Monster Girl 1,000 – All Games Shroom Trivia Answers

All the answers in Monster Girl 1,000 game for the trivia machine at the Games Shroom in Little Shroom City. I’m not 100% certain I have them all here, but I farmed a few hundred SP and I haven’t seen any that aren’t here.

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Real-world questions

Questions that could realistically come up outside the context of MG1000

Square root of 16: 4 or -4
Atmospheric oxygen percentage: 21%
Job to do with maps: Cartographer
Longest word with the top row of QWERTY keyboard: proprietory (I don’t think that’s spelled right, but that’s the answer the game wants ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Total of the numbers on a roulette wheel: 666
Flamingo’s coloration: Shrimp
Horse-like animal: Zebra
Metal that is liquid at room temperature: Mercury

NPCs Questions

Questions about NPCs in the game.

Mimi EX’s special ability: Two-Fold Funeral
Sybil’s class: Berserker
L’ightning Orchid’s title: Blade of Justice
Her rank: 4
Her sisters: Three (fire, earth, void)
How many swords does Juggernaut have: 8
Who invented Machina X robots: ZAP
Francis’ second name: Helz
What type of monster girl is Francesca: Reindeertaur
#1 ranked hunter: Tamamo-no-Mae
Where is the Grand Magus from: the Blood Desert
Slime God’s ability: Duplication and combination
Princess of the Wood Elves: Emilia

MG1000’s world Questions 

Questions about the world of MG1000.

Three largest continents: Maine, Elysian, Calamity
Quarters of the Elysian continent: South, Central, Blood, Calamity
The main religion of the Elysian continent: Elysian church
What monster girl doesn’t exist: Bunny girls (how does the machine see into Mistral Village to learn training arena Mimi’s special ability, but doesn’t know bunny girls still exist there?)
How long are cat girls in heat: 7 days
Which monster girl is the tightest: elves
How many legs does a Sleipnir have: 8
What do they call the event where an asteroid hit the moon: The Great Splintering

Your travels Questions 

Questions about the story so far (again, how does the machine know these?)

The first monsters you fought in the game: Manti and Bolbat
Where you first had sex with Bessie: Elven kingdom
Where you first had sex with Ray: Magic Weavers

Game mechanics Questions 

Highest damage attack: Ultima Fury
Lowest damage attack: Full Break
Heals the most: Pulse of Life
Strongest damage buff: Bravery + 1 Cheer
Weakest damage buff: Berserk + Cheer
Most expensive item: Elixir
Least expensive item: Remedy
Item that cures confusion: Eye drops
Item that cures Zombie: Holy water
What is a blanco drip weak to: Fire
What does Doom do: Instant death when the status expires
How does Poison work: Power 2 damage, plus 1% of current HP
The only status that works differently for the party compared to enemies: Toxic

That’s all. Have fun! Source

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