Lust Goddess – 10 general tips for beginners

These tips for Lust Goddess will not surprise experienced players, but may help a little for beginners just starting to play.

If you came here by chance, haven’t played Lust Goddess yet and you like these screenshots:

Here is a link to the browser version of the game – click here . And here is the link to the mobile version – click here . Game is also available in Nutaku.

10 general tips for beginners

1. Content in the game opens as you increase in the League. Your task is to achieve entry into the new league with minimal resource costs. In the future, they will allow you to progress further in the events that will become available to you.

2. Do not reboot Common (green) and Rare (blue) fighters – they will quickly lose their relevance, just improve them. Upon reaching level 19, the “Modification” will open to you, then reboot those of them who have greatly exceeded the level from which the fighter can be rebooted – you will get back part of the mercenary’s points, which you modify into the points of an higher version of the fighter.

3. Not all Epic (purple) fighters are trash. Yes, almost always the Legendary (orange) version will be better, but often the Epic versions have great abilities that the Legendaries don’t. And situationally they may be more suitable for your deck + they are easier to level up.

4. Do not waste Emerix on recruiting “Temptation Soldiers” – the chance of getting a Legendary fighter is extremely low. It’s better to save up, with their help you can advance further in various events, the profit from which will be much higher.

5. Sometimes you will receive a free recruitment “Temptation Soldiers” (from events or weekly) – do not use them right away, hold them until the event, in which you will need to purchase this recruitment N times, then you will use them.

6. Never rush into improving fighters, rebooting or wasting any resources in the game at all – all this should be done for events in which there will be requirements to perform this or that action N times. Then you will do all this, having previously accumulated resources.

7. When choosing a Legendary fighter in the periodic event “Chosen Hero”, keep in mind that all fighters in the game become available from a certain League level. Therefore, if you choose a Legendary fighter, the Epic version of which you do not yet have, and it is still not available to you at the league level, you will be faced with the impossibility of leveling it up through points modification. In addition, some fighters can only be obtained through such an event.

8. One of the most unpleasant (but passable without donation) tasks in events is to get a Legendary fighter from a case or recruitment. Under no circumstances should you try to complete it by spending Emerixes in recruitment (especially through “Lust Goddesses” for 4499). The minimum cost for Emerix (but not in time…) would be to knock him out as a reward for the next battle. This is where auto-battle comes in handy – we just start battles in the background while watching a TV series (or other pastime) until you finally get the Legendary Case. We open it for Emerix (you most likely will not have free slots) and move further through the event.

9. Don’t use auto combat if you want to improve your skill in this game and not just stare at boobs. The bot plays much worse than a person who understands the game and wins only due to the OP deck.

10. Don’t donate to this game. With the developers’ policies (when they deliberately make events virtually impassable without a donation) and prices, it’s not worth it. If you have a lot of extra money and want to throw it at the screen, buy additional slots for cases. This will be a purchase for the future and will speed up your development in the game, and not a one-time temporary boost.

Avoid these mistakes as a new player!

There’s a lot of mistakes you can make when you’re starting out, things that make the game much harder to actually progress in. So I wanted to make this guide to help others avoid some these same mistakes.

Don’t pull on banners, Save your gems, Save your time!

The banners in this game are designed to suck you dry (and not in the good way, if you know what I mean).

Using your gems on banners will make events that much harder to complete. I made the mistake of using a lot of gems at first, which made doing events absolute hell! Which is how you’ll (probably) get most of your gold units.

You will get a free pull weekly, and you’ll get some free pulls from events.

Speaking of which…

Events, Events, and more Events

While getting to the next league is how you progress, events are really what facilitate this progress. You’ll (probably) get most of your gold units from events.

Events happen often, and they’re somewhat difficult to progress in if you’re a dummy like me.

The types I’ve seen since I started, are Exobond tasks, Card gambling and the main events. There’s others too from what I know, but these are the ones I’ve personally seen since starting.

Main events

These are the larger, more comprehensive events. These have 3 chapters, each increasingly more difficult to progress in. In fact, I’ve yet to reach the 3rd chapter on an event at the time of writing this. The event tasks vary, but generally speaking things like collecting unit points, pulling on banners, rolling on roulette (more on this in a bit), opening crates and getting specific characters or getting a gold unit for example, etc, etc.

The first chapter is usually fairly simple to complete, and depending on luck, you might be able to get to about halfway through the second chapter without much issue.

The roulette is a part of the main events. There’s 3 roulette options, the blue one, the purple one and the gold one.

  • Blue – Kinda worthless, don’t spend event coins on spinning these unless it’s an event task to pull.
  • Purple – I would also somewhat avoid these, but it’s a bit more dependent on what the units within the roulette are. If the purple units are good, pulling on this isn’t necessarily a waste. Otherwise, avoid unless it’s an event task to pull.
  • Gold – This is basically a guaranteed gold unit, save your event coins for pulling on these. You should be able to collect enough coins for at least one pull.

My advice is to go as far as you can without using gems. Avoid tasks that require you to pull, even if it means you can’t progress. Unless you want to I guess. I’m not your mom, I can’t stop you.


These are relatively simple tasks and you should easily be able to reach the 1500 exobonds required for a gold unit, with some extra left over. Avoid using gems for the tasks, but if you like/want the units that are going for gems in this event, you can spend on them, at least they’re guaranteed and you know what you’re getting.

However, do not refresh the list too many times, keep count of how many exobonds you have and can realistically still gain and stay at least at 1500 so that you can get at least 1 gold unit.

Card gamba

This event is entirely RNG. You have 4 cards that you need to choose one to flip over, after the 3rd or 4th round, one of the cards will always be a skull card, you get said card and it’s GG for you, no more tries unless you pay $5.

And it should go without saying, but don’t spend money on this one. Don’t get greedy, if you got good rewards from the cards, there’s no shame in quitting while you’re ahead.

Otherwise you’ll end up like poor Waltuh

Save yo units my G

This one’s pretty straightforward. Don’t level up (and waste) your units unnecessarily. As you progress, you’ll unlock something called ‘Modification’, which let’s you use the previous tier of units to get points for the next tier. This way you can level up your gold units by collecting enough purple units.

Another big reason to not level up units unnecessarily is events. There may be some tasks that require you to level up units, use them on modification or even reboot them.

So save yo units my G.

If at least some of these tips were useful to you, and you would like to see some more material on the game, then do not be lazy to use my promotional code for the referral system: “GUXFER” – enter it in the game in your profile window. (after basic training):

Please note that you can enter a promotional code only before reaching League 26!

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