Princesses Never Lose! – Endings, Events & scenes Guide

This guide for “Princesses Never Lose!” game contain Walkthrough, endings & scene list


Prologue (skippable)
Go east after the opening.
Go east and talk to the slime to fight it, or go up the hill to distract it. [scene]
Enter Tolinia Castle

Chapter 1: We Shall Establish Stivale
Cross the Tolinia border and continue.
Follow the path.
An event will occur at a place with many enemy soldiers.
Climb the ivy to the top and fight or prostitute the soldiers there. [scene]
After the event, examine the rock and then proceed.

After entering the city, try to enter the armory, then talk to the person in front of the armory.
Then go to the Cross Hospital and talk to the soldier in the bed on the second floor.
Talk to the doctor, then give the soldier on the second floor a bottle of Vim Water.
Examine the nearby acupuncture points and then enter the armory.
Then head to the Casteddu Fort.
Boss battle on the top floor [scene]
BOSS: Major of the Sandarion Army
Its weakness is wind. If you don’t have the weakness, you can win by attacking it with Slash.

After defeating the boss, enter the city hall and talk to the woman twice.
Use the key to open the door to the city hall and go inside.
Use the key to open the door to City Hall and enter.
BOSS: Casteddu Police, Activation Unit Commander [scene]
Wind attacks are its weakness. Not that strong.
After defeating the boss, head to Tolinia Port on the first floor of the fortress.
Get on a ship and leave the port.
Enter the capital toward the beach on the other side of the river.

Talk to the doctor at the General Hospital.
Talk to the suspicious man on the back roads east of Thurin. [scene]
After the event, leave Thurin from the east and head to Formaggio Hill.
Enter the Thurin Cavern Prison at the top.
Talk to the black-haired prisoner, then take the key from the desk to free the black-haired prisoner.
To remove the magic circle on the way, place a rock on top of it.
Talk to the prisoner at the back and fight him.
After the event, go back a little and talk to the researcher at the explosion site.

Head to the Royal Explosive Laboratory east of Thurin
Talk to the director and get the bomb.
Destroy the large rock west of Thurin
Enter the Royal Palace, go to the entrance hall, turn on the switch and go to the door on the stairs.
Go through the door at the top of the stairs. At the far end, fight the boss or negotiate sexually to get through.
BOSS: Calberto Enumerio.
Its weakness is the earth attribute, including its attendants. Defeat the companion first. Be careful of the Power Blade.

After defeating it, enter the wine store east of Thurin and talk to the shopkeeper.
Head to the blocked-off area on Formaggio Hill.
Enter the forest of Maiare and continue on.
After entering Miravis, head to the cathedral.
Stay at the inn after the event.
The next day, head to the counter, then enter the room behind the inn and examine the hidden room.

Head to Miravis’ factory and talk to the employee in the back.
Head to the Centrao Grassland and mine the opal ore.
Return to the Miravis Improvement and give the opal ore to the president.
Head to the inn in Miravis and enter the hidden room in the back and talk to the leader inside.
Go to the back and talk to Sophia who is locked in the prison.
Defeat the soldiers and return to the leader to join Sophia.

After joining Sophia, head to Attendro’s residence in eastern Miravis.
Talk to the nobleman in the back room.
Go to the factory in Miravis and talk to the president.
Go to the Centrao Meadow and talk to the soldier in the back to defeat him.
After defeating the soldier, enter the nearby base and examine the device, then try to go out and fight.
After the battle, head to the underground hideout and talk to the mayor.
Head to Castle Langobard.
Talk to the man in the room on the way and Marta will be able to jump through the hole.
Lead Marta over the hole and head to the farthest door.
The door at the far end is opened by the blue and red switches.
BOSS: General Amina
Let’s defeat the attendants first. Amina’s weakness is the water attribute. When her strength is reduced, she will try to dope you.
After defeating her, head to the Centro Grassland.

