Blood price simple guide – Game controls & Mechanics

Initial guide to help new players with controls and screen size, English version on PC.

Window Size

Game options are accessed by pressing “F1” on your keyboard.
Check the checkbox for full screen mode, game may need restart to take affect.

Game Controls

Most of the game uses the arrow keys and ESC and Enter.
When navigating the game you can sprint with “Shift”, this helps to evade mobs when desired, it seems to have no use limit.

Cut scene controls:
CTRL fast-forwards very quickly, use it to skip dialog etc.
PG DN hides the dialog box, toggles view, necessary to see images

Battle speed controls:
Hold Shift to speed up battle sequence
Hold CTRL to make battle sequence progress extremely rapidly, use it to skip battle after queuing your moves, just hold the desired speed button and the game will pause when it is your turn again

Poker in the casino:
Use the arrows to select a card, use Enter to flip the card over, use “X” to proceed. Cards that are flipped over will be returned to the dealer for new cards, you are keeping the cards facing you.

F1 brings up game options
F12 is an immediate game shortcut for quit to main menu (warning: this does not save your game)

Game Mechanics (WIP)

This is a work in progress: Please suggest content and I will try to add it, this is just a starting point for a guide in English for this game. Thanks for your help and support, enjoy the game!

This guide tries not to spoil the game, I’m including a “Spoilers Warning” here because some of the content below could be considered spoils but I’m not spoiling anything about the game story as best I can.

“Purity”: An item in your precious stuff inventory shows your “purity”, this value effects certain game events, for example you need this value over about 25 points to be able to steal from chests in NPC homes, not sure what else it affects, I’ve only just beaten the game once.
You can beat the game without taking any points against your purity, effectively dodging all H-scenes. Once you beat the game you get access to the H-scenes, not sure if it’s all of them though or if a new game + is needed to get the rest?

Respect the Meta Fairy: if you elect to have her turned on in the starting of any new game she will appear just before boss battles as a warning to do your level grinding and save prior to proceeding. She is a great feature to avoid having to drop back to frustratingly old saves.

Magic Eggs: You will receive some magic creature eggs from creature bosses but you can also make your own with select mobs or buy 3 different types in the casino. I’ve only gotten the bee and spider offspring myself, not sure what others there are.
Basic overview of how to: example Bee: loose a battle to a bee mob, it must be one with a bee as it’s mob image on the map, as far as I can tell the image on the map usually determines the scene you get if you loose the battle. Once you have lost to the bees there will be a H-scene, you wake up in the bees nest where they took you (grab the honey) and you will notice a Heart under Mina in the menu screen, this heart means you are carrying a magic egg. If you rest at a fire or bed this heart will disappear and you’ll have to start the process over again. Get your health up a bit so you can survive getting back to Rutie at the cabin, once there talk to Rutie to get the egg, talk to Rutie again to get your bee character. Same process for the spider but you don’t have to return to Rutie, this time the sequence is automatic.

**Late game spoiler warning, this is real spoilers below:**

I had difficulty beating the final boss. Sequencing: You fight the clown in his lab, I beat him at level 43, then you have to go through this dark maze with freaky creatures then fight the clown again. You get a safe area right before the dark maze to heal and adjust characters, with Meta Fairy rooting you on. I couldn’t win at level 43 and I read others where struggling around level 50 as well so I found fighting the first mob in the dark maze most efficient, 12k exp each win, walk straight out and back to re-spawn the mob and heal each time or 2nd or 3rd time as needed for free. I defeated the boss at level 73, which might have been overkill at that point, but it wasn’t easy. I counted his HP and estimated about 27,500 hp to win. Good luck and hint, don’t overlook Fran or Rona, Fran is extremely tough and Rona’s roar helped me win, give Rona a healing sword to use her as a backup healer. I beat him with corpse girl, wolf girl and elf though other lineups could fair even better, I’m not sure. Again grind up over level 60 at least and try to have some Elixers and Revive potions before you get in that meat wagon. Best of luck!

Blood price simple guide - Game controls & Mechanics

Have fun =)


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