Embarrassed Shina-chan~ the Naked Wandering College Girl – Quick Guide

Quick guide for Embarrassed Shina-chan~ the Naked Wandering College Girl.


Mouse right button: rotate. Mouse scroll: zoom. WASD/Arrow: move. Shift: run. X/Esc: Cancel/Menu. Z/Space/Enter: Confirm.


If Mental = 0, game over, Ending A, get [Iron Heart], which makes Metal = invincivle.
The event gallery is in the game menu.
True Ending requires 8 items, marked by ★: cell phone, student ID card, wallet, bag, uchiwa, home key, pamphlet, egg.

Start and walk left, and get [★Student ID Card]. Turn around the corner. There is a man taking photos. There is an alley. Go into the alley. Before going into the work site, there is the [★Cell Phone] in the grass between the buildings on the left. Go through the work site and the park. Find the [★Wallet] [120¥] in the trash bin.

Event Mental Reputation
Man taking photos before the alley
-3 -10
Work site
-2 -2
Boys in the park
-2 -2
Girl in the park
-1 -1
Pee in the man’s toilet in the park
-3 -2
Zebra crossing


Near the entrance, find a glowing [StrongZ], where there is a hidden road to the left, where there is a [Doujinshi] above the left end. Go into the garbage site, where there is [StrongZ] on the upper left, [240¥] below.

Through the site, find a glowing [Chill Water]. After 3 times of sex intercourses, get to the exit automatically. Near the exit, get [Magic pen][Sterillization Sheet][★Bag].

Event Mental Reputation
Gang member near the entrance (hand job)
Patrolling gang (rape)

Patrolling gang (double penetration)


Residential Area

Near the entrance, there is [500¥] on the bench. Go left. There is an [★Uchiwa] under the bridge. Under the other bridge, there is a homeless, [500¥] [StrongZ]. Use the manhole to avoid the old lady. Across the river, there are three restaurants “Coffee””桜””Cafe”. Behind “桜”, there is [500¥]. Behind “Cafe”, there is an [Eroge], which can be reached behind the store. At the entrance of the residential area, there is a [Drone] on the grass, with which the top view of the area is visible.

Don’t go into the residential area, but go to the street side, where there is a store “Sevenmart”. Buy a [band-aid] in the store. There is [120¥] glowing behind the store. Go into the residential area through a safe way behind the store. Use the carton box to hide. Go through the area. Look at the bulletin. Go forward and see a police car. Sneak in the flowers.

Event Mental Reputation
Man -1 -1
Woman -1 -1
Girl -1 -1
Old lady
Old man
-2 -2
-2 -5
Show the breasts to the boy
Don’t show the breasts to the boy
-2 -2,police comes
Show the vagina to the boy
-3 -5
Bridge with crowds
-4 -25
Get in the man’s car in front of the store
Game over
Game over
Don’t get in the man’s car in front of the store
Homeless under the bridge


Get [500¥] near the entrance. Don’t get in the gate, but go left and get [★Home Key] behind a flower. Go on and see the police. Bo back and into the univerisity. Use the carton box and go through.

Be careful of the cats, which will destroy the box. In the fountain, there is [500¥]. Find [★Pamphlet] [500¥] [StrongZ]. Trigger the fire alert and hide in the lockers. Go out of the campus.

Event Mental Reputation
Female friends
-2 -5
Male friend
-4 -30
Univerisity guards
-6 -40
Hide the face at the entrance
Hide the breasts and vulva at the entrance
-5 -25

Main Street

Police will come if a passerby sees. Get through the overpass bridge, where the glowing spot is a hanging point for hiding. After the first bridge, find the glowing [★Egg].

Go through the second bridge and there is [500¥] under it. The police station is on the left of the road, and the home is on the right. If go home without all ★ items, a hint picture will be given.

Event Mental Reputation
Road barrier near the entrance
-4 -15
Passerby -1 -10
Zebra crossing
-2 -50
Pee in the transparent toilet
-3 -20
AV van, masturbate
-5 -30
AV van, don’t masturbate
Game over
Game over
Without Home Key, go to the police station
-1 -15

All Endings

{A}: Mental = 0.
{B}: AV van, don’t masturate.
{C}: Arrested by police.
{D}: Reputation = 0, go home.
{E}: After sex intercourse, keep semen on the body and Home Key, go to the police station with DNA in semen.
{F}: Get in the man’s car in front of the store.
{G}: Without all ★ items, Reputation > 1, go home.
{Truth}: With all ★ items, Reputation > 1, go home.


Event Place
Pee in the man’s toilet
Nude on crossing
Zebra crossing
Hand job
Gang member in the alley
Forced sex intercourse
Gang member
Double penetration
Gang member
Store Store
Nude kneeling
Seen 3 times in the university
Nude kneeling
Out of the campus
Public AV
AV van across from the police station
Nude broadcasting
Zebra crossing on the main street
Police station (Dialog differs with and without Home Key)
Police station

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