Complete Walkthrough – Scott Whiskers in: the Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw

This is a complete walkthrough of “Scott Whiskers in: the Search for Mr. Fumbleclaw”. Please only use it if you REALLY REALLY can’t get any further in the game. 😉


Start by answering your cell phone and talking briefly to Mary.
Now it’s time to help Scott leave his apartment. First, look under the comforter, collect the door handle and put it back on the door.
Next, take a look in Scott’s bathroom, lift the toilet lid, flush the toilet and insert the wet bus ticket.
You can dry the ticket with the microwave.
Voila – now you can leave Scott’s apartment and take the bus to the shelter and the first chapter of the game begins.

Chapter 1 – “Investigations”

Mary has some work for you at the animal shelter: you have to mop the floor and feed the cats.
Nothing could be easier! Collect the cat food on the floor and the tranquilizer darts in the hallway. Then take a look in the storeroom. Here you’ll find a hammer and a broom to takeaway.
Use the broom to clean the two dirt stains in the hallway – and put the cat food in the food bowl in
the cat room. Don’t forget to take the rubber bone in the cat room with you. That’s your job done.
Time to take a closer look at Mary’s office. Take
the spider and the pack of headache tablets with you and use the “Cat wanted” flyer. This will tell you there’s a cat in need: Mr. Fumbleclaw is missing!
Speak briefly to Mary and find out that your further journey will take you to the estate of the illustrious Longbottom family. Take the bus and set off!

Unfortunately, the gate to the estate is guarded by a cross-dangerous monster: Lord Longbottom’s Chihuahua. Fortunately, he’s not very clever and can easily be distracted with the rubber bone. As is proper etiquette, however, you should first use the intercom to announce yourself – but this goes badly wrong. Good for you, bad for the intercom. Now the way is clear. Open the gate and take the path to the estate.

In the manor, give Butler Rhumstone the “Cat wanted” flyer and then run into the living room to Lady Longbottom.

However, Lady Longbottom has had a hard day of social engagements and will only speak to you after you have given her the headache pills.
Talk to the lady now. And find out that Mr. Fumbleclaw has disappeared after a visit to Ricky the groomer. Before you make your way to Ricky’s, there are a few things you can do in the manor.

First collect the make-up case in the living room – and then go upstairs and enter Susie Longbottom’s nursery. The little girl is a little crazy and is working on a monster horror movie to turn her poor hamster Mr. Snuggels into a monster. Unfortunately, you can’t help the poor hamster at the moment. Wait until Susie leaves the room and then collect the plush cat on the cupboard. Then go into the room next door and visit Lord Longbottom.

You can now take the blowpipe in Lord Longbottom’s study. Then talk to the Lord – and find out that he is looking for the telephone number of an expert on North American natives. However, this will only become relevant a little later.

Now it’s time to pay Ricky the groomer a visit.

Talk to Ricky and find out that he recently sent a package of flea combs in the post.
Then examine the surveillance camera and talk to Ricky again. He now tells you that the recordings from the camera are stored at the nearby police station.
Before you make your way to the police station, collect the wooden board leaning against the wall of the house. There are also a pair of scissors and a hamster wheel to collect in Ricky’s store. And some change on the plate in the toilet.
Now off to the police station.

On the street in front of the police station, examine the garbage can and receive a can of brown spray paint as a reward. Armed with the can of spray paint, we return to the Longbottom estate. More precisely, to Susie’s room. Time to rescue the hamster!
How do you do it? By replacing the hamster with the spider as soon as Susie leaves the room. But don’t forget to color the spider brown with the spray can first! After a short sequence and a very enthusiastic Susie, you can offer Mr. Snuggels a safe home in your infinitely deep trouser pocket. And now back to the police station to get the surveillance footage from the camera outside Ricky’s store…

Unfortunately, Constable Smith can’t be persuaded to let you into the station. Time to use brute force!
Open the window, leave the station, load the blowpipe with a tranquilizer dart and send the eager officer to the land of dreams.
But you can’t get into the station just yet. Not without the code for the door lock: 1208 or 0812

Collect the Polaroid camera in the passageway behind the door. If you want, you can now charge the camera with the charging cable in Scott’s apartment.

Next, visit Inspector Craddock and talk to him. He will tell you about an anonymous “SHERLOCK” hotline for crime tips.
Then try to talk to the officer behind the door at the end of the corridor through the intercom in the passageway. Simply try all the passwords on offer – and in the end you will be granted entry.

