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Here is a guide on how I shiny hunt in Princess & Conquest, it might not be the best way, but its a way i found that works. Autor – Blaze.

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This guide is how i hunt for shinies, i will detail what items i use, how to get it and what to do with it in order to get a shiny child.
And not only will i tell you how to get a shiny, i will show you how to change the shiny’s appearance (in case RNGesus hate you like how it hates me), so you can get your perfect shiny sparking child.
I am by no means an expert on this game, so if i missed something or you got other tips, feel free to post them in the comments, any helps is appreciated.
Anyways, lets begin

Some stuff you might want to know

Before you start, here is some stuff that you might want to know:
-shinies in this game don’t work like a shiny in that other Japanese game where you catch weird monsters that looks like furry bait, shinies in P&C is more like a color filter over the normal progeny, so shininess is not related to the real color of the progeny

-getting a shiny is how you complete one of the achievement/medal, you can use this achievement pop up to see if you got a shiny or not but this only works once, however you don’t need this to tell if you got a shiny or not, so if you used cheats (a little crime boi like me) there are still other ways to tell.

-if you want one shiny from every race, you might want to start with trying to get a shiny crystal child because the way to hunt for one is a little different and the achievement pop up is pretty useful for it (you could always do it the hard way, its just more work).

-there is a shiny for every race, HOWEVER i think at the time of this guide there is no shiny for mermaids (unless i am just really unlucky), and i am not even sure that crystal progeny can be shiny, there is a patch note or a tweet that said something about shiny crystal i think, but i dont even have a normal crystal let alone a shiny one.

-you can only see the different color from the progeny menu or when you talk to the progeny, it won’t show in S*X scenes or in the overworld

-i think only randomly generated NPC can be shiny, so NPCs like moss princess, Ameile, etc. can’t be shiny

Items you will need

items you need for the shiny hunt part:
Starjewel Hairclip: the most important item for this, increase your chance of getting a shiny.
you get this from Wyvern peak (that island at the south east of the map, you need the ability to fly to get here, that might be a guide for later), make your way to the back, jump into the massive gaping hole, and as you make your way out of the hole there is a chest containing hair clip.
you MIGHT need two, and the only way to get more then one is to go into new game+
(note:it says increase your chance by 100%, that’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, the more correct ways is saying it is that it double the chance as it adds 100% of what the current chance are, so if the default chance is 0.01%, the hairclip will add 100% of 0.01%, making it 0.02%)

Shorty Special: you will need this if you want the shiny child to be that ♥♥♥ that came out of you balls.
you get this from the goblin brewery, you can use sleep powder for a one time pass, or pay 20K for unlimited access, you can get one per day.

Oxytocin Salt: make princess give birth faster
buy it from trevor in the tavern at night for $1500
(note: you can also make the pregnancy speed 3X in the settings, thats what i use, and it stack with the salt)

a truck load of cash:
get this however you could, the way i farm cash is to just kill the hippo in the jungle and sell the loot, but feel free to do something else if you know of a better way

Queen’s milk(optimal): can make your shiny progeny THICC, IDK what that means, you can get a DUMMY THICC child with the bell, i guess there is a stats boost as well
you can trade for this at queen’s spire in the garden using queen’s pralines, there is no set price and i don’t know how to farm for praline in mass amounts, so ummm….good luck.

items you need to re-roll appearance of the shiny:
-Cardinal Bell: change the gender and the body shape of the progeny
you get this from the harvest princess quest line, it’s a little too long to detail here, so that might be another guide later

Lapin Headband: re-roll the appearance
you can buy it from merchant princess at the rabbit kingdom for 1K each
(this is the biggest money waster, you COULD only have one, use it and reset the save if you dont like the look, but i dont do that because some time it takes a while and i will accidentally save over the file)

A believe in god: PRAY!
If you don’t need it, that’s fine, just tell me which demon you sold your soul to for that perfect look on your shiny BECAUSE I NEVER GET IT!

prayer: lesser dragon: funny how the last thing you needed was a believe in god, this is just for re-rolling rabbits because the headband don’t work on them, so you need to turn them into a kobold first before you put a headband on them.
you can get one from the monastery (you need flying to get in as well), i don’t how to get more, so you will have to reset the save unless you know how to get more.

