My Sister, My Roommate Full Walkthrough Guide

My Sister, My Roommate Full Walkthrough Guide.

Let’s go.


  • Peep on Nikki in the shower: Do it once: Sweet Render. Don’t be a pervert and do it twice though.

  • Jerk off before bed: Longer sex scene with Mrs. Sollain OR Go see Nikki: Conversation with Nikki and a few renders of her towel slipping

  • Coffee with Molly and Nikki or Stay Behind?
    • Coffee: Get invited to party and have the potential to walk in on Nikki giving a dude a BJ
    • Stay behind: Spend time with Jessica and see naked pics on her phone

  • Who to date?
    • Jessica: Sex scene with Jessica and unlocks later sex scene on the first day of classes with her in the shower
    • Molly: Learn more about Molly’s background
    • Cory: Peep on her in the shower. Leads to date to the club, where you kiss her, which then unlocks future HJ scene with her

  • Look in Ashley’s bag? Gives you clues to know how to handle the date with her. Get all four clues and she bangs you in the club bathroom.
    • Answers for your date: Rum, Polar Bear, Seitan, Gwen Stefani

  • Can Molly Trust Nikki? – Leads to dialogue changes later in the game, but no major game impact

  • Do you want Nikki to help you with Molly? Leads to minor dialogue/render changes later in the game, but no major game impact

  • Play video games or text Cory? If you went on a first date with Cory, then this is the handjob end date (if you play your cards right). If you picked Jessica or Molly for the first date, this is the gym/club date with Cory.
    • 2nd Cory date answers: “Yeah, I’m not like most guys.”
    • “I pulled a muscle, so I’m taking a few days off.”
    • “Maybe you could show me a little of what you’ve learned from her?”
    • Either “Action” or “Comedy”

  • Photographer website response:
    • Ask to meet him: Unlocks scene with photographer, and leads to Skylar giving Taylor an HJ or BJ
    • Tell him to leave Nikki alone: No scene with photographer, but leads to scene where you take Jessica’s pics instead, and leads to sex with her

  • Watch Nikki have sex with other guys?
    • Leads to foursome scene with Taylor, Skylar, Nikki, and DBrickashaw if yes.
    • If no, DBrickashaw doesn’t try anything with Nikki and is perfect gentleman.

  • Watch Nikki with other girls?
    • Leads to watching Nikki and Jessica hook up, and eventually a Nikki/Jessica double BJ

  • If photographer scene:
    • Step in and stop this = BJ from Skylar
    • Let it happen = HJ from Skylar

  • See movie with Nikki & Molly? Get HJ from Jessica & Nikki OR
  • Get coffee with Skylar? Get BJ from Skylar. IF you choose Skylar for this activity, then you have sex with her at D’Brickashaw’s party. If you don’t, she only gives you a BJ at the party.

  • Beach True or Dare game: No long term impact on the game. Only changes dialogue and renders

  • Guess who at the coffee shop: No long term impact on the game. Only briefly changes the dialogue

  • To have sex with Mrs. Sollain after helping her move furniture:
    • Go after her
    • Absolutely!
    • “I’m sorry to hear that” or “Stay silent”
    • No way! I love what happened!
    • Also leads to Mrs. Sollain and Nikki Threesome the next night. If not, it is a Nikki solo scene the next night.

  • If Taylor doesn’t have sex with Mrs. Sollain:
    • Potential for scene with Jessica depending on previous choices. If you didn’t want to watch Nikki with girls, you
    • miss all this content.
    • Otherwise: Be quiet lets you watch Nikki and Jessica go at it.
    • Let them know I see them potentially let’s Taylor join in. IF he’s hooked up with Jessica in the past, answer “Try
    • to be aggressive” and you’ll get a double BJ.
My Sister, My Roommate Full Walkthrough Guide

  • Prof Katcher’s office: Self explanatory. Say yes to get a BJ from her. Saying no just skips the scene

  • Cory on the streets: Go back to her apartment to see her for sex. Saying no just skips the scene

  • Do you say yes to being Molly’s boyfriend? This starts the web of end game paths. See the last page for how the decisions impact the end game.

  • IF you got BJ from Prof Katcher, there is the option to visit her at her house for threesome with husband. If you choose that option, you will miss the volleyball game, and thus miss the opportunity for a threesome with Cory and Chelsea. Alternatively, you can go to the volleyball game and have a threesome later in the night IF you said yes to having sex with Cory at her apartment.

  • Prof Katcher’s apartment:
    • “Hell yeah! Go for it!” – Leads to sex with the Professor and her husband and a bad Molly ending if you’re her boyfriend.
    • “No thanks. I better leave.” – Skips the threesome

  • Party with D’Brickashaw:
    • IF you said no to watching Nikki with guys, D’Brickashaw asks if you’d be okay with Nikki dating someone. Leads to change in future situations surrounding D’Brickashaw’s friend Marc and Nikki potentially dating.
    • If Cory and Chelsea won their volleyball game, you can have a threesome with them. IF you are Molly’s boyfriend, this will lead to a bad Molly ending.

  • After the party, IF you’re Molly’s boyfriend there is a BJ scene with her.

  • Ashley holding Taylor hostage: “Better leave the gun where it is” (Unless you want to get shot and die)

  • Have sex with Ashley? IF Molly boyfriend, this is indeed cheating and will lead to a Molly bad ending. Ashley will get arrested no matter what, but how it happens will change depending on if you had sex with Ashley or not. Also, the dialogue at Ashley’s trial changes depending on this decsicion.

  • Chelsea at the beach: IF you are Molly’s BF and you have sex with her, it leads to bad ending.
  • IF you’re in relationship with her, you obviously have sex with her. IF you turned down relationship with Cory and Chelsea, there is no opportunity for sex.

  • IF Taylor is in a relationship with Molly, she will show up to the “Ashley goes to jail party” Nikki planned, otherwise Cory shows up.

My Sister My Roommate End Game Paths

My Sister, My Roommate Full Walkthrough Guide

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