Dark Secrets of Showbiz All possible endings Guide

There are 4 possible endings in Dark Secrets of Showbiz:

Normal ending
Bad ending
Virgin ending
True ending

True ending:

(Step by step)

Accept politely

Explore scout’s flat: check sofa and balcony

Bear with it
Agree to go
Find excuse to leave

Agree to sponser
Explore sponser flat, check phone and sponser

Let lin chu in
Ask lin chu to contact him

Item – Photo(twice) – Laptop

Join the strip gambling
Explore casino: check phone twice

Absolutely not
Knock with bat

Explore: Morning star entertainment and look at drawer.

Investigate further

Explore picture twice
Knock driver with injection

Item – order form – laptop

DRINK (Enjoy the show)

Hope this guide helps, comment below if you have any questions.

Normal ending:

To get this ending means you have failed to collect all clues.

Bad ending:

To get this ending means you made the wrong decisions and just follow blindly, drinking everything and obeying everyone.

Virgin ending:

To get this ending, you just have to refuse everything and everyone.

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