City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Hi everyone, I have manually retyped all 56 pages (16k words) of the official City of Broken Dreamers: Book one guide. Now you can use keyword search, as well as clear navigation through the walkthrough. I hope you find it useful. Since the text was retyped manually, there may be some typos in the text. You can point out these typos in the comments to this article. Enjoy reading ❤

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In City of Broken Dreamers your choices have impact on many variables in the game. This guide will focus on the most obvious ones, character interactions and plot items. Many items will be simple dialogue changes that depend on your choice. Hopefully everything else listed will help you in your experience in the game.

This guide also includes an index that you can quickly use that to get where you want to go. Each chapter will be broken down by all sections where choices matter.


Each character you meet has two types of points. Score and lust. Score represents how much the character respects you. This can be both in a romantic manner or a friendly manner. The other point value is Lust which will determine how adventurous the character will be. Each character utilizes these points in different ways.

Scrore is important to typically initiate a scene with a character, whereas Lust will typically open more options in the scene.

You character (MC) also has a hidden score known as dep, or depravity. In City of Broken Dreamers this represents how easily you are to anger. You can acquire dep from getting angry in certain situations. Having a high dep can unlock certain scenes, but be advised, having a very high dep score can affect your relationship with certain characters negatively.

All dialogue options will be quoted in blue. For example:

“Check the left door.”

Any boost in a character’s score will always state the bonus with their name. It will always be the point, followed by “with” and then the character name, so it is easy to search:

+1 score with Chandra

Any negative points will be in red instead.

-1 score with Chandra

Steam Achievements will be listed in yellow:

“A few dozen”



Our local Ghost surgeon. Katie can be very timid unless she is on her own turf and then she will take charge. If she if not happy with something she will let you know. Being the shy type, you need to be careful with Katie. Both her score and lust are important and you will want to balance these to get the best results with her.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

The punkish rebel. Chandra thinks the knows what she ie doing, but at the end of the day she is still young and has much to learn. For this reason both her score and lust are important, though it is recommended to lean more on her score than lust.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

A long-time friend of yours…with benefits. If you thought Katie would let you know when she was not happy with something, Ellen takes that to an entirely new level. Ellen does not like excuses or bullshit. Be straight up with her and she will respect that. For Ellen, score is certainly more important that lust since Ellen is already relatively active with you, but some lust will pay off in time.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

To say that Victoria is complicated is an understatement. She is accustomed to getting what she wants by her own means. When things do not go the way she planned, she is typically taken aback. Sometimes for good, sometimes for ill. Be careful in your dealings with her. She can be your ally or your worst enemy. For Victoria, score is paramount if you are trying to befriend her. She is already a sexual creature by nature so lust is secondary. A few points do not hurt, but her score is most important.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Young, kind, and in serious trouble. Though Gloria has no lewd scenes in Book One, mych of what you do in this book will reflect on that possibility later. She is the only character besides Victoria who does not know you befor this starts. Due to this you want to make sure you get a very good score with her to open things up later. Lust will also come into play so a decent bakance will be required.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Chapter 1

First. make sure you go through the tutorial to understand the concept of the glossary and the the clue system and, of course, give yourself a name.

Once that is done, go through the prologue and eventually you will wake up with a lady looking down at you. Welcome to City of Broken Dreamers.

At home

This is your first encounter with our dear doctor. Make sure you are nice to her. You two may know each other, but not all that well, and she is not comfortable around you yet.

Follow below to get the best possible outcome with her on the following choices.

“Mostly True” or “I’ll take it” +1 score with Katie

for the next choice:

“I don’t think you’re crazy” +1 score with Katie

After Katie leaves, you will get a call from your fixer, Ellen and she will ask you to meet her at the Aftermath

The Aftermath

You are running late and an old “friend” has interrupted you. You have a couple of options here.

You can decide to go with the spunky party girl that goes by the name of Chandra or you can decide not to risk it and meet Ellen in the back of the club. You can do both without penalty, it is just harder to make peace with Ellen.

If you wish to have a quickie with Chandra do the following:

“Chase her”

Then follow up with:

“Follow her”

At this point you can do whatever you would like. Do note, later in the story this will reward +1 lust with Chandra.

After her scene you will be introduced to Ellen.

Before talking with Ellen you will see a massage about a clue. Mouse over the location shown in this image and click. If you view your gallery on your PDA or in the games menu it will reveal a new bonus image.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

If you went with Chandra you will be late and need to be extra careful how you respond to Ellen. There is also an extra menu item since you are now late. Select the following to appease Ellene:

“Reason with her” +1 score with Ellen.

The Aftermath continued…

If you avoided Chandra you will automatically get a +1 score with Ellen.

Ellen will provide you with many options for information. You can go through this at your own pace, or skip it entirely if you are already familiar with the story.

After the briefing, you can decide if you want to take Ellen home or not. Be aware you need at least a score of 1 with her for this to happen. The last option listed will reward 1 lust but you miss out on 1 score point.

Avoiding Ellen here does unlock a different scene with a character named Kleo Love Xavier.

“Now way” will avoid the encounter.

“I need to think about it” will lead to another menu option.

  • “More fun that way” +1 score with Ellen
  • Following that if your score is 2 with Ellen select the following:
  • “Maybe you can convince me”

“I could be convinced” +1 lust with Ellen. Only available with a score of one as well and will lead to Ellen’s scene straight away.

Once you get back to your place you can take any options you wish with Ellen and enjoy the scene.

If you avoided Ellen, Sam will offer to connect you to “something different”

In the scene you can quickly back out of it, or contine with it. Later you can go even further in the scene. If you do, you will unlock the Steam achievement “You only live once.”

Back Home

After the Ellen scene or the Kleo scene you will be introduced to Sonja. She is harsh, brash, and your wife. Enjoy!

She has gotten wind of the job you have been offered and is trying to convince you to take it even though you have no desire to do so.

At this point your choices do not affect Sonja herself. She understand you, perhaps better than you do. This is the point where you can earn your first dep score. Remember a hight dep will unlock certain events but at the same time will impact how other characters view you.

“I don’t need this from you” +1 dep

“I know’ no change in scrore

After Sonja leaves, you will see a few scenes that you are not a part of. This is to show the other aspects of what is going on in the story. Be aware that these scenes featuring other characters will change, sometimes drastically, based on your choices.

The next choice will happen when you arrive at Baynard Industries the following morning.

Baynard Industries

This will be your first encounter with Meredith White, and her second in command, Victoria Shields. This scene has a lot of important information as well as some points that tou will want to get, including a dep point.

When you first arrive you can get a dep point from your conversation with Meredith.

If you just sit down you will not receive the dep point. If you want to try this path for your character do the following:

“Confront her”

Then after that:

“Get more angry” +1 dep

After, she will explain why you are here and introduce you to Victoria who you can get more information from. Be careful, Victoria is far from ordinary, so be cautious how you approach her.

The first set of dialogue options are not just for information. Points and an achievement can be earned here. For Victoria, her score is far more important than lust. Here is how to get the points from her in this scene.

“Who are you?” Leads into:

“Press her for more” +1 score with Victoria

The next can lead you down a dangerous path with her, or start to open up a more friendly relationship.

“What’s with you?”

That will lead to two options. She is trying to control you. You can let her, or you can break from her spell.

“Force yourself to look back up” +1 score with Victoria

Or you can become spellbound to her.

“Look lower” Then respond with:

“Yes…” +1 lust with Victoria and you are spellbound.

The other options will give insight into the story itself but will now have an effect on any scores.

After this scene you will head to Katie’s clinic.


After meeting with Meredith and Victoria, you decide to go see Katie again. You want someone you can trust and who has the expertise needed.

When you get here, a clue notification will pop up. Click on the following locations to get the bonus image.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

In the first set of choices you can tell her you are meeting with Victoria or not. This will come up later in the story, but it is not outright positive or negative.

After your descussion, Katie will get into her sonic shower. If your score is greater than 1 with her you can stay for a bit. A new menu will show up.

“Watch for a bit” If you have a score of 2 or higher with Katie, there is no negative. If your score happens to be lower than 2, you will get -1 score.


Now, you meet with Victoria for dinner. Before anything begins, a clue will pop up. There are always three bonus renders per chapter and this is the last in Chapter 1.

Click the glass in the following image.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Avoiding this scene actually has a benefit with Victoria, so be aware of that. This is how you avoid the scene but get the benefit from it. More points can be earned in Chapter 3 from this.

