Rise of Eros – Quick F2P Guide

Hello all Eros, I am just average Rise of Eros player who have started this game since November 2022.

Rule No 1 – Be patient!
Rule No 2 – Don’t let your smaller head dictate you < I know it is difficult ~
Rule No 3 – Grind….. It is gacha! Like the other gacha hells

I would like to share some experiences & knowledge that I learned throughout the gameplay till now. I hope this is helpful to some players ~ If you have anything to share / feedback, you may leave the comment at the guide so I will respond to it!

Thank you for viewing & supporting, hope you guys can award me something, heh…

Don’t pay to win; just free to play with grinding


Hi all, this guide is intended for all beginners and I hope it helps to clear all the doubts & point out the way you get to become a pro.

When you start the game as Guest Login and pass all the tutorials + cutscenes, you will come to this screen. You will learn all of them (what to do) step by step, when you go through the guide.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

1st of all, you see your current Account level & name and the green bottle icon like “22/120”, that’s your current stamina. Every time you up your Account level, you will gain the stamina of your current max stamina value once like “22+120/120”. For now, you should just enter BATTLE and complete the Main stages to start doing re-rolling to simplify your grinding since most of us are F2P players.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

In the BATTLE, you just need to do Main until Chapter 2-5 to unlock the mailbox in Screen 01 and utilize the option “Redeem Code” in Setting. Now you should redeem all the codes (provided by Rise of Ero occasionally) which give free gems, then you try your luck pulling the characters from Normal Pool since it has most characters and the guaranteed SSR draws will not reset. Check this promo codes: 8hq1aMhMXYG , aX8M4QXqXZ1, UYzSkqruCpN , 35bNRB151Uv

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

The recommended characters are Attacker [SSR Crusader, SSR Harvest Moon] + OPTIONAL Support [SSR Dazzlebright, SSR Miriam] + SR Chaste Justice (must) + SR Timekeeper (free by default), so you should optimize the pull by getting one of the SSRs and SR Chaste Justice then you may continue playing this account and remember to bind it in Screen 03.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Repeat the re-rolling until you got the ideal Persona formation. After you got your Persona team, you gonna invest waste your time life in this game = grinding. Back to Screen 01, there are Calender & PageList icons, they are your daily login rewards & daily + weekly quests. You should try to complete them to gain the free gems everyday.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Grinding STARTS

In order to maximize your return, you must do Coin Resource stage <Daily Attempts: 1> due to coins are required in all kinds of upgrades. Then you may do the Resource stages (by clearing them first time for the gems) per daily quest requirement <Clear any Resource stages 4 times>. Resource & Trial sections are counted towards it, so just do Coin + random 3 (clear for 1st time) until you are done with daily everyday. Then pump the rest of the stamina into Event quests if there are, otherwise just Main (Normal & Hard).

Let me simplify the order,

A) If there is event
Coin + 1 Trial (1st clear) + 2 Resource (1st clear) -> Event until you get most rewards from it, if you can’t beat higher stage, try to grind in latest event stage to gain points to exchange item from Event shop & up your Account level.

B) If there is no event
Coin + 1 Trial (1st clear) + 2 Resource (1st clear) -> Main until you clear all Mains (Normal + Hard), if you can’t beat the stage, try to grind in latest Hard for more rewards to up your Account level.

C) In the late game, when you obtain all 1st clear Rewards and there is event
Coin -> Event until you get most rewards from it.

D) In the late game, when you obtain all 1st clear Rewards and there is no event
Coin -> Main Hard 8-X, so you can get the good equipment, materials to improve your team.

Other than the grinding + daily & weekly quests, you should check out the store under <Ongoing Stores>. It has 3 sections – Daily Store, Weekly Store (Ignore this), Monthly Store.
You should grab something like Ancient Stone and Incense with the label “-60% off” under Daily Store for your daily quest.
Weekly Store is meh, so won’t talk about it and you should avoid it.
Monthly Store offers things that you purchase with gems, F2P players like us need to buy 3 things from there – Deity Contract, Mega Stamina Potion & Giga Stamina Potion. You should buy the Deity Contract every month, and purchase all of Mega & half of Giga Stamina Potion at the last day of the month to increase the duration of the potion (Due to the potion will expire 30 days later when they enter your inventory). Some would recommend to buy Bond Contract too, so it is up to you. (I myself do not buy it since I am F2P, Normal Pool characters work for me as long as they have the *)

So you will repeat what I explained above under GRINDING section everyday to increase your resources in order to pull new Persona.

Persona Upgrade

Upgrade STARTS

Now, let’s talk about the Persona + equipment + relics which have more details for you to research & plan. It requires your patience & your wallet if you can’t control yourself well.

First, it is all about Persona, for example this character in Screen 14. Level Up is the first page you see, it is to pump EXP potions (Nectar) to up your character level which max level follows your Account level.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Then there is a Plus (+) icon, this is to Awaken the character status, reduce the cool down of skills & increase the level of skill performance. How to do it? You need to keep pulling same Persona from the pool which is the gacha. For SR Persona, you get 50/100 Inscriptions from each same Persona pull; For SSR Persona, you get 100/100 Inscriptions from each same Persona pull. Our major focus would be the recommended SR Timekeeper & SR Chaste Justice since they are the useful SR & top tier characters when you consider value vs resources wise.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Transcend is to unlock the level cap of your Persona, there are few stages to transcend and you get the materials from Resource stages & Event quest rewards, nothing complex.
1) Lvl20 ~ Lv40
2) Lvl40 ~ Lv50
3) Lvl50 ~ Lv60

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Evolve is to upgrade the Rarity of your Persona, so basically a status improvement as you can see in the screenshot. The materials are very rare for SSR rarity to be upgraded to UR rarity, you need to plan & decide which Persona you gonna upgrade the rarity for the status value increase. I would suggest the usual recommend characters – SR Timekeeper then SR Chaste Justice since they are easy to get Inscriptions from pull to awaken to 3*. The materials are obtainable from Main Hard stages (very low drop rate) and also you can get them from Event Quest & Event Shop, basically you hoard the materials throughout multiple events to achieve 1 UR rarity upgrade.

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide


Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

You may raise R rarity Relics first since relics upgrade is costly, you may go with this order. Tend to raise the R rarity relics that buff HP, Defense, Attack (useful attributes) to max.

– 2x R rarity Fire
– 2x R rarity Wood
– 2x R rarity Water
– 2x R rarity Earth

Halfway through progress
– 3x R rarity Fire
– 3x R rarity Wood
– 3x R rarity Water
– 3x R rarity Earth

Once you have 4 set R rarity relics of each element,
– 4x R rarity Fire
– 4x R rarity Wood
– 4x R rarity Water
– 4x R rarity Earth

Then you may invest into SR Fire (since it buffs Attack) to pump your Timekeeper Persona & SR Water (Defense) to buff Chaste Justice Persona; Later on, it is just SSR dedicated relic for your limited Persona if you hoard the resources to pull the Persona + her relic till max stars *** This require a lot of gems + tickets ~

Skybreak Tower

Rise of Eros - Quick F2P Guide

Skybreak Tower is a challenge (supposed to be) monthly, the duration varies depends on the developers *

So set up your best Persona team to fight, you may use Auto to form your best team;

Once you fail to complete 1 level, then you need to play the challenge + control your team manually to win the stage. You may try infinite times since it does not require stamina! You must always do them all before it resets ~

P/S – In my opinion, I always suggest to claim the reward individually, like “Claim stamina potion when there is event in order to increase the duration of stamina potion “, unless the Skybreak Tower gonna reset then just click 1 button to claim everything!

Have fun ❤


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