Head out of the blockade and into the Pancetta Wilderness.
After arriving at the Beneti Kingdom, head to the shipyard.
Talk to the foreman in the back and pay him 30,000 or engage him in battle and win.
After the battle, head north to the Beneti Palace and talk to the president at the back.
Leave the palace and head to the nearby Canal Palace to talk to Giorgia.
Head to Pomodoro Island
Talk to the pizza maker at the back.
Open the bars next to him and go on.
Talk to the dragon at the back and enter the battle.
After defeating the dragon, talk to the pizza maker.

Go to the Canal Palace and talk to Giorgia.
Talk to the President of the Beneti Palace
Go to the Pancetta Wilderness and talk to the Pope’s soldiers.
Go to the Casino and talk to the soldiers.
Talk to the employee in the back.
Talk to the soldier again.
Talk to the other soldiers, then head to the massage parlor and talk to the receptionist.
Enter the receptionist’s door

Go to the back room and talk to the soldier in the Pancetta Wilderness
Go to the nearby narrow path to scout.
Go to the top of the stairs and defeat the enemy soldiers.
After defeating them, Caprera and Barbara will join you, so retreat from the south.
Follow the path and enter the Romanesco Fortress.
Talk to the clown on the top floor and start fighting.
Examine the cannon after defeating it.
Use the transfer holy stone to go to the Miravis Factory and talk to the president.
Pay 10,000G, then return to the Romanesco Fortress and examine the cannon.
Leave the Romanesco Fortress and head to the Vino Road.
Enter the nearby cave. If you want to avoid battle at this time, get the Virgin Fruit from the nearby tree.
Boss battle at the back
BOSS: Unicorn & Princess Marie
Its weak point is water. Attack with a series of attacks.
After defeating the boss, go through the nearby streets and enter Firede, where Caprera and Barbara will leave.

Head to the Sandalion Royal Palace and talk to Paolo.
Head to Firede
Enter the University of Firede and talk to the man at the entrance
Enter the nearby tavern Cabaret and talk to the black clerk
Check the door in the basement of the university and go inside.
Choose all the questions except the last one, which is the top one.
Enter the room in the middle or head to the back room.
Caprera and Barbara will join you.

Go to the Sandalion Royal Palace and talk to Paolo.
Go to the Opera House and talk to Thiel inside.
Go to Maiare Forest and examine the mural.
Go to the Opera House and talk to Valeria.
Go back to the mural and examine it.
Go to the back room and talk to Thiers in the opera house
Head to Ricotta Forest
Follow the path and enter Ricotta Castle
Talk to the Lord of the Haunted Tribe at the far end
After the event, leave the castle.
Turn away from the hypnotic attack at the entrance to face the boss.
Fire is its weakness. The fire attribute is its weakness, and Barbara’s special attack on humans also works well.
After defeating it, head to the Sandalion Royal Palace.
Talk to King Calberto in the back.
Talk to the owner of the wine store.

Head to Grana Padano Road.
Keep going up and fight the boss on the top floor.
BOSS: Princess Marie and General Amina.
Both of them have water as their weak point. Use Barbara’s special attack and a series of attacks to attack.
Go to Miravis Factory and talk to the factory manager.
Enter the VIP room of Beneti’s Casino.
Use physics to solve the problem or leave it to Sophia.
Take the boat from Sandalion Beach.
Land on the opposite shore and continue on.
An event will occur at the back of the ship and you will have to execute the mission.

Enter Panormus
Talk to the soldier in front of the armory in the back.
Talk to the slime in the center of the town
Talk to Giorgia and defeat her
Enter the cave east of Panormus after defeating it
Talk to the chimera on the second floor, then talk to the monkey nearby.
Follow the monkey and defeat the underwater dragon at the dead end.
After defeating it, talk to the chimera in the previous section and continue on.
After entering Napolia, talk to the woman in the middle of the road.

Head to the basement of the Cathedral
Go to the Gold Shild Trading Company
Talk to the man in the red suit
Go to Palazzo di Napolia
When you enter the palace, you will be thrown into a prison.
Rescue your friends without being seen by the soldiers.
Keep going and defeat the enemy soldiers in the back.
Enter the Palazzo di Napoli and go to the back.
If you answer the quiz correctly, you can proceed to the right side.
Boss battle at the far end
BOSS Isabella
Her weakness is the fire attribute. Her weakness is fire, and her special attack on humans is very effective. Try to attack with a series of attacks. Be careful, as it inflicts damage and status abnormalities on you.
After defeating, Isabella and Giorgia will become your friends.