“Ask for a lot” Then after that:

“Eight is enough, let’s keep this professional” +1 score with Victoria and “Unexpected” Steam Achievement.

To get the scene itself:

“Ask for a lot” followed by:

“How could I resist”

If you are spellbound by Victoria or have a dep scrore of 2 you can also choose:

“Screw Business” +1 lust with Victoria

You can play the scene how you wish except one location. If you select “Use her mouth harder” you will get -1 score and +1 lust.

After this scene, let the rest play out until chapter 2.

Chapter 2

In the second chapter, you start to learn more about what happened of the Tech Noir, then you will be tasked to infitrate Alexis Conner’s Condo. When doing the infiltration you will be able to take Victoria, Katie, or Ellen. You can select who you wish, but each will play out differently and allow a possible point with each.

At this time you will also begin to see your previous choices starting to take effect. For instance the first encounter with Victoria in this chapter can play out two very different ways.

The clinic

The next morning you will head off to see Katie. You need her help in determining what killed the Ghosts at the Tech Noir.

When you arrive, Katie will be in the back, trying to get changed.

“Say nothing” and you let her continue to get dressed. If you have a score with Katie of at least 2 you will get +1 with Katie.

After you will get a quick bite to eat before heading to Mil-Town. The conversation will be different depending on your score and lust with Katie.

You will head deep into Mil-Town. You are used to being on the oitskirts, but nppt deep into the area. Here you will have an encounter with a group of Bolters, a gang that frequents the area. You have two options in dealing with them.

“End it quick”


“Show off” +1 lust with Katie.

Once the Bolters have been dealt with you will make your way to the police station to examine the bodies.

Police Station

A clue notification will pop up when you first step inside. Click the circled area to add it to your gallery.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Katie is not very happy with you, and you begin to see a bit of her fiery side here. You downplayed what you actually needed from her, so respond appropriately.

“Apologize” +1 score with Katie.

Once you get inside, you will head to the morgue. More dialogue options will appear. You can go through these to learn more. Or you can skip without any negative effects if you are already familiar with the story by just selecting:

“Just get the data you need.”

Once everything is clear, you will take Katie back home then head to Alexis Conner’s condo to try to get more information on Gloria.

Alexis Conner’s Condo

When you get up to the penthouse floor you will be “greeted” by Alexis’s mistress. None other than the TV personality Shanlon Russell. She is a cold self-serving individual. She would send her own mother up the river if it meant some extra zeros on her bank account balance.

She will be hostile from the start. You can respond in kind if you wish.

“Tell her off” +1 lust with Shanlon

Then after that:

“Refuse” +1 lust with Shanlon

Answering with both of those are required to unlock her scene later in the chapter.

When she is done talking with you she will get Alexis and you will have your first conversation with him. You will notice he is dismissive of the plight of Gloria and seems to be more concerned with his upcoming plans for the evening.

Leaving emplty-handed, you decide to gead back to your apartment to collect yourself and figure out a plan of attack.

Your Apartment

This scene can play out in two very different ways. If you slept with Victoria in chapter 1, she will be far more manipulative as she is further trying to get a hold on you. If you did not, you will begin to see a different side of her.

Before either scene starts, a clue will be available to add to your gallery. Click in the circled area to acquire it.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Had sex with Victoria in Chaprer 1

Victoria will once again try to seduce you.

“Yes..” Will add the spellbound trait to you. Needed for a steam achievement later on, but this will potentially send you down a dark path.

“Break from her spell” +1 score with Victoria and you can begin to crawl your way out from her grasp.

With Sam under her control you can choose to get angry with her. Remember, a high dep is not necessarily a good thing.

“Ask her what she wants” No change.


“Get angry with her” +1 dep.

Now, let’s see what happens if you had not slept with her in Chapter 1.

Avoided a sexual encounter with Victoria
If you choose to not sleep with Victoria in Chapter 1, you will notice she is far less combative in this scene.

Allow the conversation to ensue. It will vary based on your current score with her.

Select who you want to go with
Once the discussion is over you can decide who you will take to the party.

You can select Ellen, Katie, or Victoria. Katie you need a score of two or highter. Ellen a score of one or hither, and Victoria you can take regardless of score.

It is suggested to save here and try each option out. You will learn information about each lady. Ellen’s part is extremely informative due to her relationship with Alexis.

No matter who you select you will wait at your place until the chosen date has arrived, after which you will head to Alexis’s condo. While headed there each will have a different conversation with you. If you slept with Victoria, she will have a different conversation with you on the way there.

The Party

Depending on who you choose, there will be a section during this event to gain a point with each of the ladies.

Before you get upstairs you will take the elevator up. Each lady will have a different conversation with you. This is the section where you can gain a point with Victoria. Of you selected her, choose:

“No” +1 score with Victoria

As the elevator doors open you will encounter a strange woman outside on the patio area. Once this is concluded you will head inside and see Alexis and Shanlon. You can talk to them right away, or you can opt to take your time and sit down.

If you sit down you will encounter a Vostok Scientist. You can have a discussion with him about his new prototype. This plays out completely different based on who you came to the party with. If you selected Victoria, she will end up breaking the prototype.

When you decide to speak with Alexis, Shanlon will take you to the side and will berate whoever you come with.

“Watch you mouth” +1 lust with Shanlon

If you selected the two other options that gave you lust points with her earlier in the chapter, it will unlock a scene later.

Eventually Alexis and Shanlon will become distracted and you can make your way upstairs.

You have three doors to select.

The left door has a little surprise which can be further enhanced if Victoria broke the prototype. If you are with Katie she will be in for a bit of a shock, but will close the door and suggest looking somewhere else.

Taking the center door will lead to an area where you can acquire another bonus image for the gallery:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Once you have checked the left and center doors you can then check the right door and find Gloria’s bedroom. Here you see the photo of Henry and put two and two together. If you are with Victoria you will head back home with her after this. If you are with Ellen or Katie more events will happern here.

If you came with Ellen you will find her in Ellen’s bedroom staring at an old promotional poster of herself.

“Leave her be for a minure” +1 score with Ellen

After this you will get a scene with Ellen, she won’t take no for an answer. After the scene plays out you will have an encounter with Alexis that does not go well. Afterwards you will exit the party and head home.

If you came with Katie, after the bedroom you will get cornered and have to hide. Here you will het a small scene with Shanlon in the shower as the two of you watch until you find an opening and escape back home.

Once home with Katie she is very much out of her element and is a bit frightened. You could tease her, but this is not the time nor place. So, select the following to be awarded her scope point:

“Be nice to her” +1 score with Katie

If you went with Victoria this will open a small scene with her. Unlike the first scene with Victoria you can do this scene without major repercussions.

The options that come up are entirely for your preference and then you can play out the scene however you wish.

In the morning each character will leave. Based on score, these conversations can be different.

The next morning Shanlon asks to meet you, so she could offer up a proposition in order to acquire help in finding Henry.

Meet with Shanlon

When you meet with Shanlon she has information on Henry’s location. Of you have been rude to her the entire time she is going to want “more” from you. Otherwise she will give you information since she knows you going after him will lead to something that will start headlines that she can take advantage of.

If you have a lust of three with Shanlon you can get this scene. Please note: this scene features very rough action and will not be to everyone’s liking so you gave multiple outs to avoid it. This will not have any negative impact on the story aspect of the game. Scenes such as this will always be fully optional.

This scene can also unlock the steam achievement “What’s My Name” but you require a dep score of at least two in order to obtain it.

In order to get the achievement you need to be as rough as possible and do everything in the scene.

After the scene, if she says she is going to call you so you can do this again, you will receive the achievement.

After meeting with Shanlon, let the next scene play out an contine on to Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

Now it is time to learn more about Henry and discover where he has been hiding. To do this, you enlist help of Sonja.

You will meet an old wartime friend as well as bump into Chandra once again. This time she need your help with something that she does not want to discuss.

Once you are ready, it is time to don your proper gear and go out on the hunt.

Sonja’s place

After you wake up from your shared experience with Gloria you will be heading to Sonja’s place to try to get some more information.

At the start of the encounter, if you had slept with Ellen in Chapter 1 and have a score with Ellen of two or higher you can ask Sonja to apologize for the way she acted.

“Confront her about Ellen”

This will not have an obvious effect yet but will change things further into the game.

As the conversation continues, you will mention you think that a bug may have been installed in your place. Sonja will get Kay to try to find the bug using Sam as an interface to access your apartmet’s security system. Let her do this.

“Let her contine”

Once Sonja has finished, the two of you head to Mil-Town to check with contacts in the area to see if you can find any information about Henry and his whereabouts.

