Insexsity – Rough Diamond!

Insexsity as a game and overall experience

To be honest, I still don’t understand what genre this game belongs to. Insexsity looks like a dating simulator, but the familiar dating games are not here. It is played as Adventure / Quest, while you do not have to look for hidden things and click on all the items at random. The game is at the junction of several genres, there is a little bit of everything – from a novel to a quest, but in general the picture seems like a simulator of life. But again – not the simulator that you saw in some Sims.

This is what we have:

  1. The main character is Kate, she came to the city with a dream to buy her own apartment and live independently;
  2. Simple but tasteful graphics powered by the Unity engine;
  3. A small town in which we have to get used to;
  4. A whole Sea of erotic scenes, scenes of violence, cruelty and social injustice;;
  5. A strong and interesting plot twisted in a huge spiral.

The plot in this game is a real candy, there is a slight problem with the narrative as the game has a rather confusing passage, however, each new scene immerses you in the world more and more. The main thing is not to run along it at the very beginning, but to get the pleasure from the game for which you originally came. And so, imperceptibly, soon it will be much more interesting for you to look for the further development of the plot, rather than subject the main character to all the tortures of an inhospitable world.

Honestly – the main character during the passage became a character for me, for whom I really worried. This phenomenon is a rather unusual thing in adult games, I’m really looking forward to when Insexsity will stop being free and will start selling on Steam (rumored to be in January 2021). I just want as many people as possible to pay attention to it.


Graphics, in spite of their simplicity and “cardboardness”, fully copes with their task. Erotic scenes are erotic, touching are touching.

All scenes in Insexsity are rendered in the game engine, only a few of them are presented in the form of beautiful art, and this is a great approach. You can’t see the hack, which is often exploited by the developers of adult games, looping a couple of arts and presenting everything that happens as their painstaking work.

However, not without flaws. Although the game is a complete product, it occasionally still causes a facepalm in cases where the engine “missed a little” with the location of the models.

Insexsity bug

In addition to this and so, obviously funny moments, another drawback in the graphic part is a meager set of models. Aside from story characters, there are a ton of randomly generated NPCs in the game, and there are clearly few options in this randomizer. And therefore – we have what we have, almost all random NPCs are like two drops of water.

Regarding the appearance of the female characters – for some reason, in profile they all look sad (In fact, there is a reason, but this is a spoiler), but from the side and from other angles, the girl in the game is quite pretty.


Stock up on tissues, otherwise your monitor is at risk of being fertilized.

As usual, our heroine at the beginning of the game is touchy, and you, traveling around the city, will constantly run into a limitation associated with the promiscuity of the main character. And as soon as the vulgarity of the main character reaches the required level, you automatically get such a huge number of different scenes that you most likely will not be able to start the game and not ventilate the snake. 5 ❤❤❤❤❤ of 5.

Time taken and rate of progress

It took me about 20 hours to complete my first full playthrough. I was stupid for a very long time at some points, at first I was just running around opening all possible scenarios, during this time I forgot where I stopped in the plot and poked around for a long time on repeating days, trying to find thin threads that advance the plot.

Despite the presence of a hint system in the game, by themselves they are not very informative. There is no full-fledged walkthrough of the game on the Internet yet, only small grains of information in different groups, as well as a general description of some of the features on the official website of Insexsity. Plus, the game itself is technically imperfect, sometimes I lost control, some events got stuck. The solution to such bugs is to load the last day (saving in Insexsity occurs only when the heroine goes to bed).


The game is a masterpiece, I recommend it to everyone, both guys and girls. Insexsity will easily move the intimate parts of the players, and the brain will make them move, which is very useful. You will have a lot of thoughts from passing this game, the main thing is to master it to the end and feel real pleasure.

Genre Adventure/Quest
Client type Client / Mobile
Graphics ❤❤❤❤
Gameplay ❤❤❤❤
Fapability ❤❤❤❤❤
Link Official site v.1.03 Uncensored (the game is free). Available on Steam for a nominal fee.
Link to walkthrough Official walkthrough

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