Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Here is the quick guide for “Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter” game.

Have you ever had a dream? Did that dream involve you touching a woman? Have you ever wanted to touch a woman without the hassle of having to deal with law enforcement? Ever read some naughty doujinshi where some masseuse miraculously banging all of his clientele without consequence? Well dream no longer because I have the solution for you.

I will show you the ropes and help guide you to become a masseuse straight out of some erotic doujin. It won’t be an easy task, in fact, it will be an arduous one, but if you can understand the arcane wisdom I am about to dispense upon you, then it should be as a easy as touching yourself.

Sholder rub

Once again you are in the shoes of Kota Morimura. It has been a while since you’ve returned from Nikki town, but an opportunity at a promotion has sprung up. However, you are being put to the test to see if you are competent at managing others and able to successfully run an establishment. You need to make a total of 10 million yen in thirty days or you won’t get that promotion.

Now managing this massage parlor is pretty simple. In, fact there really isn’t anything too difficult or any extra hidden stuff (yet). Let’s go over what you’ll be doing.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

The time you are allotted to do things is greatly diminished as compared to the first game, luckily, there isn’t a whole lot to do. After you finish your work, you can either go drink with one of the heroines, or help out the business by either beating people or smacking soon-to-be customers in a pinball like mini-game. You can go out only three times a night, so use your time wisely.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

I recommend using your free time early on to fight other areas, as that is how you unlock the other heroines. Granted some of the areas are more difficult and require you to be strong, but the benefits are well worth the trouble.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Sex scenes are mainly done by massaging them and filling their lust bar, but if you fill their drunkenness bar when you drink with them, you can choose to send them home or have sex with them.

Apart from all that, you can train Kota or one of the employees to further increase their stats to help them gain more money with their massages, or to have them do more damage to trouble makers in other territories. You also can learn, upgrade, and organize what massages will be done.

The only source of money that is a bit strained in the beginning is Kota’s personal funds for dating. These can only be gained from fighting or from diamond level customers when you go out and advertise. It’s not to difficult to get lots of money because you only can spend it buying drinks, but I recommend gaining some of the heroines as employees and using them to advertise with you to quickly gain diamond rank customers.

That’s pretty much the gist of what you’ll be doing.

Deep tissue

Now lets get more into what we all play these games for, the women.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

When you have chosen who you want to invite out to drink, you need to talk with them and raise their affection to 100 to get their ending. However, you need to complete a request once you hit 80 affection because affection won’t raise until you complete the request. These requests have you going out and “fighting” some enemies in the pinball mini-game, but it unlocks a useful tools that will help you in your future endeavors and also unlocks the specific girl to work at the massage parlor.


You are able to play two types of games with your date. You are only able to play these two times each every date. They are “DICE GAME” and “GUESS GAME”. Dice game is just odds and evens and Guess game is just RPS.

In dice game you need to choose whether the two die add up to an odd or even number by choosing the blue(odd) or red(even).

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Guess game is just RPS with cards and you need to win two rounds.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Drinking with a woman

Here is a table that displays what drinks there women like, dislike, or are impartial to. ( – = Impartial, O = Like, X = Dislike)

Miki Etsuko Kanna Misako Enon
Yatama Umi O
Hoseki bottle x
Champagne Iced Tea x x x
Negroni x O
Jasmine Asti O x
Miyaki Kyou x O
Asahi x
Ryogin O
Orange Thyme x x x x
Beaver Burp x


Here are all of Miki’s chat categories and the “correct” choices. (some choices offer the same amount of affection, but the one’s displayed are the safest choices)


Female General (No choice) +10
Japan’s best soldier ( Sanada Yukimura)+5
Demon king of the sixth heaven (Oda Nobunaga – I never expected you to thinks so deeply) +5
Monkey ( Kinoshita Tokichiro) +5
Sword Master (Tsukahara Bokuden) +10

Kiyomizu-yaki (Kyoto pottery crafts – How do you know so much? – The most unforgettable love +5
loneliness (Ask the meaning – Momentary Beauty +3
Favorite thing (What is that? – I’ll help you get a bowl) +5

Operating balance (No choice) +10
Enemy (no choice) +10
Moment to shine (No choice)
Money Slave (Miki, it’s okay to take your rime, don’t rush – Maybe he just wants to give you a better life ) +10

Ginjo Sake 1 (no choice) +10
Ginjo Sake 2 (Yes, I can feel that although you look tough on the outside, you are really gentle on the inside) +5
Home Brewed Sake 1 ( No choice) +5
Home Brewed Sake 2 (No choice) +5


(Unlocks social contacts / Family and career)

Fine restaurants and hotels (Etsuko surprisingly knows very little) +5
Company Charity events (No choice) +5
Business and entertainment (No Choice) +5
Personal Space ( Shako is good) +10

Entrepreneur (No choice) +5
The life you long for (No choice) +15
The most important thing (It’s time to let go) +15
The so-called happiness (It’s fine that happens – Don’t drink to much) +5


  • Favorite designer (Was founded by Issey Miyake) +10
  • How you got interested (Dreams are the most important) +10
  • I have attended an exhibition (No choice) +10


  • Modern music (No choices) +10
  • New year’s concert (No choices)+10
  • Admired painter (That’s Certainly true) +15
  • Best art museum (I’m very interested) +10




  • Favorite Author (Born in 19th century – Very Thoughtful) +10
  • Favorite book (no choices) +5
  • Favorite Library (Ok) +10
  • Funny comics ( No Choice) +10


  • Favorite Sweet (Kanure – I don’t mind)+10
  • Baking Exhibition (You have a lot of experience)+10
  • Making special sweets (Like – I’m looking forward to it) +10