This will lead you to the Stairway to Heaven. A brothel in the outer rung of Mil-Town.

Stairway to Heaven

While investigating the area, Sonja gets the sense that you have been here before. Since you know the owner, you have.

The choice here will give different responses from Sonja and affect things later in the game. Selecting the option:

“Yes’ I have” will have a positive effect with Sonja later.

The sex-bot Venus will activate and begin to talk with the two of you which will attract the attention of the establishment’s owner, Betty.

Betty is a strange, yet inventive one, and has done some serious modifications to her Venus, unit and believes who better than you to test it. In order to get this, do the following:

“Play along”

Followed by:

“Touch Venus”

Then finally:

“Love to”

You can just get straight to the point as well by stating:

“Cut the shit”

If you choose to go with Venus, contine ahead. Otherwise head to the nex section of this chapter after Betty gives you the information you need.

When you go with Venus a clue notification will pop up. Below is how you find it.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

For Venus, you have two models. Princess or Slut. Each gives a completely different scene. Select which one you want. It may be a good idea to save here and do one then go back and do the other so you can unlock both scenes.

Doing this will have some repercussions later in the game, though you will be able to wiggle your way out of it. It will also allow continued visits with Venus later.

Henry’s Place

The two of you will head to the location that Betty gave you. Once there, you will get eyes on him but you don’t get a clear shot. Now you can decide to get more information about the area.

“Investigate further”

You will want to check everything, you can which will help you in the next chapter.

“Check the windows”

Followed by:

“Check the door”

When looking at the door, Sonja will notice a hatch begind some crates.

“Check the hatch”

You will get into the basement of the area which is unlocked. This seems very off to the two of you. You can check a bit further in by selecting:

“Not yet”

After this you have a decent idea of the layout as well as a location of an EMP mine which can be used later.

Once you have completed scorping out the location you will head back to Doc’s to check in on her.


Doc has been trying to understand what happened to the Ghosts and so far she is boffled. Katie is also a but shaken by it. If you took her to the party, she is more nervous than normal.

If you did take Katie to the party you will have a different menu option here.

If you have a lust of one or higher, and you have a score of at least three select the fillowing:

“Let your hands wander” +1 lust with Katie

If you do not meet the requirements select:

“You’re a gentlemen” +1 score with Katie

If you did not take Katie to the party but you do have a score over one you will get a different set of choices.

If you have a score of two or higher you can select the fillowing to get more lust if you feel your score point total is decent (a three is good at this point)

“Come here” +1 lust with Katie

Otherwise play it safe and select:

“Where is this coming from” +1 score with Katie

During your conversation you will be interrupted by Meredith White who wants you to give her a status update in person right away.

Beynard Industries

As you approach Meredith’s office you will get a notification for a clue. You can find it here:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

There is an argument happening inside and when you enter you will encounter Chandra again. The girl you met at the Aftermath. She is the daughter of Meredith White.

Let the fight conclude and then you can deal with Meredith.

You can acquire another dep point here by selecting:

“Piss off” + 1 dep

Or you can decide to stay civil and choose:

“These things take time”

After this conversation, Victoria will enter. This scene can play out in two ways. She will try to seduce you again, or you can have an actual conversation with her. In order to have the discussion you need a score of at least two with her. This conversation can result in more points and will set you on a different path with her.

Of she tries to seduce you let the scene play out and you will go back to the hallway.

Otherwise continue on to understand how to get the most from this conversation.

If you turned Victoria down for her special offer in Chapter 1, tht will come into play here, giving you different menu options. These are listed below. If you want a relationship with Victoria, select the last option.

“You’re not my type” – This tells Victoria that you want to keep things platonic. This can be reversed later which will award a score and lust point in chapter 4. Just make sure you have a score of three at this point if you do this.

“I didn’t trust you” +1 score with Victoria

“That’s not how I do business” +2 score with Victoria

If you did sleep with Victoria in Chapter 1 you will have a different set of options. The middle choice can get you score and lust but you need to have also slept with Victoria in Chapter 2.

“You’re doing your job” +1 score with Victoria


“There is more to you” +1 score with Victoria

Followed be (only if you slept with Victoria in Chapter 2):

“I don’t know” +1 score and +1 lust with Victoria.

If you aked for money and then refused her request and also took her to the party you can have up to a six score with Victoria. You want at minimum a three at this point of you want to be on her good side. A four or higher is recommended, though.

The subway

As you leave the office you will be ambushed by Chandra. If you had sax with her in Chapter 1 you will get +1 lust with Chandra.

She is trying to trick you into following her, so you can help her with a problem she is having.

For best results don’t eter the elevator, but the choice is yours. You can brush her off by:

“Ditch her” -1 score and +2 lust with Chandra

The score can repaired to an extent later.

Or you can join her and have a bit of fun:

“Enter the elevator”

Follow up with:

“Nothing we can do here” +1 lust with Chandra.

When you get on subway, if you ditched her she will ambush you again. She can be pretty persistent.

At this point you can go along with her without any idea what you are getting into by just stating:


If you want to pursue a relationship with Chandra though, you should do the following:

“What do you want?”

Followed by:

“Tell me”

Then finally:

“Help her” +2 score with Chandra

If you choose “Ok, then, bye” You will get +1 dep but send Chandra on a very bad path.

Drug Den

If you agreed to help Chandra you will head to the drug den. You will explain that this is a one-time deal and to not mess around or else people will get hurt.

If you just decided to follow her, you will soon understand what she is thying to do, and you will confront her about it. Select the following to continue:

“No” followed by “Follow her”


“Fuck it”

If you leave you will get +1 dep but lose any chance of a relationship with Chandra and send her on a dark path.

Once inside you will understand what Chandra was trying to use you for. Her friend Abby has been caught up with some dealers, and she wants to get her out of there.

The last notification for a clue is located here. You can find in on the image below:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

After, you get Abby out. If you had agreed to help before, you will automatically catch Abby when she falls over and help her out, rewarding you with another +1 score with Chandra and adding her to your contact list.

If you didn’t agree to help back on the subway you will be presented with an option. You can be angry will Chandra here or make peace. If you want to move forward with Chandra select:

“Here her out” +1 score with Chandra and she will show in your contact list now.

Continue the discussion and you will unlock the Steam achievement “Just Say No”

Once you have sent Abby home, if you have a score of 2 or higher, which you can only get if you agreed to help on the subway, she will give you the option of going back to your place.

“I still have time” will lead to a scene with Chandra.

Home with Chandra

This lewd scene is fairly dynamic, so there are some hidden items in it that require a specific lust score. This is why it was a good idea to ditch her at the elevator.

If you ditched her and had sex with her in Chapter 1 you will be able to unlock all options in this scene.

When you lay her on her stomach and you have a lust of two you can extend this sequence by selecting:

“Finger her ass”

Once you get into the main part of the scene there are two other hidden items.

The first requires you to get a blow job. After that is done, if she has a lust of two, you can do the following:

“Test her skills”

Next up. If Chanra’s lust is two you will have the option to spank her:


During this, if her lust is three, you can do the following to extend this scene:

“Finger both holes”

After the scene concludes, you can allow her to stay while you review the information Baynard sent you. Or you can send her home.

To have her stay, select:

“Only for a minute” +1 score with Chandra and unlocks the “Rubber Ducky” Steam achievement.

Viev Reports

If you had sex with Chandra you can only view two items here since you used up a lot of time. Otherwise you can view three.

If you allowed Chandra to stay, she will comment on the reports.

Select what you wish, but these can help further in the game.


If you have a score of three or higher with Victoria, she will send you an unredacted version of the Augment report.


If your score is not that high with her you can choose:


Either of those will give you vital clues on how to combat a Generation One Augment.

After you are done with the reports you will be given the choice to disable or leave the bug active in your apartment.

In Book one of City of Broken Dreamers leaving the bug on will reveal more content in the final chapter, so you may want to leave it on for now. Note that other content will come up in Book Two if you turn it off.

“Leave it”

Allow the rest of the scene to play out. There are small differences in the montage sequence based on your score with the various characters in the game. Once it is complete, continue onto Chapter 4 in order to understand how to deal with Henry.

Chapter 4

Finally, it is time make your move on Henry Gibson. You can go about this confrontation multiple ways.

Some choices you made before can help you directly here. There were also clues in the reports on how to take him down.

