Lilitales Tips & Tricks

Various bits of information for Lilitales that will get you through certain bosses, or are just neat to know.

This guide covers various bits of gameplay advice I’ve written down while playing the game. There’s a real scarcity of guides elsewhere for this game, so… here you go.

Lilitales Tips & Tricks

Useful tips

While in town, you can open the menu to change your equipment, use items or save by right-clicking.

To set your passive skill, click on the text field in in the status menu.

Casting a Thunderbolt during the same or next turn after casting Fayadaan (Luna’s water spell) will cause additional damage to all enemies.

Nonne Cura (doubled healing) also works on items, though not (AFAIK) on Ceremonial Spear. Note: Equip it on the recipient, not the healer.

The Feather Anklet prevents you from activating floor portals, which can help you access certain chests. If you’re trying to use a portal and can’t, take it off.

Octuple Assault requires some combination of MP buffs, a teammate feeding Luna with Mana Drops, and/or Spirit Pill (zero MP consumption) to be effective. It does incredible damage near the end of the chain, though; at level 25 the eighth hit can do over 2k damage.

Harbor stall

To access the Street Stall at the Harbor, you need the Hunter’s Mark. Go to the Balsa Wilds and collect 10 Black Furs by farming the wolves (use the random encounter area in the bottom-left of the first level), then give them to the hunter in the area. He’ll give you the Hunter’s Mark accessory in return. (Remember that you can only carry 5 of any item at a time, so drop the furs off once you have the first 5)

Once you have the Hunter’s Mark, equip it to shop at the store. He’ll sell some stuff you can’t get anywhere else, including a few handy accessories, the Gunpowder Bomb and Lucky Coin.
(You need to have the Hunter’s Mark equipped, even if you’ve already shopped there before)

Rescuing Jill: Race against time

You need to enter the Underground Slave Market by day 8, otherwise you get a game over.

If this happens, go to the Crossroads and the fortune teller will offer to send you back in time: 1, 3, or 7 days. You retain your money, stats and progression towards completing the quest.


If Luna is a virgin, you can get the full 200,000 dinars for the slave broker by accepting the pimp’s “special offer”.

During street prostitution, if the client accepts your price, you should Renegotiate to raise it. Try to get the “correct price” for 2,000 bonus dinars.

Boss tactics

Prologue: Ambush

To survive the needed 15 turns: Switch to the Ceremonial Spear, which heals its target. Attack yourself or your buddies when you run low on HP; otherwise let their attacks and Ray Pentagram wear them down.

There isn’t any reward for killing any number of the infinitely respawning enemies (AFAIK). But you may as well make them pay for their crimes.

  • Pick up the healing items from the chest in the lower-right area of the map before coming to the battle.
  • The key part of this strategy: Rahad is susceptible to poisoning, which makes his speed work against him.
  • Equip Scorpion’s Tail, with Quick Cast as your passive and Counter as your first skill in quick skill bar. Suggested accessories: Gauntlet, Lucky Ring, Red Cloth.
  • Every turn, use a Heal Bottle if your HP drops under 100, else Counter (or use a Heal Drop, if you don’t have enough mana).
Sapphire Ruins: Machine Golem
  • Although he’s nominally weak to Thunder element, he also has a Magical Counter, so don’t try casting Thunderbolt.
  • Just grind him down with normal attacks, Ray Pentagram, and Rapid Pike with Flare Javelin. Cless should have no problem keeping up with your healing needs.
  • If Cless gets paralyzed, have Luna use a Clear Drop on her.
  • When he starts charging his Blaster Cannon super attack, top up your HP and have Cless cast Bless (+def spell), then Defend the turn before it fires.
Cless’s Id

When she casts Trace, cast Dispel. If you get Disrobed, re-equip accessories immediately.

Beyond that it’s just a matter of clobbering her to death while healing as needed and avoiding damage where possible. Try to get >100 AGI (Squall Anklet accessory helps), and use the Peace Talisman accessory to avoid getting berserk’d. Reflect Ring may also be useful.

Orman the Thunderclap

The required build is shown below:

Lilitales Tips & Tricks

First skill (in your quick skill bar) must be Counter for Luna.

Go into battle. Luna will quick-cast Counter, then every time Orman hits her, she’ll hit him back and hopefully apply poison. Eventually you should kill him without ever getting an actual action. (Hold down Ctrl to make it go faster)

EDIT (25 Dec 2019): Replaced Luna’s build with something much more efficient for the purpose. Poison is your friend.

