The Beastmaster Princess – love scenes guide

How to get all love scenes in The Beastmaster Princess game? Easy!

I put the within the options at least one word that are in your choices so not to spoil too much and the scenes are not necessarily in the order they appear such as lyaras and takaras first scene they come before lunas and manilas first scene so could be a bit confusing so sry about that anyways hope you enjoy the second guide i made

Manila scenes

scene 1 shane
scene 2 tracks
scene 3 help
scene 4 look
scene 5 lyara
scene 6 sus
scene 7 (love) meet
scene 8 smart

Lyara scenes

scene 1 chase
scene 2 feel
scene 3 both
scene 4 jelly
scene 5 understands
scene 6 (love) tracks
scene 7 snake
scene 8 hand

Takara scenes

scene 1 bandit
scene 2 village
scene 3 together
scene 4 look
scene 5 more
scene 6 (love) go
scene 7 protect
scene 8 hero

Luna scenes

scene 1 leave potions
scene 2 with
scene 3 snake
scene 4 boring
scene 5 chief
scene 6 genius
scene 7 (love) follow
scene 8 selfless

Have fun ❤

The Beastmaster Princess - love scenes guide


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