The Fight

When you get to Henry’s, you potentially gave three different options on how to get in. If you explored everywhere in Chapter 3 these will all be available. Otherwise only the front door will be. Unfortunately for you, Gloria has tipped Henry off that you’re here. Choose whatever option you wish. You can be successful with any of them.

There are two ways to defeat Henry. One is to wear him down giving you a fighting chance at the end. The other is if you read the proper report, you will know his weakness and can use that, ignoring the random aspect.

“Go through the front” – This is the most foolish route.

“Climb to the window” – Get upstairs fast.

“Take the hatch” – Going down this route will get you one extra EMP, which can be helpful.

Here’s how it plays out if you go through the front.

Goung through the front:
If you take the front door you will travel down an old walkway. When opening the door, Henry will jump you and send you crashing to the floor. You will be presented with two options, select the followng:

“Play possum” – Gives you a slight advantage at the end of the fight.

He may be bullet proof agains your weapons, but you can still cut through the outside layer if his skin which is still painful for him.

Next you can decide to run upstairs or downstairs. Heading downstairs after you have engaged Henry will cause you to fall into one of his traps. If you discovered the EMP before in Chapter 3 there are no negative effects. So in this case you should head upstairs.

“Run upstairs”

Upon running upstairs Henry will chase you. There is another EMP trap up here that you can make use of if you did not set it off already. So, you have a shot. If you did set it off, and you don’t have the one from the basement prepare to have Henry mop the floor with you.

If you have an EMP already, or grab the one next to the fake head of Gloria, you will be presented with a list of options to throw it.

Of you read the unredacted version of the Augments that Victoria supllied you, or the information on the Red Moon, the following options will be available.

“Lob the EMP iver his head just behind him” – This will automatically result in a success, bypassing the random aspect.

Then “Try to knock him out”

If you do not see that option you only shot is:

“Throw the EMP hard at his head” – Doing this will take any points you scored against Henry and give you a 40% chance of success for each. It is possible this is negative resulting in you automatically losng.

Even if you lose, the game will not end, but you will be set back and some items will play slightly differently, so losing is not the end.

Winning awards the Steam Achievement “David vs Goliath”

Climbing up through the window:
A better alternative to the front is that you can choose to climb up the window. This will allow you to find a clue as well as score some extra hits on Henry to wear him down.

When you get to the top you will see Gloria hiding behind the couch. This is a trap so select:

“Take it slow” – This will reveal the trap but will not set it off

Now you can look around. To find the bonus renders select: “Check bedroom”

When you look in the bedroom, the clue notification will display. Below shows where to find the clue.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Now it is time to get eyes on Henry and surprise him. He was expecting you to come from the front.

“Check stairs”

Then when you spot him:

“Flash-bang and then shoot him” – Will improve your chances in your fight against him.

The rest plays out the same as the going through the front.

Taking the hatch:
Going below gives you one extra shot at Henry at the end by taking the EMP.

“Try to take the EMP”

You will then spot Henry.

“Flash-bang and then shoot him” – Will improve your chances in your fight against him.

The Clinic

Once the fight is over, even if Henry beat you, Gloria will stop fighting, revealing her powers. If you won and spared him, this will pay off with both Henry and Gloria.

Seeing her powers, it is now obvious why Baynard is so interested in her. A cure is not, but rather a weapon. This brings up events from your past that you cannot bear to relive. Making a call on the spot to save Gloria, you decide to take her to Katie.

With a temporary truce between you and Henry, the three of you head to Katie’s Clinic.

When you get there, you will see how quickly Katie takes charge and handles the situation. Being a doctor and helping others os her passion and she won’t let a giant killing machine intimidate her.

Henry has a hidden score. This can help reveal more information about him as well as help your relationship with Gloria.

You can help her, or talk with Henry:

“Offer help”

“Sit down” – leads to a possible point with Henry.

If you offer help let the scene play out revealing more information on Gloria.

Otherwise, if you sit down you can get a point with Henry by doing the following:

“She’s important to you” +1 score with Henry.

Once you have concluded the conversation, you need to rest while Gloria stabilizes. Doc offers up an old sofa chair for you and allows Henry to stay downstairs with Gloria.

After Katie falls asleep, you have some choices:

“Try to get some sleep” – Bypasses the events here. For best results it is suggested you look around.

“Go check downstairs” – Allows you to get to know Henry even more as well as another possible score point with him.

“Approach Katie while she sleeps” – Gives the chance to learn some more about Katie’s past.

Go chech downstairs:
If you head downstairs and talk with Henry, this conversation has many parts that change based on your previous choices in the game. You may know a fair bit about him already or very little. This will give you more insight into who he is. Select any options you wish to learn more.

Before going back upstairs you can make some light with a joke to try to break the ice between the two of you.

“Crack a joke” +1 score with Henry

Approach Katie:
You can learn a bit of background on Katie here. Or even lower you dep score slightly.

You can ckeck her photo to see a cute picture of her as a kid and then you can check the data-pad.

“Check the data-pad”

Then you have the following options:

“Check the messages” – Will allow a score point in her next scene


“Sit back down” – 1 dep.

When you decide to sleep, you will wake in the middle of the night with pain in your back from the fight with Henry. This in turn will awaken Katie, who is worried about you.

If you want to advance your relationship with Katie select the following:

“Tease Katie and play up the pain”

This sweet scene between you two will let tou get closer revealing information to both of you, as well as leading to a possible score point with Katie.

Take any options you wish, there are no bad outcomes. When you select the option “Focus on her eyes and lips” you will be presented with a choice, if you read her data-pad.

“He cared for you” +1 score with Katie

Further into the scene, when you kiss her, if your score with her is at least four and her lust is two or higher you will get a small bonus in the scene.

After the scene has played out you will also receive the Steam achievement “Faking it”.

Morning at the Clinic

After the Victoria and Meredith scene you will wake up. Depending on what happened the night before, this can play out differently.

After, you will head downstairs where Gloria is now awake.

Let the conversation play out. The choices you made earlier, especially if you decided to spare Henry in the fight, have a large impact here. If you did spare Henry you are rewarded +1 score with Gloria. Gloria will also be added to your contact list when this plays out.

After Gloria gets up, Katie will offer to get her something to dress in that is more appropriate. At this point, Henry will give you a harsh warning.

“Do what you need to” +1 score with Henry

Currently, he does not trust you and why should he? He only wants to ensure Gloria is healthy and Katie is his option. It is an alliance of necessity at the moment for him.

When Gloria returns, the three of you will head off to a bar around the corner to grab a quick bite to eat and talk things through.

Breakfast and After

At the bar, the three of you will try to come to an understanding with one another. Things can get a bit heated, but Gloria acts as the calming voice, keeping the peace. The discussion will soon be interrupted by a local police bot doing a standard sweep. Afterwards you can continue opening up possible score points with Gloria.

Multiple options will be available.

“Your powers” – Will reveal some insight into her powers, but they are as mysterious to her as they are to you.

“Your family” – After you select this, choose:

  • “Mention her room” +1 score with Gloria

“The dreams” – Talk about you shared dreams. Again, both of you are perplexed as to why this is happening.

“Ellen” – After this either of the following. The second is only available if you took Ellen to the party.

  • She hates your Dad” or “She told me about the first time you met” + 1 score with Gloria

When this is all done, you will give Ellen a call on a separate line and explain the situation as best as you can without getting into much detail. There is also a small fun advertisement for Venus 4.0 you can watch without any game impact.

At the clinic, comething is amiss. If you have started to fall for Katie at this point your emotions will get the of you and Henry will take over the situation, showing why he is a force not to be reckoned with.

You find Katie tied up in the back room. Afrer freeing her, a couple of options become available to you:

“Be understanding” +1 score with Katie


“Be blunt” +1 lust with Katie

When this concludes, you convince Katie she needs to leave her Clinic for her own safety. Something she is not pleased with at all. She will even swear, a rare thing for her.

In the intermediate scene before arriving at Ellen’s loft, you will find out the attackers were under Sonja’s command, but they went to far and she is not happy with how they carried out her orders. Ghost Docs are off limits in her book. Sonja, and most other longtime Ghosts, run by a strict code of conduct which helps them deal with the job they do. Sadly, this code has been lost on most newcomers to the scene.

Ellen’s Loft

Ellen’s place gives you a reprieve from the action and allows things to calm down. Here you will get a better understanding of the dynamics between Henry, Gloria and Ellen.

As soon as you get to Ellen’s, the second hidden clue of the chapter will show up, its location is shown below:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Gloria will ask if she can use Ellen’s equipment:

“Go ahead” +1 score with Gloria

When the horror show is complete, Henry will challenge you to game of pool. Here you two can begin setting aside your differences.

