Yu Escape / Monday – Official Walkthrough + DLC Walkthrough

Heyho, you funky sexy escapist! Here is the walkthrough for Yu Escape/Monday! Stay tuned and stay funky.

Yu Escape / Monday – Official Walkthrough

Here’s how you find the fruit combination for Shi’s lock and claim your breakfast (and your sexy surprise):

– Switch on the Power Strip besides the bed. This turns on the Slotmachine and the Apple Computer.
– Look behind the Picture Frame on the table left of the door. There, you’ll find a Key.
– Use the Key to open the Closet.
– Search the waste bin and take out the Heart Key.
– Use the heart key to open the heart box inside the closet and take out the USB Stick.
– Insert the USB Stick into the Apple computer. The Apple Screen now displays a big fat 1 (and a small apple).
❗ 💡 The first fruit is an apple. 🍎

– Inspect the clothing combination in the Closet: A red wig, a blue bustier and a beige body.
– Inspect Yu’s Box. Inside, find the stamp with the girl that has that specific color combination. She holds a Banana. The stamp costs 2ct.
❗️ 💡 The second fruit is a banana. 🍌

– Inspect the Slotmachine. The picture shows this equation: 7 – banana = cherry.
– Subtract the banana’s value (2) from 7 to get 5.
❗️ 💡 The fifth fruit is a cherry. 🍒

– Press the Hidden Button on the right wall. A Safe is revealed on the left wall.
– Gather the Poster Half from under Shi’s bed and complete the torn Poster.
– The Safe needs the correct combination. Look at the color stripe below the safe door and compare it to the Poster with the fruit ice.
– There’s 1 melon, 2 plums, 8 raspberries and 0 yellow fruits. The combination is 1280.
– Inside the safe, you’ll find a Coconut. Use it on the nutcracker.
– Inside the coconut is a message: Before the red fruit comes a violet fruit! The only red fruit that can have something before it is the cherry.
❗️ 💡 The fourth fruit is a (violet) aubergine. 🍆

– Inspect the book on Shi’s Bedside Table. Inside, you’ll find a message: The pear comes in either third or fourth place. We already know the fourth place is an aubergine.
❗️ 💡 The third fruit is a pear. 🍐

The correct combination is:

1: 🍎Apple
2: 🍌Banana
3: 🍐Pear
4: 🍆Aubergine
5: 🍒Cherry

And that’s it! 🙂 Have fun with Shi!

Shi’s SEXtra Suppoter Pack DLC Walkthrough

This is a guide to help people collect all the stamps from the Shi’s SEXtra Suppoter Pack DLC.

This is a very short game, so this guide will inevitably include spoilers for the main game.
I would like to thank a few other players who helped me complete this little walkthrough.

1. Big, glowing, blue. Press it!

  • WARNING: You should complete Stamp #2 before this one otherwise you will not be able to get all in one run through.
    This one requires you to turn on the Computer buy pressing the switch on the surge protector at the foot of Shi’s bed. Once you have done that the Computer will turn on and you will be able to interact with it. You will also need to use the USB drive before you can complete this one.
    Though once you do you can stand facing the computer monitor and press 1 on your keyboard to get a Mei from Overwatch stamp!

2. Love is the key into computers.

  • Using the “Key to Yu’s Heart” (gotten form the waste bin) on the computer will grant you the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland(?) stamp.
    WARNING: If you have already plugged in the USB drive you will NOT be able to collect this stamp.

3. Books, pillows, flowers, pens. All safe.

  • After pressing the hidden button next to the computer the safe will open. You can then input the code: 2612 based on the number of the hint items. This will grant you a stamp.
    WARNING: If you have already put the correct code in you will NOT be able to collect this stamp.

4. Hidden nest to the hidden.

  • There is a hidden button to the right of the computer. If you turn right and interact with the wall there you will receive the Bowsette stamp.

5. Midnight till three. Then one day back.

  • Start at the Escape door at the top of the room and then move down 1 space.
Yu Escape / Monday - Official Walkthrough + DLC Walkthrough
  • Treating the “help” button as the center of a clock. You have to move from 1 space to the right then one space down
Yu Escape / Monday - Official Walkthrough + DLC Walkthrough
  • Then circle around it counter-clockwise a 2 full times following the same path.
Yu Escape / Monday - Official Walkthrough + DLC Walkthrough

This is tricky because there is a space right above the “Help” button that if you move into it will invalidate it. Afterwards you will get a nice little Pantyless Panty cosplay stamp.

6. Three times the humiliation.

  • There is a leash on the couch. If you interact with it 3 times you will get your Sonia from Pokemon stamp.

7. Ten to and ten fro.

  • In the top left corner there is a picture frame. If you move one space down it is possible to take 10 steps to the left and if you then turn around and take 10 steps to the right (or Vice versa). The Velma stamp will be yours.

8. Out of bounds.

  • Next to Yu’s sleeping mat there is a space in the wall where you can go down through the wall. If you follow the path out of bound it leads to the window where you can interact and it will award you another stamp of Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid!

9. Backside symmetry.

  • This stamp requires you to have acquired the small key that is stuck to the back of the picture frame. If you have not done that action yet you can not get this stamp yet.
    Though once you do that, you can go to the backside of the Shark nutcracker and interact with it to get a lovely Jessica Rabbit stamp!

10. Lucky number. Don’t give up! Press on!

  • This one requires you to turn on the Slot Machine by pressing the switch on the surge protector at the foot of Shi’s bed. Once you have done that the Slot machine will turn on and you will be able to interact with it. If you select the Press the button option 7 times you will collect this Brigiette from Overwatch stamp!

11. Right under your head.

  • If you interact with the pillow on Yu’s mattress from the tile that is right of it you will receive this Pink Ranger stamp.

12. Shi Love Flowers.

  • This one requires you to have the poster completed by adding the piece that is under the bottom side of the Bed and the closet opened by retrieving the key from behind the picture frame next to the escape door.
    You then need to interact the objects in this order: the poster, then the heart box, then the flower on the table you will then receive the fun D.va from Overwatch stamp!

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