Additional quests in Detective Girl of the Steam City

Detective Girl of the Steam City is not a bad game created on RPG Maker. The game has a bunch of quests, there is even a variation of passing, but it completely lacks the log of quests.

Many players because of this fact is simply missing half of the content, or even finish passing before reaching the finale.

That’s why I decided to write a walkthrough of the side quests in Detective Girl of the Steam City.

Before the description of the passage itself, it’s worth to describe the gameplay mechanics of the game.

Game mechanics in Detective Girl of the Steam City

This RPG-maker game has an unexpectedly pleasant number of unconventional mechanics and characteristics. Let’s start with the most ambiguous of them all.

About sanity

The first thing worth mentioning… Since this kind of game is mostly bought for the sake of H-content, an important feature of this game is the degree of promiscuity of the main character. In translation, promiscuity is called the scale of sanity.

The most important thing you need to know is that this scale of sanity doesn’t influence the gameplay, no matter what branch of events you are going to choose – playing for gangs or for police – the main character’s promiscuity doesn’t matter. Moreover, most of the side quests, on the contrary, require increased promiscuity, so, as they say, walk your hand, play the pisser.

About skills

The heroine has 6 passive skills: Eloquence, Surveillance, Castle Breaking, Espionage, Healing and Charm. Each of these skills (except Charms) is pumped with detective points. Detective points are gained by completing primary and secondary quests and are limited in number.

1. Eloquence.

In some quests gives the opportunity to convince the target through conversations.

Useful only in a couple of quests, it is not worth learning this skill, especially if you want to get all the H-content in the game, for which there is almost identical skill – charm.

On combat maps, the skill allows you to persuade a rank-and-file opponent not to fight Sophia. At level 3 of eloquence, the chance to persuade the enemy will be 100%, which essentially allows you to pass through combat maps without fighting (but you still have to fight the bosses).

The skill develops NPCs, which opens only after completing the additional quest “Tour Guide”.

2. Observation.

This skill is required in most tasks from the police – it will help the main character to find clues in investigations. Without proper development of the Observation skill, the heroine simply will not notice certain things (many items will be inactive for inspection). Upgrading the skill to level 3 unlocks the combat skill “Anticipation”, which increases the chance of hitting and dodging by 20% for 10 turns.

This skill is upgraded by Detective Metcalfe, his house is located in the “First-class hotel” location.

3. Lock picking

Allows you to pick locked locks – such doors and chests are marked by a special icon in the game.

Behind the locked doors and chests there are materials for upgrading weapons and active skills. The second level of skill is needed to pass one side quest (but it has no h-content).

Trains NPC hacking skills on the second floor of the Black Dog Asylum (location on the map – Gangster Asylum)

4. Espionage

Developing this skill unlocks a special stealth attack. To do this on the battle map you need to approach the enemy from behind. Starting from the second level of skill development, the stealth attack will make the enemy miss the first move. On the third level, the heroine with a certain chance will instantly kill the enemy caught by surprise.

The skill is pumped in the same place as the lock picking, on the second floor of the black dogs’ hideout. Whether to pump or not – it’s up to you to decide, there is no practical use of this skill.

5. Treatment

In the process of passing the quest line for the bandits you will not once meet the healer on the locations.

He is the one who teaches you the skill of self-healing. The first level restores 100 HP, the second 200, the third 500 HP. For a comfortable passing it is enough to learn 1 level of the skill.

6. Charm

The only skill in the game that does not require detective points to develop. This skill allows you to seduce in-game characters and some enemies. In order for the ability to work 100% of the time, you will have to develop it to level 3.

Upgrading the ability is quite logical – in the brothel called “Fairy”, which is located in the location “Gangster Asylum”. For the first level you need 75 intelligence, for the second – 50, for the third level you need to drop as low as 25.

Active Skills

Our heroine has only 3 active skills. All of them are pumped in the workshop for the resources extracted from the chests.

1. NV points (night vision) – Increases the range of vision in dark locations. In the game such locations are not dangerous and represented only in one form – sewers. Spend resources on the development of night vision makes no sense – at most develop up to 2 levels and forget it.

2. Steam knuckles. Improving this skill increases the basic attack from our knuckles. To deal more or less adequate damage you should pump it first.

3. Wire gun is an active ability, which allows us to move on the rooftops by pressing A on the keyboard. The 1st level of the skill consumes 20SP, each successive level of pumping reduces the consumption of SP by 2 units. It is not necessary to pump – it’s better to invest all available components in the steam knuckles.