“Want a game?” +1 score with Henry

After the game the three of you will wait on Ellen who ends up being very late. Let the scene play out. Eventually, Ellen will freak out when Gloria shows what she can do. You can give Ellen her space or chase her down. If you want to improve your relationship with Ellen, it is advised you follow after her.

“You’re right” +1 score with Ellen

When you catch up to Ellen, she is angry at the entire situation, and will bring up Victoria. You can play dumb or tell her you know her. Telling her will reward a point.

“Ask her if she means Victoria” +1 score with Ellen.

Go through the other options to learn what Ellen knows of Victoria.

In time, Ellen will regain ger composure and will head back inside to apologize to Gloria and Henry. When this is complete, you decide you need to do some recon on Victoria. Henry does not trust you leaving and the following options will show up.

“Be forceful” -1 score with Henry

“Reason with him” no change

“Call his bluff” +1 score with Henry.

Victoria’s Apartment

Now, you will find Victoria and follow her back to her home. Depending on your relationship with Victoria this scene can play out in extremely different ways.

At this point she can put you under her control, or you can start to turn her into a possible ally.

The final hidden clue, as well as two Steam achievements are also rewarded here.

When you get to her place the following options will be available.

“Break In” – Can improve your relationship with her.


“Sheak from outside” – Almost the same as breaking in but you will have the opportinity to find a hidden render, and learn a bit more information on Victoria.

Finaly, if you’re spellbound by her and had sex with Victoria in Chapter 1:

“Knock” – Can send you on Victoria’s dark path. Sam will ask if you are sure, giving you the ability to change your mind.

Below, we will cover knocking first, sending you on her more antagonistic route, followed by sneaking in from the outside. For breaking in, you can follow the sneak in method, forgoing the hidden clue.

If you knock, Victoria will invite you in and start to seduce you once again. She realizes that things have gone too far and is bringing out all the stops to get you to do her bidding. You can tell her to stop or let her contine.

“Stop this” if your score is three or higher, she will kick you out but begin to second guess what she is doing. Otherwise she will kick you out after you try to reason with her.

“Say nothing” Victoria will continue to seduce you.

Let this play out and you will be presented with more options:

“No” You will refuse her offer and she will kick you out.

“Yes” You accept her offer to get Gloria away from Henry as soon as you possibly can. This also rewards the Steam Achievement “Spellbound”

If you have a dep of one or higher a final choice is available.

“Show me you mean it” – You will accept her offer, and this will lead to a brief lewd scene. It will also reward the “Spellbound” achievement.

Sneak Into Victoria Apartment

Whether you sneak in or break in, you will be rewarded the Steam Achievement, “Break and Enter.”

If you came in from the outside, you will learn a small bit of information she has been hiding from everyone as well as a notification for a hidden clue which can be found below.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Both the sneaking in route and the breaking in route will converge when Victoria confronts you.

A fight will ensue, and if your score is three or higher, she will attempt to kiss you, otherwise she will kick you out. If she does not kick you out, some options will become be available.

“Pull Away” – If you do no want to pursue a romantic relationship with her but still want to keep it platonic. If you did choose in Chapter 3 that you we’re not interested in her in a romantic way you will get an additional option to reverse that.

  • “I did” – Keeps it platonic


  • “I didn’t” +1 score and +1 lust with Victoria and will lead to a very large scene with her.

“Embrace her” – Will start the lewd scene. If you had told in chapter 3 you had no interest in her you will also get +1 lust with Victoria.

This is a very large lewd scene and you can play it however you wish. There is one secret option that can be unlocked if you have either a score of five or a lust of two with Victoria. This happens when she is riding you on her bed. You can select “Ask for something new”. If you meet those requirements she will agree.

Once the scene plays out, you will go, leaving Victoria to question what she has been doing.

Allow the rest of the scenes to play out and contine onto Chapter 5.

Chapter 5

With the group still in hiding, you have gone and spied on Victoria and evetually met with her. How that outcome turned out was up to you and how you have dealt with her. Now that you are out, you can check on others. Including Meredith’s personal home, Katie’s new location, as well as a mysterious caller who claims to be Kay.

The City

As this chapter starts, you will get a call from a mysterious individual who wants to meet. The individual identifies as Kay, Sonja’s A.I.

At this point you have the option if checking a few things. Heading back to Ellen’s loft will end this section and choices you have not done will close off.

You have the following choices: “Visit Meredith’s Home”, “Meet Kay”, “Check on Doc”, and finally to end this part, “Back to Ellen’s”.

If you get a call from Shanlon Russell and you had broken her in Chapter 2 you can do the following:

“Ignore it” – If you did’t break her, that is the end of it and she will not call back. Otherwise she will be persistent and call again.

Again, “Ignore” and she will call back one final time.


If you followed those steps you will get +1 lust with Shanlon, but this only works if you broke her in Chapter 2.

During the call, she is going to begging to see you again. You can respond with:

“You are worthless” +1 lust with Shanlon

If you manage to have a lust of three with Shanlon by this point you will get a little show from her. Of cource since you are driving you will have to end it.

If she was not broken by you in Chapter 2, answering the call will have her demanding you make good on getting her a story.

Meredith’s Home

When you get to Meredith place you will find out she is not home. Instead, Chandra is there.

If you helped Chandra’s friend Abby in Chapter 3 she will also be here, making this event play out very differently if you decided to not help Chandra.

In this guide we will go through the path of helping first.

Chandra and Abby are in the pool out back. Chandra is in the process of trying to make good with her life-long friend after she led her into that dark world.

Depending on how you treated Chandra and if you slept with her in Chapter 3, this can vary on how it plays out. If you were nice to Chandra the following menu option will become available:

“Truth” +1 score with Abby


“Lie” +1 lust with Abby

If you parted in a bad way after rescuing Abby do the following to earn a scope point with her.

“Lie” which will then lead to another menu option.

“Of course” +1 score with Abby

After this, the three of you will head inside. Abby will go take a shower while you and Chandra discuss matters. A clue notification will pop up. Below you can find it.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

If you left Chandra on good terms in Chapter 3 she will agree to help you by funneling anything she hears from her mother to you. After which she will ask for another “favor”.

“I can’t right now” – Will skip the lewd scene.

“Not going to happen, ever”. Will reject Chandra’s sexual advances.

“Fuck it…” will lead into Chandra’s lewd scene.

You can play the lewd scene however you wish.

Whether you skip the lewd scene or not, Abby will eventually come back downstairs. You can offer Abby a ride home as well.

“Offer a Ride” +1 score with Abby

If you did not leave on good terms but still did rescue Abby, it is possible Chandra will kick you out without agreeing to help you. To avoid this, you need a score with Chandra of two or higher or at least a score with Abby of one or higher.

If you never hepled Chandra in Chapter 3 things play out drastically different.

You will see Chandra sitting alone on her couch about to indulge in some Green Cinder, the new drug of choice.

“Do nothing” – will send Chandra further down her dark path. You can also watch or jist leave. Either will end this event.

“Rap on the window” – will stop her from taking the drug.

The two of you will get into a heated exchange. She will help you, but only if you take care of the dealer that took advantage of Abby. Select “Yes” to agree or you can continue to brush her off.

Meet With Kay

If you decide to go meet with Kay you will soon realize she is not an AI after all but fully fresh and blood.

If you did the VR simulation in Chapter 1 you should recognize her. She certainly will know you.

She is trying to get a better understanding of why you have gone rogue. She cares for Sonja, and in turn since Sonja cares for you, she wants to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

You will get the following choices:

“Brush her off”


“Tell her” – You won’t discuss things in detail but give her some insight into your reasoning.

Allow the conversation to continue until the two of you decide to part ways.

When you get back to the car, Sam will ask if you admire the fact that Sonja takes the Ghost Code so seriously.

“Yes” – Will help your relationship with Sonja further into the game.

“Not” – Will cause friction between the two of you.

Katie’s Hotel

Upon arriving at Katie’s new location, you will be treated with a little show before she gets ready. When she finally lets you inside, another clue will be available.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

If you have a score of at least three, this scene will be expanded allowing you to talk with her more.

You can offer to grab her something, the choices are “Banchan” or “Medical Supplies”. You can select either.

If you managed to get a score of four or higher with Katie you can hug or kiss her.

“Hug Her” +1 score with Katie

“Kiss her” +1 lust with Katie

After, you will have to head back out into the city.