Shandora Ruins: Vampire (postgame)

During the first phase, throw Gunpowder Bombs at him. Seriously, just do it.

(Or steal his Inferno Blade, equip it along with bonus-damage items, and spam Dagger Dance. But this may require a high level to work.)


One of the harder non-bonus bosses, but should be fairly manageable if you’ve already made some progress through the Tower of Trials. I beat him at level 20; higher is always better of course.

  • Equip a Reflect Ring (and consider luck enhancers) for one of your party members. Have Cless/Airi use their appropriate defense spells and (Airi) Djinn Tifl.
  • Have Luna equip Scorpion Tail and poison the bastard; it’ll make this go much faster (200 damage per move).
  • Hamama can inflict blind and sleep. Use Magic Ward/Awareness Amulet to block the latter; the former is only a problem if you need to heal with Ceremonial Spear (in which case Magic Ward takes care of that). If you get lucky, Reflect Ring will reflect Hamama’s own blindness spell on him, making things a little easier.
  • If you brought Airi, use Drain Kiss to heal as needed, or items if you run out of mana.
Note on late arena bosses

You need a really strong character to even stand a chance. I recommend beating the Tower of Trials first.

Arena: Puppeteer
  • You can break the puppet strings by casting Thunderbolt on yourself. Make sure to have enough HP and MP for this at all times.
  • Don’t use anything that can cause magic reflection (Reflect Ring, Fairy Aroma and possibly luck items). You don’t want to reflect your self-Thunderbolt!
  • Puppet B will tank any single-target damage aimed at the Puppeteer. AOE attacks and counters will still hit him.
  • The puppets are functionally immortal, don’t bother trying to kill them.
  • The slow but sure way to beat him at low levels: cast Ray Pentagram and let it wear him down slooowly while healing yourself with the Ceremonial Spear.
  • String Pierce still applies its trap effect even if it misses. WTF.
Arena: Cless
  • Consider equipping Fairy Aroma and/or Reflect Ring before the battle.
  • Cless starts by using Healing God’s Judgment, disabling your healing abilities. This includes Ceremonial Spear. Eventually it’ll wear off and you can heal normally; defend until then if you need to.
  • Frozen Augite item (won from completing the Tower of Trials) dispels Healing God’s Judgment and Healing God’s Judgment++. It will not dispel Divine Protection.
  • When Cless’s HP drops to about 800, she’ll use Divine Protection. Equip Ghostly Spear (Dark element), that’s the only thing that’ll now do any damage to her.
Arena: Airi
  • You need to have at least 176 Agility going into the battle; equip Squall Anklet and/or Travel Boots as needed. Also use Nimble (learned from an item in the Tower of Trials) as your passive skill.
  • Airi opens the battle with Disrobe, which removes all your accessories. Re-equip stuff; you need an accessory that prevents sleep. For the other slots, you don’t need Agility any more so just put whatever offensive/defensive items you want.
  • When she says she’s going to use her special attack, equip Ceremonial Spear and put your agility items back on. She’ll apply an unblockable Charm status on you, but this means you’ll just heal yourself until the effect wears off.
  • After her special attack, Airi can use Disrobe again. And after that, she can use her special again. So just repeat the above steps.
Arena: Beast Tamer/Beast Goregon
  • The boss won’t move until he takes any damage. So you have all the time you want to prepare. But when he does attack, he’ll almost inevitably kill you in one hit if you aren’t defending.
  • Before starting the battle, set your passive skill to Dancer’s Footwork, and buy 5 Lucky Coins from the Harbor stall. Equip your strongest weapon, Imperial TacticsLucky Bracelet and Fairy Aroma/Lucky Ring.
  • In the battle, use all the coins and cast Ghost Lance.
  • Cast Ray Pentagram (or if you get the last move in a turn, just attack) to provoke him into attacking.
  • Now spam Defend. The boss will attack you, (usually) miss and get countered. Repeat until he dies.
Arena: Gladiator Olga
  • This is a straight-up slugging match, no trickery. Fortunately, you can dodge tank with a combination of Lucky BraceletLucky Ring and the Dancer’s Footwork passive skill. Cast Ghost Lance at the start and hope you get lucky.
  • The item effect disabling includes the +1 attack trait of Chase Gauntlets and War God’s Gauntlet.
Arena: Black Dragon (Belrius the Black)
  • This is the arena’s “final boss”, appearing only when all other arena opponents have been beaten at least once (win counter of 1 or more).
  • Nimble is the best passive skill for a reason.
    • Life hack: You only need to have Fairy Aroma and agility items on your last move of a turn. So you can equip them on the last move to apply their bonuses, then switch to accessories with a more direct benefit the following turn. Remember to put them back on before your turn ends!
    • Remember that Obsidian Staff grants +20 Agility, and you can use Nonne Cura to get more mileage out of Heal Drops and Heal Bottles.
  • Hit him with a Scorpion Tail ASAP; poison will inflict 200 damage every turn.
  • The boss has three stages.
    • First stage: Equip Magic Ward to prevent knockdown and status ailments. Cast Ray Pentagram, heal yourself with Ceremonial Spear. Eventually the boss will take enough damage for the next stage. Don’t cast any other offensive spells or you’ll be hit with a stat-debuff counter. If you forget your Magic Ward and get ailment’d, use Meditation Aid and a Clear Drop.
    • Second stage: Boss gains massive physical damage and a physical counter. Weak to fire.
      • Keep your buffs from Fairy Aroma up, and equip Lucky Ring and Lucky Bracelet on any move before the enemy can attack you, for a chance to evade. The luck will also help with inflicting status ailments. Use items to heal; don’t be stingy.
      • Damage the enemy with ThunderboltGamma Ray and Imperial Tactics + Defend. Thunderbolt can paralyze the enemy, which will save you a ton of trouble.
    • Third stage: Magical attacks; immune to debuffs; vulnerable to wind.
      • Equip a Reflect Ring and Lucky Bracelet. Wind Sprite Staff adds the most M-DEF and hits the enemy’s weakness.
      • If the enemy gets a regen buff, use Frozen Augite to dispel it.
      • Remember that magical attacks won’t be Countered.

