give you a follow up quest.

Strange Smelling Forest Side Quests –
1. Gather Skaria Flowers
Located in a tent in the north section of the forest prior to taking a hard turn to the west. Bring him at least 3 for a scene.

Port Town Myra Side Quests –
1. Adopt a cat
This quest starts on a poster outside the inn. Head inside the inn, talk to the character at the counter about requests and adopt the cat. The cat will catch a fish for you daily if you interact with it in Flode’s room.

2. Supply Daydream Powder
In the southern half of Port Town Myra on the west side of town, there is a character who will ask you to bring a Daydream Powder. This can be created at the alchemy shop in town using 5 Fallaslip. You can find Fallaslip in Fear Plains. Create the Daydream Powder and return it to the quest giver. You can then interact with him for a scene.

3. Monster fish are everywhere
This quest starts on the pier in Port Town Myra, on the east side of town. Head to the Coastal Cave and start defeating Cave Fish. You will need 10 scales. This quest can be sped up by equipping the Chef’s Hat. Return to the quest giver to hand in the quest.

4. Deliver transparent tentacles
Head to the Bar and head to the back behind the counter, the quest giver is in what appears to be a kitchen area. Head to the Coastal Cave and gather 3 transparent tentacles. Transparent tentacles drop from the Sea Jewel monster in the cave. Return to the quest giver once you have 3.

5. Supply Magique Ink –
The painter needs magique ink to create pamphlets. Create one from the alchemy shop and bring it back to the painter. This will allow you to create pamphlets.

6. Gaiaborne ore wanted
Head to the blacksmith, it’s near the entry to Volze’s house in Port Town Myra and speak with the man behind the counter. He will ask for a Gaiaborne ore. This can be found in the Abandoned mines, rarely at gathering nodes. Once you have one, hand it into the blacksmith and he will craft new gear for you.

7. Search for the older sister
Head upstairs in the inn and speak to the girl in the right hand room. She will ask you to find her sister. She’s located in the holding cell in the Abandoned Mine. Head to the mine and navigate to the holding cell deep in the mine, speak to the older sister and choose to escape with her. You’ll then be taken back to the room in the inn in Port Town Myra and the quest will complete.

8. Capture the remaining drug dealers
This quest can be obtained after turning in the Bandit boss from Old Fortress Nemeos into the guards in Port Town Myra. Head to a bandit character in the south east corner of Myra and he will give you the quest. This unlocks a new location called “Drug Dealer’s Hideout”. Work your way through the hideout and defeat the boss here. The quest will complete upon defeating the boss.

9. Make a wind spirit sail (Post Game)
Speak with the man looking out into the sea in Myra. He will give you a quest to create a wind spirit sail. Once you create and hand in the sail to the man looking to the ocean, this quest will complete.

10. Terrifying Storm (Post Game)
This will give you a quest to go defeat the dragon causing the storm on shark island. Speak with the captain from the quest prior and he will open this zone for you to travel to. Work your way through the island and you will eventually encounter the dragon. Upon defeating the dragon this quest will complete.

Cerbes Beach Side Quests –
1. The missing swimsuit
Pick this quest up on the beach before heading into the Coastal Cave. The swimsuit is through the tentacle tunnel. Once you retrieve it, turn it in to the quest giver and the quest will complete.

Fear Plains Side Quests –
1. Collect a Jellian Core
There are numerous Jellian monsters on this map, defeat them until you find a core. Hand into the quest giver once you have a core to complete the quest.

2. Protect the Sheep
You need to defeat 5 Barghat enemies. They’re the dark wolf like creatures. Hand in once you defeat 5 to complete the quest.

Altoce Underground Village Side Quests –
1. Deliver 10 Fire Spirit Rocks
This quest can be found to the left of where you enter town. Head to the Leid Mountains and start heading up the mountain. You will eventually reach a cave with a bunch of fiery monsters inside. Here you will find the Fire Spirit Rocks for the quest. Collect 10 and turn them into the quest giver.

2. Return the rare wine
This quest giver can be found in the bar on the right side. Speak to him to unlock the quest, also speak to the man at the bar counter with “…” above his head to unlock “Old Fortress Nemeos”, this is where you’ll find the wine in the basement. Once you get the wine return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

3. 200 years old
This quest giver is to the left of the prior one in another house. Speak to him and he’ll ask for 5 cheese from the Altoce Temple. Check the varying gathering nodes inside the temple, you may not get 5 in a single clear and may have to sleep to regenerate the gathering nodes. Once you have 5 return to the quest giver for completion.

Old Fortress Nemeos Side Quests –
1. Bandits of Nemeos Fortress
Upon entering Old Fortress Nemeos for the first time, you’ll be given this quest. You have to find and defeat the leader of the bandits. Traverse the fortress and climb stairs as you find them. Once you reach the top you’ll find the leader. Defeat and hand him into the guard station in Myra and this quest will be complete.

The end

That’s all. Have fun ❤

Ambrosia story and side quest walkthrough


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