Head to Pecorino Strada
Defeat the enemies in front of Monica Bell.
After defeating them, enter Monicabel and enter the cathedral at the back.
Enter the Monicabelle Palace
Kill the blue orc and light the candlestick in the back. Do both of these.
Boss battle at the far end
BOSS St. Simon the Third.
Weakness: Earth. Its weakness is earth, and its special attack against different races works well. Try to attack in succession.
Defeat the three Orcs in the Pope’s room at the back.
After defeating them, talk to the Pope in the back room.

Head to the Royal Palace of Trina
Examine the wall painting in Casted Fortress.
Enter the Trigna Ruins.
Examine the sword at the back and you will be sent to a mysterious space.
Continue on to the boss battle at the far end.
BOSS Guelfi
Weaknesses are different races and dragon attacks. Be careful of the upper-level attacks of each attribute.
After defeating it, head to Monica Bell.
Enter the cathedral for the boss battle.
Its weakness is fire. The human special attack is also very effective. Attack in succession.

After defeating it, head for the Sky Fortress Jiz.
Go inside and continue on.
Boss battle at the far end
BOSS: Sky Fortress Ziz
You can’t win without Guelfi. Its weak point is fire. Weak because it’s in its first form.
After defeating it, there will be a series of fights.
BOSS Sky Fortress Jizz – Enhanced
Its weak point is fire. Its weakness is fire. It is strengthened, but attack it with a series of attacks. Frightening attacks such as Isabella’s are effective.
After defeating it, head to the back and examine the device in the back to find the final boss.
LAST BOSS: Ziz, final form.
It has no weak points. Attack with a series of attacks. Frightening attacks are effective.
After defeating it, talk to Trina’s father for the ending.


There are three endings in total.
Bad ending…Defeat in the final boss battle
Happy ending…Win the boss battle of each chapter such as Calvert, Amina, Marie & Unicorn, Marie & Amina, Isabella, and St. Simon III more than 3 times.
Skeevy end… Resolve the boss battle of each of the above chapters with skeevy diplomacy four times or more.

Sub Events

  • Talk to the man on the second floor of the department store in the city of Turing. Get the Fool’s Praise and give it to him.
  • I want my Discorsi back… Talk to the man in the Mercenary Guild in Miravis Town. Defeat the soldier in the locked house in Miravis, then get the Discorsi from the treasure chest and give it to him.
  • Investigate the professor… Talk to a teacher at the University of Firede. After that, talk to the male students in the university.
  • The horse that got away… Talk to the man in the stable in Napolia. Talk to the white horse at the entrance to the underwater cave.
  • The Exploding King: Talk to the man in the gas mask on the second floor of the Gortschild Trading Company in Napolia. Then defeat the monster.
  • Algiers, the King of Stones: Talk to Algiers at the inn in Monicabel. Examine the pillars on the second floor of the Monicabel Palace. After the event, defeat the powerful enemies from the past. After that, collect the treasure chest in the back and get into the device.
  • After defeating the final form of Ziz, talk to Paolo at Trina Castle. After defeating the final form of Ziz, talk to Paolo in Trigna Castle and enter the Arpi Volcano from the iron grate under Miravis. At the far end of the volcano, you’ll battle the Holy Stone King Arge. As a boss, Algiers is very effective against fright. He has no weak point. Clear by defeating him.

Scenes Guide

If you load the clear data after clearing the game, you can enter the second week and examine the treasure chest at home to release all of them.
If your skeeviness level is over 30, their perception of sex will change.

Erica gives birth… After being ejaculated into the vagina, she gives birth in the hospital in a pregnant state.
Erica’s defeat… Erica is the first to be defeated by the grunts on the field.
Touching Erica… Pretend to be a prostitute when scouting for the army.
Erica’s Blowjob… on the top floor of the Casted Fortress.
Erica’s Boobs Revealed… seduce the mayor in the mayor’s room.