Back At Ellen’s

When you get back to the location of Ellen’s loft, she will be waiting for you by the entrance. If you decided to ally yourself with Victoria by accepting her plan, Ellen will pick up that are acting strangely and that something is amiss resulting in a –1 score with Ellen.

After you talk near the entrance, Ellen suggests going to her van so that you two do not disturb Henry and Gloria.

If you have a score lower than one with Ellen, she will tell you to sleep on the couch while she sleeps up front ending this event. Otherwise continue on.

The two of you have known each other a while and talk about some of your past exploits. During the conversation Ellen will offer you a drink.

“Ah, fuck it, pass it over” – Drinking will alter how some of this scene plays out as well as have effects in the future.


“No thanks” – Stay sober. This won’t affect your relationship with Ellen.

The two of you will continue talking about the past with Ellen brining up some embarrassing moments with you.

If you have a score of two or higher at this point a possible lewd scene will start. Otherwise, Ellen will feel she has already had too much to drink and will call it a night.

If the scene continues, Ellen will come out in a bikini while being heavily intoxocated. After a little awkard dance, you will have the option to continue with her or end it. There are some choices here that can play out in the long run.

Choosing “Continue” will start the lewd scene. If you decide not to go through with it, select “Tell her to stop” which will lead to reasons why.

If you had a romantic moment with Katie in Chapter 4 or you had sex with Victoria on her nice path in Chapter 4, you can say “I may have met someone”.

You then can select either Katie or Victoria. This can help you secure a romantic path with either of those characters.

If you are not comfortable dropping that yet it would be best to keep your relationship with Ellen intact by selecting:

“You’re drunk” +1 score with Ellen.

If you decide to continue on with the scene there are various option in it.

If you decide to have Ellen call you something other than you normal name there is one secret. If you choose “Daddy” or “Papa” she will tell you off and demand you pick something different. Doing this also unlocks the Steam Achievement “Call me Maybe”

The other secret in this scene is when she is on top of you if you have a score a three or higher you will have the option to kiss her. She will be baffled at first by this but will accept it. +1 score with Ellen.

You can play out the rest f the scene how you would like.

Gloria’s Dream

When you go to sleep in Ellen’s van, at some point during the night you will awake. Only to find yourself in a strange shared dream with Gloria.

You can earn multiple points with Gloria here. It is something very personal for her, allowing you to learn more about her past, even if cryptic.

When the dream sequence starts, it is a good idea to go along with it at the beginning. The first choices are as follows:

“I would’t miss this” continue on a more accurate portrayal of a past event.


“What are you talking about” – You are breaking away from her control of the dream and hence the actual past event that it is from.

She will lead you to her room. When she gets to the door another choice will be presented:

“Of course” – Againg this will continue on a more accurate portrayal of a past event.


“How are we here?” – You are still acting more of your own free will.

When you get inside Gloria will ask you to turn around you will look towards her dresser where a clue can be found:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

While waiting for Gloria to change you can do one of the three options:

“Stare at the poster” +1 score with Gloria


“Stare at Donut” – Will not give any points but will come up later in the chapter, allowing a possible bonus score.


“Turn around” +1 lust with Gloria

When you turn around Gloria has undressed and is waiting for you. More options will be available:

“This isn’t real” +1 score with Gloria and will end the dream when she realizes it is you who is sharing her dream. If you have a score of three or more with her, she will explain a bit more before it ends.

“Kiss her” +1 lust with Gloria but you risk losing a score point.

If the scene continues, things are starting to get very personal for her, so be careful.

“Keep going” -1 score with Gloria


“This isn’t right” Gloria will now kick you out of her dream realizing the other person in the dream is you. If you have a score of three or more with her, she will explain a bit more before it ends.

The Morning

In the morning you will have a chance to talk with Gloria about your strange shared experience. Careful not to take things too far. Any chance at a relationship with Gloria will take time and a lot of trust.

Ellen will wake you up and you will head back to the loft. Depending on past choices this conversation can go many different ways, but let it play out and you will meet up with Gloria. She is trying to hone her skills at the pool table when you interrupt her.

You can play it safe in your first dialogue with her by selecting:

“No idea” +1 score with Gloria.

Or you can try to push things. Make sure you meet the following requirements before doing this. First, you did not accept Victoria’s more devious offer in Chapter 4. Next you need a score of at least three unless you looked at her stuffed bear, Donut in the dream, then you only need a score of two.

If you meet these requirements select the following:

“Comfort her” – If you looked at Donut you will get +1 score with Gloria


“Grab her waist” +1 lust with Gloria and you will move onto the next section of the story.

If you try to take things further or do not meet the requirements she will blast you across the room. If you tried to explore without meeting the above criteria, not only do you get blasted across the room you will also suffer a -1 score and a -1 lust with Gloria as well prevent another scene with her in this chapter. This will also hurt your score with Katie in the next Chapter.

After a brief scene from other character’s perspectives, you and Gloria will go out to grab breakfast for the others. Unless Gloria is very mad at you, then you will go visit Henry in the tunnels.

Grabbing Breakfast

When you get breakfast with Gloria, things loosen up a little and you start to see her acting naturally.

If you want to improve your relationship with Gloria in the first dialogue option here select:

“Hipsters love brunch” +1 score with Gloria

Let the rest of the scene play out. Near the end of it you will pass a homeless mother and her child. Gloria will attempt to give them some food. You have two options here which will both take effect in Book Two.

Henry and Dark Waters

Henry has been searching around Ellen’s place looking for escape routes and points of entry to help secure the location.

If your score is two or higher and you had a meaningful discussion with Victoria, then select the following to become more friendly with Henry:

“Tell him of Victoria” +1 score with Henry

If your score is lower that two, then you can select the following to help improve that:

“That won’t work” +1 score with Henry

After your discussion with Henry, you will head back to Ellen and Gloria. On your way up you will notice a police bot coming down the hallway. The jig is up. Sonja, Tex and the rest of the Vostok crew are coming.

A fight will ensue. Once it is over you have the option to leave Sonja or “Put her on the bed”. It is the small things that count. You will get a +1 score with Sonja next chapter for choosing this.

The entire group will try to escape via the subway tunnels. Unfortunately, something much deadlier awaits you there.

Continue though the game until you reach Chapter 6.

Chapter 6

Broken and beaten, you head to the only place you know that is safe, The Stairway to Heaven. Just hopefully Betty will be welcoming.

Ellen missing or possibly worse, Henry beaten down, and Gloria passed out from her powers, you head through the streets while the rioting intensifies.

Stairway to Heaven

On your way to the Stairway, Henry and you solemnly walk through the streets. He will try to make some light on the situation by making a joke.

“No jokes, not right now” – Later this can come up to get a possible point with Henry.

“Probably” – Will bypass this.

After you get to Betty’s place, allow the scene to unfold. You will eventually take Gloria to the back room to rest on a sofa. When you do, Henry will pass out from the damage he took to his limiter in the fight with the Red Moon.

You will be presented with a few options to check a locker to get the needed medical supplies. These choices are not critical so gave fun with it and select “left“, “center“, then “right“.

After this is over, Betty lets you know there is nothing further she can do for Henry and that you will need a doctor to treat him. You just happen to know a pretty good one.

Betty will send Venus out to get Katie while the four of you wait. Let this play out and wait for Katie to arrive.

Continue to the next section to get a better understanding of all choices available to you. A lot can happen in this chapter.

Stairway: Choices

There are a number of different options here that you can take in almost any order you want. The first three are listed on the right of this page.

The next page will feature the Katie and Henry event as well as the two events it can lead into.

After that, there is a page to discuss the events that happen when you check your room and then finally checking on Gloria after she is awake.

“Check on Gloria” – Moves into a discussion with Venus about Gloria. Venus is still very new and doesn’t understand how people react under certain conditions. You have two options:

  • “Hopefully” – You do now warn Venus and Gloria will end up breaking her. From that point on Venus will sometimes malfunction. This will lead to an achievement.


  • “May want to ease back” – Venus will not be so aggressively friendly to Gloria which will prevent Gloria from breaking her.

“Check Lockers” – Checking these lockers will give you access to an old encrypted data disk that Sam can decipher later. This leads to a bonus lewd scene in this chapter. There is also a hidden clue found here:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough
Note: this option in only available in Gloria’s room while she is asleep

“Talk to Betty” – When you talk to Betty she will give you a key-card. You can then do the “Check your room” option.