Side quests in Detective Girl

The game is completely broken system notification on the quests. There is no quest log, instead, in the left corner is displayed the current progress of the last quest taken.

To orient yourself in the world of the game use the map. You can call it through your inventory – it’s located on the “Important Item” tab.

I hope this guide will help you not to miss all the extra content in Detective Girl of the Steam City =)

Talking old man

Requirements: No. This is the first side quest. Like most side quests, it is given through the activation of a table in our house (Detective’s Office).

The stubborn old man doesn’t want to give his grandson the contents of the family trunk.

The old man’s house is just above the detective’s office:

In fact, the old man just wants to be listened to carefully. The quest has several solutions:

  1. Listen to the old man and answer all his questions correctly. The correct answers are: Seven, Carrier, Golden Pendant.
  2. You can hack the chest and then try to convince the old man to give the contents. This requires a level 3 hacking skill and a level 2 eloquence skill, you are unlikely to have them at the beginning of the game.

Reward: $50, Naked Photo and 1 detective point. The naked picture will come in handy for starting another additional quest.

Catching the Scammer!

Requirements: No. Available from the start of the game, issued through a table in the Detective’s Office.

We need to catch a crook named Mole.

1. First thing we go to the south of London, near Amelia’s workshop there is a key NPC:

2. Gently pursue the perpetrator without getting in his face. The number of attempts is unlimited.

3. Sooner or later you will meet Detective Metcalfe, who also leads a surveillance of the object. The trail leads Sophie to a public men’s bathhouse. Agree to enter the bathhouse – get a little H-scene.

As a reward for the quest get 1 detective point.

The quest has a sequel – for this you need to lower your sanity level to 75 and go to the bathhouse again. As a result, we will meet Metcalfe, who will offer to go to the baths together, but for this we need to visit his house.

Metcalfe lives in West London, not far from the First Class Hotel. In addition to the H-Scene, he will allow Sophia to develop the skill of Observation. Keep lowering your sanity, first to 50, then to 25, at each stage go to the bathhouse and to the detective – so you get a few more H-scenes.

End of the Duel!

There are no requirements. The quest is given through a desk in the detective’s office.

Two good friends have a fight in a bar and really want to kill each other in a duel. Our task is to visit both guys and decide the outcome of the fight.

We start by visiting both guys. The first one lives in an area in Northwest London, near the Art Gallery (Till House). The second lives in a house in southeast London, near the park (Rush House).

The quest has 3 solutions:

  1. You can talk to either of your former friends to intervene in the duel, beating them both, thereby preventing the murder.
  2. Convince both guys not to take part in the duel. You will need level 3 of the Eloquence skill.
  3. level 3 skill level Seduction, you can sleep with Rush – get the H-sketch.

Reward: $ 100 if you beat guys in a duel, $ 200 if the issue is resolved peacefully. In both cases you will be given 1 detective point.

Infiltration of a private club

Requirements: No. The assignment is given by a suspicious man in West London.

There is a suspicious man standing in the west end of the city, near the First Class Hotel:

His name is Detective Arthur, and he asks Sophie to help investigate a private club. Accept – it’s the only source of “asshole” adventure in the whole game.

It turns out that the secret club essentially trains slave girls. To fully complete the quest we need to go through 4 of these trainings. Each subsequent training requires a reduced level of intelligence – 75, 50 and 25.

You can come to the club once a day, to quickly switch the day enough to sleep in any pub or in the office of the detective.

Reward: 1 detective point for each stage of training and $1200 at the end of the quest.

If you return a few days later to an already closed secret club, you can run another H-scene.

Puppeteer’s Dreams

Requirement is to complete any 2 side quests. The quest is given in your office.

The quest NPC is located in the “Amelia’s Workshop” location. Puppeteer needs parts of analytical machine to complete his android.

  1. Get information in the pub. Absolutely any pub will do, you need to talk to the innkeeper. He will not give any specific information, but will send the heroine to look for a salesman in the area of slum B.
  2. slums B is the second location where we fought the bandits. There, in the western part of the location is the Supplier, with whom it’s enough to talk. Supplier will not have the parts we need and he will direct us to Babbage Labs through the sewers.
  3. After this conversation, in the northwestern part of the city (Art Gallery), the sewer hatch we need will open:

A small maze awaits us in the sewers. Keep strictly to the northeast and soon you will come across the exit to Baddbidge’s lab.

  1. The lab is found, now we need to find the parts, they are in the last box on the left. Guided by the moment when the guards on the walls turn away.