Marta squeezer… Defeat the captain at the back of the Tulane Cave prison.
Defeat Marta… Defeat the mooks in the field with Marta in the lead.
Marta masturbates… Listen to the other player’s needs in order to get information in the town of Tulane.

Erica defeats Calberto, the boss of Chapter 1.
Erica’s marriage ceremony… Accept the minister’s idea in the nearby room without fighting Calberto.
Erica is sexually harassed by a still body… and goes along with Miravis’ experiments.
Erica’s nakedness is exposed… and her suspicions of a suspicious man at the Miravis factory are confirmed.
Erica is defeated by Amina in the face-to-face position.
Erica’s lover’s play… she doesn’t go to Amina’s room, but has dirty diplomacy with an Imperial soldier.

Defeat Sophia… Defeat the mooks in the field with Sophia in the lead.
Sophia’s breast caress…Leave it to Sophia when you rescue her.
Sophia sucking…Talk to the Imperial Guard at the back of the Centrao Meadow with Sophia in the lead.
Marta’s Sleeping Bag… Enter the private room at the Imperial base. Talk to a soldier at the Imperial base.
Defeat Amina… Defeat General Amina, the boss in Chapter 2.

Erica Pizzi… works at a massage parlor.
Erica defeats back… Marie and the unicorn defeat her.
Erica Unicorn H…Goes to Marie and the others with the virgin fruit in her possession.
Erica’s breasts are exposed… she diplomats with the dragon at the back of Pomodoro Island.

Marta Blowjob… going to comfort an operative unit.
Marta masturbation… prostitute to the president of the Miravis factory when you go to get repair parts for the cannon.
Sophia in cowgirl position… talk to the circus master at Romanesco Fortress.
When you get to the fortress of Romanesco, talk to the circus leader with Sophia in the lead.
Defeat Marie… Defeat Marie and the unicorn.

When you escape from Ricotta Castle, you will be hypnotized by Eve.
Erica defeats Marie and Amina in the backseat.
Erica comfort sex… go around from the blind spot on the Grano Padano road.
Erica sexual harassment interview… Answer the last question honestly when you are interviewed by Philade.

Marta drinking orgy…Choose to listen to the members of the union after giving them a lot of drinks at Philade’s tavern.
Clean up the Marta Kettle Hole… When borrowing Tulane’s treasure, ask the person what they want.
When you’re making money, leave it to Sophia to check out the podium in front of Sandalion’s palace.
Ask the Lord of the Ghosts at Ricotta Castle for a favor.
Barbara’s Love H… Peep Caprera and Barbara having sex.

Erica’s tentacles… After burning Panormus’ armory, examine the fence where the tentacles are trapped.
Erica defeats Isabella in normal position…
When you enter the Royal Palace of Napolia, head to the Cathedral and talk to the Archbishop. After that, head to the library, talk to the man at the library entrance, and head to the back. Talk to Carbajal in the back room and find out that Isabella is a half-elf.
Show Erica your assh*le… and ask the slime for dirty diplomacy when you get the fire sparks in Panormus.

Marta Massage… Get a massage from the Gortschild Trading Company in Napolia.
Get a monkey to lure Marta out of the Reggiano underwater cave.
Sophia’s back…Let Sophia negotiate for you in the VIP room.
When escaping from the Napoleonic prison, lead Sophia to the stairs.
Defeat Isabella in the semen toilet…
Defeat Giorgia… Defeat Giorgia.

Erica’s defeat in public… Defeat in the last boss battle.
Erica’s belly button H… Enter the Sky Fortress Jiz with the skeletal route.
Marta standing side position… Talk to the Imp in front of the Cathedral after the Sky Fortress appears.
Sophia’s assh*le licking hand job…Ask the Cardinal for help at Monica Bell Palace
Sophia’s side… leave it to Sophia in the Pope’s room.
Isabella’s orgy….
Defeat Isabella… Defeat the mooks in the field with Isabella in the lead.
Defeat Eve… Defeat Eve in the Cathedral and head to the Sky Fortress Ziz.

Have fun ❤

Princesses Never Lose! - Endings, Events & scenes Guide


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