Stairway: Henry and Katie

“Talk to Katie and Henry” – During your initial discussion, if you got angry with Henry about his quip earlier in the way here, you will receive +1 score with Henry. You can either ask Katie if she needs help or talk to Henry. The choice is yours. Either option will lead to different scenes but both have same benefit. If you have a score of four with Katie at this point you should take “Talk to Henry” option since it will up your score to five which you will need.

“Need help?” – You will take over watching the monitor while Katie adjusts his limiter. While doing this Henry will get sick all over you, forcing you to leave and clean up. This will reward the Steam Achievement “Ewww”.


“Talk to Henry” – You start talking to Henry and against Katie’s wishes he begins talking messing up her scans which in turn makes him get sick on her. This forces her to go clean up. You will have the option to go and check on her after this with “Check on Katie” option.

If Henry got sick on you, you will find yourself down in the changing area getting cleaned up. If you have a score with Katie of three or higher, she will come down to check on you. You have two choices here. Neither has a negative impact. If you want a small romantic interlude select “Let her approach”.

With both of these options, if you have a score with Henry of four or higher this will in turn reward you a +1 lust with Katie when you make a joke involving him.

If it was Katie that had to go get cleaned up you can now check on her by choosing “Check on Katie”

When you head down, you will get a small monologue from Katie as she talks to herself. When you get there, if your score with Katie is three or higher, you will be presented with two options:

“Enter” – You will join Katie in the changing room and have a small romantic moment. This also results in a +1 score with Katie. If you have five with Katie by this point you are in good shape.


“Keep is friendly” if you do not wish to pursue a romantic relationship with Katie you can select this.

Stairway: Your Room

When you get to your room you will take a seat and ask Sam if he has anything for you. He lets you know that he has some recent footage from Victoria’s apartment that you can view.

Note: There is a secret scene located here which will be outlined at the end of this section.

If you had sex with Venus back in Chapter 3, she will knock on your door and ask if you require company.

“Go back and keep an eye on her” – Will have Venus leave and let you watch the video alone.


“Sure, come in” – You wil watch the video with Venus.

If Venus joins you and you have a dep of at least one, she offers her “services”. Otherwise, in your current state, you ask her to leave.

If you select to use her services, say “Yes” to start the scene. Near the beginning of the scene you have the option to pretend she is Victoria by selecting “Pretend she is Victoria” or just have Venus behave normally by selecting “Just use Venus”. Each scene is completely different.

Play either scene out how you wish.

If Venus does not join you, or you ask her to leave, you can watch the video. You can also decide that the video is too personal and shut it off.

For the secret scene:

If you searched the lockers and found the data disk, Sam will let you know that he has decrypted it and that it is a VR program that could help cheer you up. He will only do this if Venus does not join you.

If you say yes you will be treated to a VR scene. You can play this however you wish and if you go through the entire thing you will receive the Steam Achievement “Have we met before”.

Stairway: Ending Things

If you checked on Gloria earlier there will be an option to “Check on Gloria again”. Select this to get a new scene. This scene plays out two ways. If you did not tell Venus to ease up, Gloria will blast her against a wall breaking her.

Allow either scene to play out. You will have a choice between “Question her powers” or “Tell her about the Red Moon”. Select whichever one you feel is appropriate.

After this you have three new options:

“Tell her, but leave out her involvement” – You explain what happened but don’t mention it was her that hurt Ellen. This will come up again in Book Two.


“Tell her everything” – Explain everything to Gloria, including her involvement in hurting Ellen. This will come up again in Book Two.


“Lie to her” – Gloria will know you are lying and you will get -1 score with Gloria.

After this, Gloria needs time to herself. If you have done everything else you can now “Go to Sleep”.

Stairway: Morning

In the morning you will be wakened by Venus. If you had to repair Venus because Gloria knocked her into the wall you will see her malfunction for the first time here. This will reward you the Steam Achievements “Glitched”.

You will then head downstairs to meet with Betty. She will set you and Henry up on a task. Allow this scene to play out.

Next, Katie and Gloria will have a discussion. You do not have any choices here, but previous choices have impact. In fact, if you made Glodia angry the morning after her dream sequence, she will tell Katie about this. That in turn will anger Katie. If Katie has a score of five or higher it has even more impact giving a -2 score with Katie, otherwise it will be a -1 score with Katie.

The Mission

Now, Henry and you head out on your mission for Betty. Here, the two of you start becoming accustomed to each other.

To start, you will discuss the Bolters. Henry, in his own way, feels some symoathy for them. To get another point with Henry do the following:


Followed by:

“Agree” +1 score with Henry

Once you are inside you can check the “Near door”, the “Cell door” or the “Far door”.

You can do this however you wish, but if you want another addition to the gallery check the Cell door first. The clue is located in the circle below:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Remaining are choices of the Near door of Far door. If you want to burst in select the far door. Otherwise select the near door.

If you select the near door, confirm it by selecting “Go inside”.

When inside, you will see a Bolter talking with someone. You can let this play out by selecting “Wait and Watch”.

At a certain point, the girl will take a theatening postire and Henry will intervene. This will lead to a stanoff between you and the Bolter. You need to talk her down.

A series of options will show up. She needs to be calmed down and reasoned with. You will be able to tell if things are improving by the expression on her face.

There are many ways to have her back down. This is one way:

  1. “Ask her name”
  2. “Calm her”
  3. “Why are you alone” followed by “Need better friends”
  4. “Threaten her with Henry”

If you are successful you will earn the Steam Achievement “Stay Calm”.

After this scene, you will see a scene between Ellen and Victoria. If you kissed Ellen, but had also slept with Victoria, Victoria will tell her about this. If you slept with Victoria three different times that will realy anger Ellen, resulting in a -2 score with her. Otherwise you will get a -1 score with Ellen. If you refused all Victoria advances you will get a +1 score with Ellen.

If you told Ellen in Chapter 5 thet you liked someone else and selected Victoria, Ellen will put it together at this point. This results in a +1 score with Victoria.

The negative points can be repaired and leads to some different outcomes so don’t just go by the score here.

The Evening

Upon returning, you will be greeted by the rest of the group. You will discuss the new game plan on how to get out of this mess. By the end, everyone ends up getting angry with each other and yoi head yo the roof.

If you have a score with Katie of five of higher, she will come up to see how you are doing. If your score is just shy of meeting the requirements with her yoi will have a chance here to repair that. This in onlu available if your score is four or lower,

“Look at her silently” +1 score with Katie

If you now have a score of at least five a new option will appear. To continue your relationship with Katie do the following:


Then followed by:


This will lead into your first real lewd scene with Katie. Depending on your lusst with Katie new options will be available. There is also the choice to have Katie talk a bit dirtier to you. This is optional, so if you would like her to stay sweet you can keep it that way, or you can have her be a bit spicier. The option for this will show up when she is grinding on you. It can also show up when she is giving you a handjob, but for that one you need a lust with her of at least three.

There is a trick, though. When Katie is grinding on you, you can say:

“I’d like that” +1 lust with Katie if it is currently unred five. This is what will also gave her talk dirtier.

Then if you now have a lust of three of higher, you can do the handjob and do the same thing:

“I’d like that” +1 lust with Katie if it is currently under five. This is what will also have her talk dirtier.

At the end it is possible the scene will go a second round with more options. In order for this to happen you need a lust of four or have told Ellen it is Katie you like.

After the scene, when you get back into bed with her the last clue for the chapter will show up:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Allow the rest of the Chapter to unfold and then continue onto Chapter 7.

Chapter 7

In the final chapter of Book One things will come to a head. Gloria now knows Ellen is still alive. You and Henry may have a possible escape plan. The issue is, accomplishing that could very well be a suicide mission.

Late at Night

You will wake up in the middle of the night after another nightmare from your past. If you slept with Latie at the end of Chapter 6, she will be lying next to you.

If Katie is not with you and you accepted Victoria’s offer, you can try to do that now by selecting:

“Enact Victoria’s plan” – Try to kidnap Gloria.

If you cannot follow through with it, select:

“Just take a small walk” – Will have a conversation with Betty.

If you try to kidnap Gloria, follow through the scene and head to the next section.

If you slept with Katie, you can again go another round, though this is a harder scene to get, The minimum requirements are either telling Ellen you like Katie or she has a lust of at least six. You can earn another lust point just before this if you are a point shy.

You have two choices here. “Tell her” or “Hold off”

Select “Tell her” only if you mentioned way back in chapter ine that you were getting drinks with Victoria. If you did not sleep with Victoria back then you will get +1 lust with Katie. Otherwise select:

“Partial Truth” +1 lust with Katie.