Item notes

Gunpowder Bomb

Bought from the Harbor Stall, good for killing bosses you can’t be bothered to beat properly. The basic version costs 10000 dinars and does 800 damage to a single target. Later in the game you get the Gunpowder Bomb 2, which cost 20000 dinars and does 500 damage to all targets.

Gunpowder bombs have no effect in the Tower of Trials or on the postgame Arena enemies.


This accessory upgrades Ray Pentagram. In addition to the arrows every turn doing more damage, it adds the Gamma Ray effect which causes massive all-target damage to the enemy.

Note: Gamma Ray will only be cast if the damage-over-time effect is not currently active (not yet cast, expired, or dispelled).

Found on Tower of Trials floor 8.

Frozen Augite

This item removes all buffs and debuffs from everyone in the battle, friendly or enemy. Obtained by completing the Tower of Trials.

Luna’s cooking

Luna’s Cookie (Recipe 1)

  • Effects: KOs a party member instantly (or drops them to 1 HP if on campaign map). Not much point to this unless you want to see a defeat scene.
  • How to obtain: Available at start

Luna’s Candy (Recipe 2)

  • Effects:
    • In combat, lowers a party member to 1 HP instantly.
    • On field, raises lust worm level by 3 when used on Luna. Use on Cless or Airi for a small bit of fanservice.
  • How to obtain: Purchase from Item Shop in the second half of the game (after the dungeon raid).

Luna’s Waffle (Recipe 3)

  • Effects: In combat, inflicts Berserk on a party member (no effect on Airi). On field, lowers a party member to 1 HP instantly.
  • How to obtain: Talk to the Man who Lost a Bet at the Dawn Shepard Bar. He’ll ask for 50 denars, which he uses to gamble again. If he wins, he gives you an item; the fourth time in the game this happens, it’ll be Recipe 3.

Luna’s Pie (Recipe 4)

  • Effects: In combat, lowers ATK, DEF, M-ATK and M-DEF. On field, lowers a party member to 1 HP instantly.
  • How to obtain: Tower of Trials 1F boss

Easter eggs and other hidden content

Post-endgame content

Take Airi down to the bottom of the Shandora Ruins for a hidden boss. Beating this will get you Airi’s final weapon.

Take Cless and talk to the Antiques Dealer in the Church for a sidequest.

Other stuff

Using Analyzer on a party member gives some “information” on her, including her physical measurements, hobby and “weakness”. Oh, Japan.

In the Qanat, you can use the Feather Anklet to walk through the water areas. Some of the channels lead outside the map and can lead to unusual items.

  • B2 mid-left edge: Mole (dev message)
  • B2 middle of map: Magic Ward accessory
  • B3 top-right edge: Hamama (very hard boss)

During the final battle against the parasite, Jill will stop you if you try to eat any of Luna’s cooking.

Have fun ❤


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