TOGETHER BnB – Quick guide

Guide for Early Access version of Together BnB game.

First Day

The first thing we did was to enter the game and we received an unknown caller, and the call was from Emily, midway through the game we could click on the conversation or automatically wait to skip it (no effect later applied) and then we arrived at the B&B after learning about our brother’s disappearance and the situation at the B&B, we met Nana at the beginning, then Nana went to Emily and said she had won $10 in a bet with Emily, after that Nana and we forgot to take pictures, Emily laughed and explained to us how Nana liked to take pictures and introduced herself. explained to us that Nana likes to take pictures and introduced herself, after the conversation the basic control prompt window appeared (it was some wasd thing) at this point we could only slow walk to the kitchen, and Emily conversation to learn something about her brother before he disappeared, after the conversation went to the hall and clicked on the pulled out chair to sit down, and Emily conversation to know why she called me, after that Vera appeared, spit coffee and then introduced their upscale coffee requirements, then, Nana ran to add the phone, so we got three female tenants, wait for the three female tenants to leave, appear to press any button to leave the seat after the prompt and then move, go to the room filled with wine, go up that staircase, do not go up the wrong staircase another is the projector room, go upstairs and turn right to see a fire extinguisher click to interact to get the key (some people say this will not work will meet The solution to the bug is to click twice on both doors on the first floor will appear in the heart prompting us to go to the fire extinguisher that can be solved) get the key and turn right to the innermost room, open it, wait for the end of the prompt to pull open the desk in Max’s room to get the shop card, after the prompt press T to open the phone, click on the Google Maps icon, read the map system prompt, mark the three shops in Eric’s family, finish the prompt to answer the phone, answer The red phone in Max’s room is the hotel owner Isabelle who wants us to fix the “plumbing” after which we will agree to her and teleport to the winery and start to papa with Isabelle (three star strategy two people are full of energy bar and then shoot once a star total to three times, can unlock new poses and scenes) after finishing Isabelle compliments us on our good health After that we were teleported home, take the two remaining keys in the drawer, go downstairs, walk in a straight line to Eric’s shop, at this point we can run, still pretty fast, walk into the shop, click on Eric, click on talk, after exchanging pleasantries with Eric, talk about his brother, after that Eric had something to go, leave, go to Ken’s shop that, go in and click on the squatting Ken, talk, learn about Ken’s current life and talk After talking to his brother, Nana sends a message, clicks on the dialog box to chat, it’s about the photo shoot, then asks if we’re leaving today, we promise her we won’t and end the message after saying we’ll check out the weirdness at night (there’s no quest here, no patrols at night) and leave for Logan’s gun shop, click on the long gun on the counter, Logan will come out and talk to us about how to be a real man, after that get the keys to his brother’s car from him (just the one by the door) and talk about his brother, get the safe, after that Logan goes to get high with Suzy, leave the shop, teleport home and go upstairs, make sure to click on the door to the left of the closet, find the safe, open it, at this point Emily sends a message thanking us for coming in time and making sure we stayed the night, from her we learn that there was another woman who called looking for Max (a phone call will come straight after the episode, the content is that this woman will come over to stay yet no update on how this fourth female tenant) take the 30,000, an unknown call comes in, wait, then the phone gets hung up, Emily sends a message saying she accidentally pressed it, after which we say good night to each other and order the bed to sleep. End of day one.

Second Day 

Get up, go downstairs, Emily is on the sofa, click talk to her, select no effect for the conversation, get the task to help Emily buy talcum powder, go out, press m to open the map to find Eric’s shop, click teleport, go in and see the empty blinking thing, click, wait for the heart activity to finish, find Eric, tap talk, wait for Eric to find the talcum powder, Vera sends a message (select no effect for the conversation) asking us to buy Then wait for Eric to come back and get the last bottle, click on the powder, add 1 to the quantity, click add, then click back, same with the tissues, on the far left, under the nail polish, then click on Eric to check out, leave the shop, wait for the heart prompt to take the powder to Emily first, teleport home. Go through the hall to the building on the right, knock on the door on the ground floor 102 (knocking on the door and not responding is a bug go to the shop and buy it again) and give the powder to Emily, then know that you have to go to the first floor of the building where our house is to find Vera, go up the stairs behind the restaurant and tap Vera to talk to her, give the Kleenex to play with and then trigger the plot of Nana breaking the cup, see our dear male tenant Mark (I want to shoot him every day now), after his numerous requests we let him We let him stay next door to us at his request, went back to bed and finished the next day.

Third Day

get up, we received a text message from Mark, give us a clue that we saw brother in the cabin by the lake, in that room on the far right of the map, first teleport to Logan’s shop, the 16000 lance to buy, and then teleport home, can only run or drive over, 1200m journey, I was running over, we are unlimited physical strength ignoring the terrain of the fierce man, running words is about three minutes, almost to the cabin at the press F equipment number lance (Midway do not equip guns will slow down the running speed), ready to burst, to the door of the cabin, be prepared to see a large group of black on the burst, probably a dozen rounds of death, do not be afraid to direct hard just we are immortal body, close to the corpse press E skinning, after you can sell to Logan 10000 yuan, and then the door of the table to get bio-detector, teleport home (encounter black wolf brush not out of the bug should be Direct game crash can not be, the gun can not get out of the bug home desk left small drawer has a short gun picked up on it, bio-detector bug read the file to start over or ignore the direct home to sleep will return to the beginning of the day)


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