Cat’s Kiss – Little Game Guide

Do you like Cats? Here is a Cat’s Kiss – Little Game Guide.

General stuff

  • There are two ending : Leave / Stay
    It is determine by {Affection} (>350?) if you see the closet is fully opened, she would stay.
  • If you choose to work and instantly go back to home, you’ll waste 3 strength.
  • Hold CTRL can skip dialogs.
  • MAX Strength = 100, MAX C um = 9
  • Sneak to bed and touch her body would increase {Interest}
  • Item can only used once per day, and would not cost action point
  • The same option in chat, XiangLi would give you different answer depends on her state.
  • Choose not to peek can earn some free Strength
  • Use romance film before having sex has special dialogs
  • You won’t be killed by the maid if you wake XiangLi after day2 now.
  • XiangLi Birthday on 21st Oct.

About earning money and store

Morning: School
Afternoon: Business District
Night: Residential District/Business District

Morning: Residential District
Afternoon: Residential District
Night: Residential District/Suburbs

Main Quest items: $1000 $4200 $6800

Store reset timing : per every 4 days. On date {4n+1} (example: 1 5 9 13 17 21)

Pre-task for first H scene(Sneak to bed)

How to earn the heart of XiangLi

  • Increase {Affection}
    Just spam your [Chat] Option to farm {Affection}, hold down [Ctrl] can skip dialogs. {Affection} at least <120> (according to Official Guild during early access). I just farm it all the way to <220>.
  • Increase {Interest}
    By saying dirty stuff to flirt her during [Chat], such as [Panties] /[Semen].
    Should be the most important value for H scene.
    For my first game, when my{Affection} was <220>, {Interest} already meet 400~500, and stack to over 1k after using Aphrodisiac.
    ※Sneak to bed and touch her body increases Interest
  • Just Max eveything : {Mood}-Ecstaitic, {Libido}-In Heat.
    • {Mood} Increase by a success [Games],
      [Party games] and [Chess] are the best option for increasing {Mood}. They can be found in Department Stores, for about $2000.
    • {Libido} Increase together with {Interest} by chatting.
  • Buy [Pillow], [Dildo], [Egg Vibrator] these are powerful tools. I heard that [cocktail] can make her has a deeper sleep, while [Aphrodisiac] greatly increase [Interest]
  • Increase your [Strength Limit], by using [Dumbbellset] from Store.

Tips for first H scene(Sneak to bed)

###Keep an eye on the top left corner, where the XiangLi logo with opened eyes means she is almost wake. If this is happening, rub her head to claim her.###
###Right click to take off clothes and open legs.###

1. Don’t keep clicking the same spot. Try different spots.
2. Use eggs to increase is a good option.
3. Use Dildo when the red bar(left one) reaches half-full.
4. When the red bar is almost full, switch dildo to the real one.
※ After success, H option is unlocked in action menu.
※ Try sneak to the bed some more times if you cannot “H” with XiangLi

The other 4 H scene

※H option unlock/sneak to bed succeed is a must
※High values are needed (at least >350)
1. Watch romance film($450) two times(third time has little different on dialog compairing to second time)(if you use the item before having sex, theres some special dialog which you cannot see them if you use the item after sex, therefore if you want to 100% clear this game, 3 romance film is needed);
2. Peek shower;
3. Manually back to home after working;
4. Not sneaking to bed.


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