Captain Paulie is willing to grant you access to the surveillance footage if you can produce the A38 release form signed by Inspector Craddock. The form is in Inspector Craddock’s office – but the inspector is not prepared to let you simply collect it. It doesn’t help – the inspector has to leave! Away from the room. Nothing could be simpler…
Use your loose change with the phone booth outside the station and fake a call to the anonymous SHERLOCK hotline and submit a tip about a nasty crime. The eager inspector will of course take care of it immediately, and the way is clear to collect the form and pen in Inspector Craddock’s office. Use the pen with the form and sign as Inspector Craddock.

Surprisingly, Captain Paulie accepts the form you have signed, but is not yet ready to show you the CCTV footage. He first asks you to do him a small favor. He wants you to use the directional microphone, which you can collect from Captain Paulie, to make a few recordings on the subject of “The Upper Ten Thousand”.
However, the microphone is – how could it be otherwise – still defective. An essential component is missing. A component that you have with you! Collect the screwdriver in Captain Paulie’s windowless room and use it with the broken intercom. You will receive a “Chip 888” – which you immediately combine with the microphone. Now it’s time to make the desired recordings.

You can get the recordings for the topic “The upper ten thousand” by using the microphone three times with the glass panes of the outer facade of Lord Longbottom’s estate.

And now that you are at the Longbottom estate, go to the top floor and use the scissors with the black curtains on the window. You won’t need them until quite a while later.

Take the bus back to Captain Paulie and show him the footage. He is very impressed and you finally get to see the surveillance footage outside Ricky’s store. Examine the box with cat ears on the recording – and now it’s clear how Mr. Fumbleclaw disappeared. In the post office car!
Captain Paulie gives you the tip to ask Johnny at the post office for the route of the post car. Your next stop is therefore: the post office!

First collect the strong adhesive tape at the post office and then talk to Johnny. He is a little desperate, however, because his colleague Michael has put a password on the computer at the post office. A password that the evil Michael has probably written on some package to annoy Johnny.
Mmhh, maybe on one of the parcels in the mail van that Mr. Fumbleclaw was “shipped” in? Back to Captain Paulie and after another look at the surveillance tapes, this theory is confirmed. The password was scribbled on the package in front of the TV box.

Johnny is very grateful to you – but also very much in your way. He’s not prepared to tell you the route of the Postbus, so you’ll have to look it up on the computer yourself. And to do that, talk to Johnny and tell him that you want to pick up a parcel. Then use the computer! Now you know the entire route of the Postbus and many more waypoints open up on the map. Time for the next chapter!

Chapter 2 – “Show business”

The best place to start is Alfredo’s pizzeria. Collect the wooden board on the side of the road and fill the pen with the puddle of engine oil on the right-hand side of the road. You can now combine the two wooden boards with the strong adhesive tape in the inventory to get a long, double wooden board. Then we’ll need that right away…off to the broken bridge that leads to the movie set!

When you reach the bridge, take the stone chisel from the toolbox and bridge the hole in the bridge with the double wooden plank. To dispel Scott’s doubts, paint over the “Road Closed” sign with the brown paint from your spray can and the way to the other side is clear. But first we need one more little thing. Off to university!

After a purely informative conversation with the head in the jar (I think it’s the programmer of this game), take the experimental high-performance generator and take the bus back to the film set.

The backstage area of the film set contains a decrepit power generator which has unfortunately given up the ghost. Creativity is now required to supply the movie set with electricity again. But before you get creative, take the employee ID card and the funny glasses with beard from the box. And now back to creativity.

First, replace the old power generator with the high-performance power generator from the university. What is still missing is a power source. No easier than that! The green future of power generation is called “hamster power”! Attach the hamster wheel to the generator and place Mr. Snuggels in it. Now the movie set has power again and director Pollock has one less problem. Now go to the movie set itself and marvel at how a cheap romantic horror western is being made.

Talk to Pollock and find out that four things are still preventing filming from starting: his star Clint refuses to work and is on hunger strike (he’s just hungry). Ask Clint to confirm this.

Pollock also needs a mute extra (a Native American), the totem pole in the center of the set needs to be carved – and last but not least, he needs an actor as a young sidekick for his star. The best thing will be to take care of the mute extra first. Lord Longbottom can help here. You may remember: he was looking for an expert on North American natives. Couldn’t director Pollock help? Talk to Pollock and Lord Longbottom and arrange a meeting. After that, Lord Longbottom will no longer object to you borrowing the proud wooden chief from his study. Place the statue on the spot illuminated by a ray of sunlight on the right-hand edge of the film set Indian village. That’s one less problem for Pollock and his mute extra. Now it’s time to satisfy Clint’s hunger – which turns out to be a little trickier.