As a reward we get $ 100 and 1 detective point.

  1. It will take a sanity under 25. If we visit the dollmaker again a few days later, he will ask Sophia to help create genitalia for his doll. If we agree, we get an extra H-scene.
Repair of water treatment plant

Requirements: Level 2 lock picking skill.

Need to break the door to the water treatment plant in Southeast London, near the park:

There is no difficulty or catch – you just need to go through the sewers and fix the 5 damaged pipes.

As a reward you get 1 detective point.

New Mask

Requirements: No requirements. The quest is given at the Detective’s Office, in our home location.

A simple quest. You need to come to Northeast London (on the map it appears as the Industrial District).

1. Find the House of Doctor Longrick in the Industrial area. He is concerned about the purity of the air and will ask us to get high efficiency filter, in order to create a new mask that protects against harmful emissions.

2. The mask can be found in two different ways.

  1. During the extra quest “Stubborn Inventor”;
  2. You can buy the mask from a local merchant and this is the recommended option.

In order to buy a high-efficiency filter from a merchant you need to chat with a bartender in any bar, he will mention the presence of such a merchant in the south London area (landmark – Amelia’s Workshop)

3. You can negotiate with the merchant in different ways.

  1. You can buy a high-performance filter for full price.
  2. Seduce the merchant with the skill of seduction level 3 (you will need to lower the level of reason to 25 and learn seduction in the brothel). This way you get a small discount on the item itself + H-scene;
  3. Persuade the trader with the skill level 3 “Eloquence”. The skill can be mastered only after completing the quest “guide”. In this case, the High Efficiency Filter will get you for free.

Attention! Bug. If you have already started to lure the merchant, obtaining a highly effective filter as part of the “Stubborn Inventor” quest will not lead to the desired result. The old man will not see the filter in your inventory. You’ll have to buy the filter back, or convince the merchant to give it to you for free (Eloquence 3).

Either way, if you bring the high-performance filter to the old man, you’ll get $120 and 1 detective point.


Requirements: The third slum block (C) is cleared. The black dog gang has not yet been eliminated by the police.

1. In the east London district, in the alley behind the public bathhouse, a sewer manhole will open:

In the sewers, Sophie discovers a family of three who have been evicted by some gangsters. Sophie decides to help the homeless people.

2. We go to the leader of the black dogs, he said he knows a house where you can put them, but we first need to clear it from the two brothers marauders.

3. The house is full of traps. The first brother is on the second floor, the second is on the last floor and is easier to get to from the hook. If you lose the fight with them – get a little H-scene. If defeated, you can return to the house through the NPC next to the lair of the black dogs.

As a reward for defeating both brothers get 1 detective point.

Suspicion of Prisoner Abuse

Requirements – 20 times in your bed in the Detective’s office. The quest is given there, across the desk.

We will be asked to pretend to be a prisoner and uncover the truth about the abuse in the local prison.

  1. After taking the quest, key NPCs will be waiting for you in Northwest London, near the Art Gallery.
  2. Once in the women’s prison, you need to make a mess – disobey the guards’ orders. When the guards say “hold formation” – get out of formation. At lunchtime, in spite of orders to be quiet, we chat with the neighboring prisoners. When the guards tell us to go to bed, we do not go to bed.
  3. As expected – the prison staff uses improper re-education methods. Sophie will be returned to freedom and asked to come back in 3 days to continue the investigation. To go to prison a second time – will require a lowered sanity of 75.
  4. You will have to visit the prison 3 times, for which you will have to lower your sanity below 50. At the end of the quest Sophie will go down to the warden’s office where she will find proof that the prison deals with human trafficking. At this point she will be caught by a guard. If she stands and doesn’t resist, Sophie will get a few extra H-scenes and the ending “Human Trafficking”. The game doesn’t end there, Sophie will simply return to the moment before the ending starts.

As a reward for completing the quest, we get $1,000 and a detective point.

Suspicious inspection

Requirement – The mind has fallen below 75. The quest is issued in your office.

  1. the clinic you are looking for is in the northwest of the city (Art Gallery:
  1. “Physician” needs to visit 3 times, for 75, 50 and 25 units of sanity. To quickly switch to the next day is enough to spend the night in any pub or at home.
  2. on the third examination, the heroine will specifically wake up and accuse the doctor of rape. You will have a choice – to bring the doctor to justice, or to let things slide.

If you give in to temptation – the quest will fail, and the heroine can still visit the doctor once a day to look at a couple of extra scenes.

If you arrest the doctor – as a reward will get 1 detective point.

