Duck Detective: The Secret Salami – All Deducktions And Safe Password

This is a short guide of all the deducktions, given that some are rather long jump conclusions to reach, I hope it helps someone. I am not including the investigator steps to finding the clues, only the deducktions themselves.

Note about achievements: Completing 5 deducktions gives you the “Poultry Case” achievement. Completing 10 deducktions gives you the “Beak Performance” achievement. The achievements are automatically obtained, except “Rage Uncaged”, which can be obtained by knocking over all the trash cans in the office.

The Nest Egg

The Duck Detective spent his last money on bread for The Duck Detective.

The Entrance

Sophie is feeling sad because nobody has remembered her birthday.

The Suspects

Sophie the giraffe works as a receptionist. The bear is Manfred and he is the branch manager. Laura the cat works in customer service. The crocodile called Freddy works in the operating office.

The Client and More Suspects

a) The Client: Laura hired the Duck Detective because his/her lunch was stolen by a coworker known as The Salami Bandit.

b) More Suspects: Margaret the sheep works in customer service. The penguin is Rufus and works as the janitor. Boris the buffalo is a bus driver.

c) The Kitchen: Margaret is planning a surprise birthday party for Sophie.

d) The Culprit: Freddy is being framed by The Salami Bandit because Freddy picked up the wrong bag.

The Presents

Sophie received the following presents from her colleagues: Laura gave a plushie. Rufus gave a book. Boris gave a necklace. Nothing was stolen.

The Message and the The Business

a) The Business: Salamis are being illegally imported from Salsiccia.

b) The Message: Sophie received a silly letter that contained a scary message.

The Receptionist and More Business

a) The Receptionist: Sophie got kidnapped because Sophie wanted to snitch.

b) The Kidnapping: Sophie is at BearBus’s office, in a bus.

c) More Business: Rufus blackmailed Manfred to make him stay quiet about Rufus illegally selling vouchers. Margaret is the one that provides the vouchers to Rufus.

d) The Salami Bandit: Manfred is the Salami Bandit, because The Salami Bandit’s and his/her handwriting are identical.

e) The Infatuation: Sophie is the Salami Bandit’s accomplice because he/she used to date Boris and the Salami Bandit needed someone who could convince Boris into helping.

f) The Dirty Work: Boris is the Salami Bandit’s accomplice, because the Salami Bandit needed someone who could easily carry out the importing of the salamis.

Password for the safe

Guide to solve the password for the safe, split into different levels of hints if you want to work it out yourself. Skip to the end for the answer.

Hint #1

You see a post-it note next to the safe that says: “CS/OO/BD”.

The middle part is not actually “zero zero”, but the letters “o o”.

Hint #2

The letters are acronyms for the different job titles/roles in the office .

Hint #3

The answer to the acronyms:

  • CS = Customer Service
  • OO = Operating Office
  • BD = Bus Driver

Hint #4

For each acronym, you need to count the number of current employees for that role .

  • CS = Laura and Margaret
  • OO = Freddy
  • BD = Find the piece of paper on the floor near Freddy’s desk, which tells you how many bus drivers there are

The Answer

So, the password is 2 1 4 , since there are two customer service agents (CS), one operation officer (OO), and four bus drivers (BD).

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