S.C.R.A.B.: turning a egg into a crystal egg which will hatch into a crystal progeny
i have no idea how to get this,i only have this from cheats, the wiki says you get it from the finhead kingdom, so have fun.
edit:so small update, i manage to found out how to get this item while hunting for costumes, you have to kill that Jewelled crab in the tunnel, i got one to drop pretty fast, but it seems to be pretty rare as i never got another one, i have no idea if the double crab quest can drop it but my guess is that they could as they are basically the same enemy


Now that you have all the items you need you also need to have the princess of the same race (you cant get the princess of some race, so i will detail how to get the shiny of that race later).
Level up the princess to the point where she have 20 skill points and put 5 point in each skill (this is so the starjewel hairclip gives a 200% chance instead of 100%)
Save the game, spend the night with princess without the shorty special, if she have a heart event, finish the heart event and go to the next night, repeat until there is no heart event and she offer you that good puss, which at that point, reload the save and move to step 4
Drink the shorty special and rail her in the ♥♥♥♥♥(you will have to do some gender change and portal stuff for harvest princess because she is weird, i will let you guys experiment with how to do that)
Give her the starjewel hairclip (if you want, the queen’s milk as well)
Do whatever you do in the day till she is ready to birth or lay egg, remember to use the salt to make the process faster
When she is ready, make 2-3 save file before you talk to her and get the child, you can have more save file if you want, thats because my many ♥♥♥♥ up saving over of the file, and have more then one file saved my ass many times
Talk to the princess and get the child/egg, if its a child ,you could see its a shiny or not right away, you should always check with dear just in case because some shiny is a very small difference from the normal
If you get a egg, you will have to hatch it before you see its shiny or not, this is why i hate hunting for shinies that comes from a egg (the shiny moth in the thumbnail took me like 4 months)
Once you get a shiny, save many times so you don’t accidentally hit load out of habit and lost the shiny

Re-rolling the looks

Re-rolling the looks is easy, it’s just annoying.

Once you made the saves(2-3 save files), give the shiny a lupin headband, remove it and the appearance will permanently change, if you run out of headband just reset the save and try again, if its a rabbit, you will have to use a prayer: less dragon to turn her into a kobold first and then use the headband to change her appearance.

Don’t worry about body shapes, you can use the cardinal bell to change the gender, and every time you change the gender it will re-roll the body shape as well.

One last thing, you can go to the moth kingdom to change the hair style and hair color, this will only works for some race because they have hair.

Some other thing you should know

if you are trying to get a shiny crystal, here is what you do:

follow the hunting guide untill you get a egg, at that point if the egg is shiny the achievement pop up, use the S.C.R.A.B. on the egg and hatch it.

if you used cheats or you already got another shiny before, you will need to make another save after you get the egg every time, hatch it, if its not a shiny, reset to before the egg is birthed and get another one, if its a shiny, reset to the point before the egg is hatched, use the S.C.R.A.B. and hatch the egg again.

princessless race shinies:

as for the race that you cant get the princess for, you will need to use the daycare, level up two of the same race(1 male, 1 female), give them a starjewel hairclip each and put them into the day care, get a child/egg every so often until you get a shiny.

Some finishing words

i have no ideas why i decided to make guides for this game(it might be just because i am ho*ny), for all i know, no one will see it, but i am still putting this out there, just in case there is someone like me trying to look for more info on this game and not finding anything.

it took me like 4 hour to slap this together and i am new to this guide making stuff so i didn’t even put any images, but i will try to make better guide in the future.

if you have a guide you want on this game, feel free to request it in the comments, i will try to do a guide on it if i could or if i felt like it =)


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