Go to Alfredo’s pizzeria and talk to Alfredo. You learn about his great invention – the machine for creating a sensational vegan cheese pizza – but also realize that the parcel with the machine should have arrived long ago. So off to the post office! But not before collecting the sunglasses on the bench in the pizzeria.

Alfredo’s parcel is probably still in the post office warehouse. A warehouse to which only postal employees have access. Now you have to convince the eager postal worker Johnny that you are a colleague. Fill in the employee ID card with a pen and Johnny will let you into the warehouse. He just likes to help a colleague!

Alfredo’s parcel is on a high pile on the left-hand side. To get the parcel down from there, use the
long broomstick of your mop from the animal shelter. Now take the parcel directly to Alfredo.

The enthusiastic owner of the pizzeria and inventor of the sensational vegan cheese pizza will also prepare a delicious pizza for you straight away. But hands off – this is of course intended to satisfy Clint’s hunger and relieve Pollock of another problem. Now take care of finishing the totem pole from the movie set. This will require a talented craftsman – a guy like former master painter-turned- stonemason Eddy Enderby. Visit Eddy in his temporary new home next to his burnt down house.

Eddy would love to help you with the totem pole, but first he has to finish the statue he is currently working on. However, he doesn’t have the right tools.

First give Eddy the stone chisel and wait until Eddy’s hammer breaks when you use it. Now give Eddy the hammer from the shelter and watch Eddy finish the stone bust. Even if only almost… because it’s still missing “that certain something”. The statue’s large nose is literally crying out for the Groucho Marx glasses to be placed on it in your inventory. But there’s still a little something missing! That certain “coolness” factor! Since cool guys wear sunglasses, use the scissors to cut apart the lenses of the sunglasses from your inventory – and place the lenses in the glasses on the nose of the stone bust. Perfect! Eddy is now happily ready to complete the totem pole and relieve Pollock of another problem. Now all that’s missing is the youthful sidekick for Clint Ackenthorpe. Off to the creepy mansion of the old-school movie star: Vlad Popescu.

Vlad would love to be in Pollock’s movie but is obviously a few years too old for the role. But that’s not a problem that could stop a talented cosplay make-up artist like Scot! You use the make-up box to make Vlad look a little younger, the can of brown spray paint to give the bewildered Vlad a healthy hair color and you document the result with your Polaroid camera. The photo finally convinces Pollock to let you star in his movie. Time for the big performance – and time for the next chapter!

Chapter 3 – “Mr. Fumbleclaw”

After the film shoot, Pollock asks you to check on Mr. Snuggels – he seems a bit exhausted. It would
be better if a doctor took a look. So off you go to Doctor Alfred Stringer’s veterinary practice!

But before you enter the practice, take a look through Dr. Stringer’s living room window. And you will hardly believe your eyes when you actually see HIM: Mr. Fumbleclaw! And he’s obviously doing just fine! Since no one else is likely to believe you, take a photo of the cat with your Polaroid camera and then enter Dr. Stringer’s practice.

After a brief conversation with the good Alfred, he gives the all-clear regarding Mr. Snuggle. The little one just needs a little rest. Now ask Alfred about the cat in his living room. However, he will deny the accusation, so present the proof: the Polaroid picture of Mr. Fumbleclaw!

Alfred will now tell you the whole, sad story of how the cat ended up with him – and how much he has taken him, now christened “Frodo”, to his heart. And Scott is also quickly convinced that Frodo could have a much better life with Alfred and his sheepdog Buddy than in Lady Longbottom’s breeding stable. But how could a happy ending be achieved in a legal way? You probably won’t be able to avoid talking to Lady Longbottom about this. But before you make your way to the Lady, first collect the flea comb from the flea comb box and behead the plastic primate in Alfred’s surgery.

When talking to Lady Longbottom, it would probably be best not to reveal that you have found Mr. Fumbleclaw. Just ask what the cat’s planned fate is after winning “Ricky’s Finest”. Only to be shocked to learn that the cat is to be sold on eBay afterwards! Luckily, you can persuade the lady to let you take care of Mr. Fumbleclaw after the competition, so that he can be professionally rehomed by you as an animal shelter employee. Which means nothing other than that Frodo can stay with Alfred afterwards. So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! The sticking point: Mr. Fumbleclaw has to win “Ricky’s Finest”! But of course, WITHOUT exposing the cat to the stress of the competition. So, the cat has to win without taking part in the competition. An impossible task? Not at all! So now give Alfred the good news. Then it’s off to Ricky the groomer.

