Slave Doll – Quick Guide to Endings

Quick guide to get the ending you want in Slave Doll game.


So from what I’ve found, the Good ending involves getting 200 Orgasm points before getting 200 Sanity points. Bad ending is the opposite 200 sanity before orgasm. So how to get there?

Different Actions

You start with one action, the Humble BJ. These actions give 3 different points Orgasm, Sanity, and Teach Points. Points help unlock more things to do, outfits she can wear, and how many actions you can perform a day. Outfits are visual only, they do NOT effect how many points you recieve.

Point break down

To keep it simple and uniform O is going to be Orgasm, S is Sanity, And T for Teach Points.


  • O 1
  • S 2
  • T 1
  • H -30


  • O 3
  • S 1
  • T 2
  • H -40


  • O 6
  • S 2
  • T 3
  • H -55


  • O 2
  • S 6
  • T 3
  • H -55


So you may notice those Actions also had one extra point value H. This is how much Health she looses when you perform these actions. If her health hits zero she will faint. Once you’ve unlocked the two faint Actions, you have to perform the others listed above to make her faint before you can use these. (n/a means you do not gain any points.)


  • O N/a
  • S 2
  • T 2


  • O 2
  • S N/a
  • T 2

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