Sakura Bunny Girls All CG’s & Scenes Guide

This is a guide to Winged Cloud’s Sakura Bunny Girls to help you find all CGs and scenes to complete the gallery.

To my surprise, nobody has written a walkthrough guide on this game yet two weeks after its release, so I decided to write a guide of my own. I personally completed the game just a few days after its release, but the game is just too good, so I came back to it to write this guide.

You can find the patch to unlock 18+ CGs on Winged Cloud’s Patreon: Winged Cloud Patreon – Sakura Bunny Girls Patch

In order to unlock all CGs and complete the gallery, players need to select three correct choice options during sets of three questions in order to win favor with the respective bunny girl character. Every bunny girl has two relevant sets of three choices each. With the exception of Satomi CG 1.1 and 1.2, all (18+) CGs can be unlocked during a single playthrough. However, if you end up choosing at least one “wrong” answer during a set of questions, that corresponding CG is skipped and the story is continued without it. If you consistently pick at least one wrong answer during each set of questions, you may even end up with a run without unlocking a single CG scene.

Sakura Bunny Girls All CG's & Scenes Guide

The game currently does not have any Steam achievements. According to a comment from Winged Cloud, this seems to be due to issues with Achievements on the Epic Games Store. Hopefully they will add Achievements soon, but for now I won’t add any images or CGs to the walkthrough guide to refrain from spoiling the story and gallery to anybody who has not yet finished the game.

I will update this guide as soon as Achievements are released or if anything else needs to be changed or added. My last update on this guide (16-09-2023) should cover all choices and their relevance in the story. If no specific option is given in the walkthrough below, you can choose any option.

If there are any questions, the comment section is open. Hope you enjoy the game!


Ask Riko about Satomi → She’s too full of herself
Ask Riko about the bunny girl powers → Are your powers dangerous?
Ask Riko about herself → So you’re a freelancer?

→ Riko CG 1

Ask Satomi about her job → You’re like me
Ask Satomi about her mission → I did what I had to do
Ask Satomi about herself → It does

An oral battle sounds nice → Satomi CG 1.1
Using only your feet would be interesting → Satomi CG 1.2

Do you know the girl who sat down with me? / Are you friends with the girl who sat down with me?

Insist that Yuka’s mistaken / Explain your reasons

Ask Yuka about her neighborhood → That’s not fair of them
Ask Yuka about her gang → You’re more like a group of volunteers
Ask Yuka about herself → You’re putting your powers to good use

→ Yuka CG 1

Be honest about your disappointment / Explain your reasons

We can’t be on the same team! / Why would your company need us?

Claim that you couldn’t meddle because they’re so strong / Say that she was handling the problem perfectly on her own

Leave / Make the call

If that wine’s as good as you, I can’t refuse / Sure, why not. I’m free thanks to you

Ask Ayako about Satomi / Dismiss Ayako

Ask Satomi about her exact role → You’re overworked
Ask Satomi about her dissatisfaction → You should quit
Ask Satomi about her motivations → Money is not everything in a job

Ask Satomi about her contract
Riko / Satomi / Yuka (“Satomi” preferred, allows for 1 “mistake” in the three choices prior)

→ Satomi CG 2

Ask Ayako about Satomi’s personality
Ask Ayako about visits
Ask Ayako about Satomi’s job
(Any order)

Do you have a “soul cat”, Mei Mei? / Does your love go beyond cats, Mei Mei?

Ask Riko about how her powers work
Ask Riko about how she uses her powers
Ask Riko if she’s used her powers on you
(Any order)

Say that you prefer regular clubs more / Say that you like the idea of being anonymous
(Second option seems to be more favorable, unsure if actually required)

Ask Riko if she used her powers to make money before → I guess so, you’re not harming anyone
Ask Riko if she’s going to use her powers like this again → I agree with you
Ask Riko what is she going to do with her money → Will you share the money?

→ Riko CG 2

Ask Yuka about her goal → That sounds simple
Ask Yuka what will she do after the mission is over → Vengeance is dangerous
Ask Yuka about your payment → You choose the amount
(Choices here don’t seem to matter, but these answers seem to give the most favorable reactions)

Be blunt / be tactful

It was / Nothing I couldn’t handle

Ask Yuka about the dishonest contract
Ask Yuka about her hobbies/passions
Ask Yuka about her ambitions
Ash Yuka about her grandmother
(Any order)

→ Alone but not always
→ I had a sneaking suspicion it’d be a lovely meeting
→ As long as it’s with you, anything goes

→ Yuka CG 2

Killing people is just as serious / Money doesn’t matter here

Ask who are they / Ask who bribed him

Have fun ❤

Sakura Bunny Girls All CG's & Scenes Guide


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