1 A request from a mad scientist

Requirements: Complete 10 side quests. The quest automatically starts during a walk through the Industrial District of the city – in the northwestern part of it.

  1. Walking through the industrial area we will see a small scene. A frightened resident runs out of the room, the doctor comes out after him and, after swearing a little, goes back in. We go inside – the doctor will ask for help, he gave the inhabitant a medicine, which allows him to work without the need for sleep. Our task is to find the escaped male subject.
  2. The subject has not escaped far – he is standing just south of our doctor’s door, in the left corner. He will have to be beaten to calm him down.

As a reward we get $120 and 500 experience. When we return to the doctor, we get another $400 and 1 detective point.

2 A request from a mad scientist

Requirement: Fulfill the first request of the mad scientist.

  1. Returning to the doctor the next day we get the second task – to investigate the strange death of an unknown worker, for this we go to his house.
  2. The house of the dead man is in the next location “Police Station”:
  1. In the room of the deceased you need to examine the closet and push it aside, so we will find the cellar. In the cellar, examine the bloodstain, the rack with medicines (Sophia will rewrite the list of medicines from them). In the corner of the cellar there is also a mask, from which you can take out a high quality filter, necessary for the quest “New Mask”.
  2. Return to the doctor and show a list of drugs. Doc recognizes the dead local pharmacologist and asks to return to the scene of the crime to catch an accomplice. So we do – we go to the room of the deceased, where we catch the accomplice – he will have to beat up, it is impossible to lose a fight.

As a reward, we get $500 and 1 detective point.

Rape of a sleeping woman

Requirement: Reasoning below 25, the heroine must watch all the scenes in the men’s bathhouse. It is necessary to equip the item “Naked Photo”. The quest starts in the home location (Detective’s Office).

  1. we go to bed and choose the option of self-satisfaction before going to bed. With a certain chance Sofia will wake up raped. There’s a lot of evidence scattered around the house.
  2. According to the evidence, Sofia realizes that the guilty party probably went to the bathhouse, has blond or brown hair and a large size…shoe.
  3. At the men’s bathhouse we are as welcome as ever – we need to find a character who fits the description. He sits on the bench to the left, but you don’t have to run straight to him, you can try to chat with others as well.

As a reward we get 1 detective point.

Chess Partner

Requirements: Complete 12 side quests. Issued at the Detective’s Office.

An old man you’ve probably seen in the park will come to our office. Every day he sits on a bench and waits for his friend – a partner in chess, but he disappeared somewhere.

  1. After receiving the quest go to the old man in the park (Southeast London) and ask him about the distinctive features of his partner.
  2. now we need to ask the passers-by. Near the park stands a Suspicious Man – with a proper level of promiscuity with him, we can get an h-scene in exchange for information. The key character who will really give the right information – a newspaper seller, buy a newspaper from him and he will tell you that the old man lives near the public baths (Location – East London).
  3. Find the old man’s house, it’s just below the public baths, next to the house from the quest “House with ghosts. Quest will end automatically – the old men will make up and go finish the party.

The reward is $100 and 1 detective point.


Requirement: Complete 5 side quests. Issued in the Detective’s Office.

This task unlocks the ability to pump the skill Eloquence.

  1. Photographer visits Sophia in her home office, wants to meet her in the pub and discuss the beauty of London. After accepting the quest, the photographer will be waiting for Sophia at the “First Class Hotel” location on the west side of the city.
  2. The first thing the photographer will ask to show him the local ladies. We go to the southwest, a pretty noblewoman is standing near a jewelry store (Royal Jewelers location).
  3. The second destination is to introduce the photographer to Maggie, an employee of the local brothel. The brothel is located in the “Outskirts of the City” location near the Gangster Asylum.

As a reward for our excursion we get 200$, 1 detective point and the opportunity to pump up the photographer’s Eloquence skill.

  1. After completing the quest, talk to the photographer – he can get you a photo shoot. Upon completion of the shoot, Sophia will get a “nude photo” and a little hint that it can be sold.
  2. Sell your photo in any of the city stores and return to the photographer – he will give you a new quest – Refinishing the camera.
Refinishing the camera

Requirements: Intelligence below 50. Complete the previous quest related to the photographer (Tour Guide). Sell your nude photo in any of the city stores. Issued by the photographer himself in the location “First-class hotel”, in West London.

  1. The photographer’s camera is now broken, so he asks you to bring 5 gears and two wires to repair it. Both components can be found in the chests at the Slums location.
  2. As soon as we bring the necessary materials photographer will start repairing his camera and promises to take a good photo a little later.