Ricky wouldn’t be averse to a little manipulation of his competition in favor of Mr. Fumbleclaw if Scott makes sure he recovers his super-expensive professional photography equipment that was recently stolen from him. And who’s the expert on stolen goods? Captain Paulie from the police station, of course! Only he can give Scott another look at the surveillance camera tapes outside Ricky’s salon.

But unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Of course, Captain Paulie first has a new wish: a new audio recording of his directional microphone, this time on the subject of “law and order”. Well, it doesn’t help – so time to make the desired recording.

What could be more in keeping with the theme of “law and order” than eavesdropping on a police officer officer at work? Do exactly that, use the microphone three times with the windows of the police station – and eavesdrop on Captain Paulie as he plays “Police Quest 1” from 1986. The recording is enough to convince Captain Paulie to give you another look at the footage from the camera outside Ricky’s saloon. The recording reveals that the camera was probably stolen by the well-known crook “Back Alley Bob”. Time to pay said Bob a visit in said back alley! You’ll find the alley to the right of Alfredo’s pizzeria.

Since we’ll need it later, take a Polaroid photo of Gangster Bob first – and talk to him afterwards.

Bob doesn’t even think about denying the theft of the camera and would even let you have it in exchange for two small favors. Since buying it outright is out of the question due to the fact that Scott is broke.
Bob would like the nosy surveillance camera on the street-right entrance to the alley to be disabled.

And he also needs a very specific feed for his best buddy and security chief “Steve the Rat”. As for the camera, Captain Paulie can certainly help again.

But as expected, Captain Paulie already has the next request before he complies with Scott’s request to deactivate the camera: a directional microphone recording on the subject of “The Mafia”.

So now it’s time to fulfill certain cliches and eavesdrop on Alfredo’s pizzeria window three times until the shot is in the can.

Captain Paulie is only half-satisfied with the new shot, but nevertheless fulfills Scott’s wish and deactivates the camera in front of Gangster Bob’s dark alley.
What’s still missing is the gourmet rat food for Steve the rat. Fortunately, Scott’s boss – Mary from the animal shelter – can help.

Once at the shelter, however, the story takes an unexpected turn. As we already know from our conversations with Mary, she is on the lookout for the “bad boys of her dreams”. And is absolutely thrilled with Bob after Scott shows her his photo! Wouldn’t it be great to bring lonely Mary and enterprising Bob together? Why don’t you take a Polaroid photo of Mary and show it to Bob? And as you might expect, he is also very impressed by Mary. All that’s missing now is a romantic date between the two of them! And by the way, Mary also promises Scott the gourmet rat food he wants. But one thing at a time: Time for Scott to play Armor and bring the two lonely hearts together.

After another conversation, he learns from Mary how she imagines her dream date: in an early romantic and dark place! So, Mary has a pretty clear idea here.

A scary and gloomy place? Vlad Popescu’s creepy estate is the perfect place. However, as common decency dictates, you’d better ask Vlad first if he’d be willing to make his estate available for a romantic date. Which wouldn’t be a problem in principle…if Scott helps him provide an outfit for director Pollock and Vlad’s new movie. It could be the role of a lifetime for Vlad – and Scott is happy to help.

Vlad’s costume requires a black cloak (use the scissors with the black window curtains), long black hair (cut off the black fringes of the mop and style them with the flea comb) – and finally a pair of pointed Dracula teeth… which you can get by cutting the plastic primate head with the scissors. After Vlad has tried out his new outfit, it’s time for a romantic date…

Talk to Mary and Bob, start the date and wait for the cutscene.

Now that you’ve successfully played love’s advocate, Bob is only too happy to hand over Ricky’s expensive photographic equipment.

But now it’s up to you! Place the camera on the spot with the three pressure marks in Ricky’s salon and then place the white fluffy cat, which looks just like Mr. Fumbleclaw, on the winner’s podium.To increase the resemblance a little, style the cat a little with the flea comb first. Now use the photo equipment and take the photo for the winner’s certificate.
As Ricky is very grateful to you for retrieving the camera, he will create an elegant certificate for you after you have handed over the winning photo – which testifies to Mr. Fumbleclaw’s renewed victory at “Ricky’s Finest”. Lady Longbottom will be thrilled!

Which, of course, she is! And as a result, leaves Mr. Fumbleclaw, also known as Frodo, in Scott’s care for further mediation.

Give Alfred the good news, meet Mr. Fumbleclaw and then you’ve made it! Happy ending all along the line…

Have fun 💗


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