If you never talked about Victoria do the following:

“Hold off” followed by:

“Tell her about Sonja” +1 lust with Katie

After this, if your lust with Katie is six or higher, you will get another scene with Katie. This unlocks the Steam Achievement “True Love”.

After, you can go for a small walk and talk with Betty or try to kidnap Gloria if you accepted Victoria’s plan. Doing that will reward the Steam Achievement “Diabolical”.

Morning Prep

In the morning, you find out Gloria has left. If you tried to kidnap her, you will hide exactly what happened, though Henry will not trust you. The next few scenes have no choices until you are outside with Henry, but these next couple of scenes can very greatly by the choices you have made.

First is the realization that Gloria is gone. You will argue with Henry on what you should do to find her. After that, there is another Victoria and Ellen scene which can play out in a few distinct ways.

After the scene with Ellen and Victoria, you agree that it is possible Gloria went to the hospital to find Ellen. Going on slim chances, you take the risk.

Before you leave, you may have the opportunity to talk with Henry if you have a score of four or higher with him. He will briefly discuss his time in the war. You can “Pry”, and if you have a score of five or higher, he will tell you of the horrors that he was part of. This reveals a lot of his dark past and the shame he carries with him.

After he talks about the war in Japan in much more detail, you will acquire the Steam Achievement “A Few Dozen”.

Baynard Hospital

When you get to the hospital, the Bolter girl Sasha is also there, for an entirely different reason. Her friend will point out who you are, giving Sasha an idea for what she thinks could be an easy score.

Once this has played out, you will enter the hospital and will have a few choices on where to go.

You can choose to head straight up to the hospital wards to find Ellen or you can search around. The order is not exact, but you can do it the following way.

“Head to Research” – You will get here and realize that you are locked out and need to find another way in.

Now select “Head to Operations”

Again, the door is locked, but there is a way to get past it, but it will require Katie’s help. She does not like confined spaces so a good score is required here.

If your score is three or higher select:

I know you’re scared” – She will agree to open the door.

If you do not see that option it means your score is lower than three. You still have a shot if you have a score of four.

Select “We are counting on you” then follow that up with “I know you’re scared” If you score is under three you will get +1 score with Katie, and she will open the door.

Once inside the first clue of the chapter will pop up:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Once you have gone through operations you can head back to research with the key card.

When you get inside the second clue will show up:

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

Once inside, if you slept with Katie in chapter 6, you have the option to get another lust point here. You can get it by doing the following:

“I have another idea”

Then follow up with:

“You’re Cute”

After searching a little longer, you will come across a substance called Nano fluid. Take that and move onto the upper wards.


Amazingly this is the first time Katie and Ellen have met. Katie has heard of Ellen a few times. Ellen has absolutely no clue who Katie is, so this ends up being a little awkward for them.

As you are getting Ellen ready so you can head out you can comment on the dress they have her wear. Which happens to be one of Victoria’s.

“Going enough” To play it safe.

“Dam, that’s hot” -1 score with Katie.

“You should dress that way more often” +1 score with Ellen and also lets her know maybe that style of dress is not so bad on her.

Ellen is still partially paralyzed, so Henry will carry her out. You will head back to the Stairway with Ellen, but sans Gloria.

After returning to the Stairway with Ellen new safe, you decide you need yo head back to your own apartment to get more supplies in order to deal with the Red Moon.

Your Apartment

When you head back to your place you will realize that you are being followed by the Bolter girl Sasha. You are not sure how ling she has been following you.

You will head inside and get the equipment you need. There is a chance that Victoria will show up here. First, for this guide we will cover what to do with Sasha and then explore what happens if Victoria happens to show up.

Sasha will be a character that will be explored more in Book Two. If you want to help with that you can start here.

“We will lose her on the road” – Will have you act like you don’t realize she is there and then lose her on the road.

Or you can get a bit more involved:

“Confront her” – Will lead to a few other items.

First if you do not know her name, she will let you know it. Next you will have another choice:

“Help her up” +1 score with Sasha


“Leave her on the floor” +1 dep

After your encounter with her you will head out.

In order for Victoria to show up there are a few items that need to be met.

The harder one is if you agreed to bring Gloria in. For this you need to have kept the bug on at the end of Chapter 3 and you had to accept her offer in Chapter 4.

The other is on her more respectable path. There are a few ways this can happen. If you left the bug on and you also have a score of four or higher, she will show up. If you decided to turn the bug off, it becomes slightly harder. You need to have a score of at least five or have told Ellen you liked her in Chapter 5.

If she shows up and you accepted her plan, she will tell you a “story”. You can have her tell it by saying “Yes”, or skip it by choosing “Just get to the point”.

If she tells you everything you will get the Steam Achievement “Negotiations”.

Then, more options will show up. Careful here, since your choices will have a large impact on the end of the game.

“Ask her to leave” – Play it safe and have her leave.


“Get Angry”

If you get angry you can back out by selecting “Apologize” or you can take things too far.

“Hit her” +1 dep and -2 score with Victoria and you will never get the chance to strike her. Instead the Red Moon will stop you and proceed to beat you down and destroy the gear you came here to get.

Your Apartment continued…

If Victoria shows up on her more respectable path, she will divulge information in order to help you find Gloria. At this point she is beginning to work against Meredith in slight ways.

If you did tell her in Chapter 3 that you were not attracted to ger, she will leave, keeping the scene platonic. Otherwise, she has come for other “reasons”.

To initiate the scene, select “Move closer to her”.

There are a few items in this scene to be aware of.

When you have the option “Let her pleasure you”, or “Pleasure her instead”. Choosing “Pleasure her instead”, first will reward you with +1 lust with Victoria.

Next, of you have a dep of one or higher you can select “Force yourself in harder” this is not something she appreciates and you will suffer a -1 lust with Victoria.

There is also one part of this scene that can be hard to acquire. If you have a lust of two or a score of six you can do anal.

If you do this and follow through till the end, you will be rewarded the Steam Achievement “Dear Lord”.

Once the scene is over, Victoria will leave and you can then deal with the Bolter Girl how you wish, as discussed earlier.


As soon as you leave your apartment you get a call from Chandra. She has information for you. If you halped her before she wants you to meet her and Abby at a nearby cafe for brunch. Otherwise she will hastily give you the information on the phone and demand you deal with the guys that hurt Abby.

Select “On my way” to go meet them.

When you arrive, you will be presented with the last clue of this Chapter and Book.

City of Broken Dreamers: Book one Official Walkthrough

By just showing up you will get a +1 score with Chandra.

Later in the conversation you can talk to Abby about Gloria. You can earn a score point with Abby by choosing the following:

“A girl like you” +1 score with Abby.


When you return, Glenn is using the information you supplied to help track Gloria down. Though, he still needs time to find her, making Henry more agitated.

Katie will let you know that Ellen has been pretty upset and they have her in the same room that Gloria was staying in. You can choose to “Wait”, or go “Check on Ellen”.

If you choose to see Ellen, some of your choices will be dictated by previous decisions in the game.

If you followed Ellen outside her loft in Chapter 4 but played dumb about knowing Victoria, she will not be very happy with you. Select:

“I didn’t want you to know” +1 score with Ellen.

Next, if you had sex with Victoria, Ellen knows this from a discussion she had with her. Careful with your responses here. Review the following:

“She is not what you think” – If you have a score of five or higher with Victoria, you can make your case properly, giving a +1 score and +1 lust with Ellen. Otherwise, Ellen will not buy it, resulting a -1 score with Ellen and being kicked out.

The others choice is:

“I couldn’t resist her” – that will lead to the following:

  • “Charms” -1 score with Ellen and you will be kicked out


  • “The high class” +1 lust with Ellen will accept your honesty and the scene can continue.

If you didn’t have sex with Victoria, you will be rewarded +1 score and +1 lust with Ellen.

At this point if you did have sex with Victoria but Ellen is still willing you can do the following:

“Flirt, but drop talk of Victoria” – Continues the scene but you do not talk about Victoria


“Flirt with her about Victoria” – Tease her about Victoria. This will have impact in Book Two.


“Go check on Betty” – End the scene and go back to the others.

There are some points to gain and an achievement as well in this scene.

To get some more lust when you are exploring her, select:

“Pinch” +1 lust with Ellen.

For the achievement, when she is flipped over on her belly and you have a lust of two or higher, you can “Suggest something more”. This will lead into a new section of the scene and award the Steam Achievement “Pillow Talk”.

After the scene with Ellen you will head back to the rest of the group. Allow the rest to play out to reach the end of Book One.

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