Reward: $200 and 1 detective point.

  1. Return to the photographer after 3 days (just sleep in the tavern or your house 3 times in a row). You will get another H-scene and a new photo (Indecent photo of Sophie), which should also be sold to any store.
  2. You can be photographed once a day, and you have to sell the last photo. When selling the lewdest version of the photo (reasoning below 25) there will be an additional H-scene with the merchant.
Exposing Fraud!

Requirement: Complete 8 side quests. Issued at the Detective’s Office.

A young man who got broke at the local casino assumes he’s been horribly conned. He gives us the password to enter the private casino.

  1. The casino entrance is located in the Southwest London area, near the Royal Jewelers. Upon entering, it’s enough to play one game for the heroine to suspect a trick, too.
  2. After Sophia leaves the casino building we need to ask the bartender at any pub about the scam. They will direct us to the local street performers. They are a couple of locations up (northwest London). Sophie will automatically bring the entertainer to the casino to expose the cheater.

As a reward, we get $ 200 and 1 point detective.

  1. If you visit the street performer again the next day, you get an extra skit. Continue to visit the entertainer until he lures Sophia home and tells her about her daughter – get another skit.
Haunted House

Requirements: Complete any 7 side quests. Issued at the Detective’s Office.

The location is East London, the entrance to the house we want is just south of the public bath:

Be sure to save before entering the haunted house. The heroine will decide to spend the night and investigate what’s wrong – saving at this point will not be available.

We have to get to the big pot that stands in the bottom right corner, and you can not step on the dark areas of the floor. If the heroine 3 times steps on the dark area – the mission will be considered as failed. If Sophia’s espionage skill is developed at least to level 2, stepping on the dark areas is possible without consequences.

Examine the pot and go to the old lady – she will tell you that on the second floor, the way to which blocked the pot, too dilapidated floor. We jump over the pot and go to the second floor where we meet the guest of honor.

We are rewarded with $100 and one detective point.

In Search of the Perfect Man

Requirements: Intelligence below 75, completed 6 side quests. The quest, as is customary here, is taken at the Detective’s Office.

A very strange, very “Japanese” quest. The girl really wants to find a man with a pungent smell of anything and everything.

The man we’re looking for is in a restroom in Northeast London, in a bar called “The Hoarder”.

The Event must be activated while in the bar near the toilets. Remember – the woman told you that not only would she like a “strong smelling man”, but she added “with a big beard” to that;

  1. There are quite a few men at the bar, but the right choice is one. If you make the wrong choice, the quest will have to start all over again.

The “right” man is this one:

Walk up to him and click “introduce the man to the client.

As a reward we get $250 and 1 detective point.

  1. If we return a few days later to the bar, “Borzopisets”, we meet our girl near the bathroom. The guy we found her has already dumped her, but the girl has found her vocation in “toilet” work. You can help her and join this strange business.

As a reward for your help, you’ll get another $250 and one detective point.

Investigating adultery

Requirements: Complete a minimum of 6 side quests. Like most of the side quests – issued in the detective’s office.

The location where the quest begins is northeast London (Industrial District).

  1. Upon arrival, we need to talk to a local worker (marked on the map). He will tell us that the Robert we are looking for is not there and send us to southeast London.
  2. We go to Southeast London (Park) and in its western part we meet the negligent lovers:

Amateur! Who cheats like that. Sophia automatically walks into the room following Robert.

  1. After a little dialogue, you will have a choice, depending on your promiscuity.

If you choose “I have to go”, you get 1 detective point.

If you choose “I’m not in a hurry” – you will get a very modest H-scene and 1 detective point. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit the cheater 1 more time (the next day). In doing so, the jealous girl will set the thugs on you. You will have another choice – win or lose. If you choose to win nothing will happen, if you lose – a small scene with loss of mind.

Stubborn Inventor

Requirements: ??? . Issued at the Detective’s Office.

  1. The first thing we need to do is to go to the apartment of the inventor himself. He lives in the Industrial District of the city (Northeast). The door to him is not highlighted on the map, but in fact he is a neighbor of Doctor Longrick from the quest about the air purifier (new mask):

The inventor will only agree to leave the apartment if we help him with his invention. Sophia puts on a strange costume, and then you have to press different buttons.

Regardless of which button you press, the H-scene with gears will start. After the scene, you’ll have a choice between arresting the inventor or forgiving him.

If you forgive, you get $250 and a detective point. If you turn him in, you get $100 and a detective point.

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