  • Cat Senior (No choices) +5
  • Campus Ghost stories (no choices) +5
  • Strange Roommate (Take it easy first – I’m sure she’ll get better) +10
  • Future Plans (Gentle and cute) +15


  • Family business (Do what you want) + 10
  • Family events (It’s a very special occasion) +10
  • A responsible older sister (She is also very good to her sister) +10
  • Mother’s character (very considerate) +10


HOBBIES (Flower Arrangement) +10


  • Lily of the Valley (Bell orchid flower – Return of happiness)+15
  • Sunflower (No choice) +10
  • Rose (love – purity and respect – Compared to peoples hearts) +10
  • Forget-me-not (No Choice) +10


  • Scotch ( No Choices) +10
  • Miyagi Gorge (No choice) +10
  • Whiskey (No choices) +10
  • Classic (No choices) +10
  • Negroni (No choice) +10


  • Wandering Artist (You must have agreed – Everything is fate)+10
  • Special Guest (Could it be an animal) +10
  • Sensative Nose (Fastidious Person) +10
  • Man in a Bawler hat (interesting person) +10


  • Favorite Horse (succesfully defended Japan Cup 2021) +10
  • Favorite Ranch (No choice) + 10
  • Horse racing Tips (You know a lot) +5
  • Favorite competition (No choice) +10




  • Legendary course (Mie Prefecture) +10
  • Fellow (I’m your friend too) +10
  • Girl chasing the wind (Let’s toast to the girl who chases the wind)+8
  • Favorite bike (suzuki) +10


  • B’z (BANZAI)+10
  • Heavy metal (No choice) +8
  • Tone deaf (A song is an expression of emotion) +15
  • QUEEN (Bohemian Rhapsody) +10


  • Great Buddha of Kamakura (no choice) +8
  • Mt. Fuji Music Festival ( No choice) +8
  • Shirakawa-go (No choice) +8
  • Kumano Kodo (No choice) +8


Ghost of red light district (No choice) +10
The legend of Mt. Akame (No choice) +10
Ghost ship (No choice) +10
Legend of Yokohama subway (No choice) +10


Firstly, you need to unlock one of the double table rooms, and also have the mother and daughter as customers,

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Once you see them enter the establishment, you need to send them both to the same room if you haven’t set them to be automatically paired together by clicking on both of their icons under Kota and Miki during working hours. When you are massaging them and reach the point where you can start to ♥♥♥♥ them, start the sex scene and ♥♥♥♥ them until you see the mother/daughter on the other side of the screen start to masturbate and an icon pop up. Click it and you will initiate the family bonding event.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

Enter the pump zone

Once you’ve finished dealing with the five main heroines, it’s time to dip into that NTR side ♥♥♥♥♥ you’ve been waiting to taste since launch.

Now, the gym is mainly to raise Force, Power, and Charm. You need to use the every piece of exercise equipment multiple times before you are able to do naughty things on them with Yoko/Amemiya. Amemiya goes to the gym immediately after work (20:00) and Yoko goes at 22:00. No one is at the gym during 00:00 so use that time to level your familiarity with the exercises.

Note you need to actually have Yoko employed to have her be at the gym, and it costs 10000 to go to the gym.

(The image entails what happens when you press F for guidance when you are to unfamiliar with that specific piece of equipment)

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

You will be able to see what stats a specific exercise increase by looking at the colored arrows. Yellow (Force) Green (Power) Pink (Charm).

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

You can talk to your soon to be NTR victims to gain their trust, and you can give guidance when the piece of equipment reaches two stars. The Guidance part of the gym has you trying to pleasure bar without raising the rightmost bar or run out of time. When you fully raise the rightmost bar, the mini-game ends, but if time runs out (in the mini game) and you still have time left (at the gym) you can continue to give her guidance at another place and her pleasure bar will remain as it was after the first guidance. The pleasure bar raises even faster when you have three stars, so I recommend doing so to make it much easier on yourself.

Once you have achieved a full pleasure bar, then you can finally ♥♥♥♥ them.

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

If you fail raise their pleasure bar by raising the rightmost bar and they leave the gym. you still have an opportunity to have sex with them. After you leave, you might see their icon appear in the shop that will be highlighted with red when you hover over it. Upon clicking it, you will see that they’re masturbating/sleeping and you can initiate a sex scene with them. (They can still show up at the shop even if you do have sex with them at the gym.)

Yakuza Rogue: Yokohama massage parlor chapter Walkthrough Guide

You are able to drug the boyfriends by offering them water, and having a high enough trust. Then once you fill their pleasure bar you will ♥♥♥♥ them near the boyfriend.

That is pretty much all.

Happy ending

Running your massage parlor is very simple and attaining the hearts of your lovely sweetie pie is also just as simple. So once you have achieved your 10 million goal and attained 100 affection with whoever you desire, just continue playing until day 30.

Please note that I have no idea how to have sex with Yoko or Amemiya. I think their sex scenes are not implemented into the game yet, but I could be wrong.

Other than that. you should be done with the game.


New Game Plus

After Day 30, you will have the option to start a New game with the save file with a few things carrying over to the next playthrough. Here are what carries and what’s reset:


1. Auto win at drinking games plus all combat buffs tools
2. All 5 of the relationship masseuses (Enon, Misako, Kanna, Etsuko and Miki), if you unlocked them, will be available from Day 1 even during the tutorial day.
3. Your MC’s and the 5 relationship masseuses’ stats are kept
4. Auto management and speed up functions are available from day 2.
5. 500k starting operating funds.

Don’t carry:

1. Your MC’s drinking limit (gotta train them back up)
2. All 5 relationships status (if you want to see the relationship story, gotta work from scratch)
3. The stats of all the hired massage therapists are all reset, including the one free one you get on day 2.
4. Massage skill levels and set slots
5. Turf (gotta fight for them again)
6. All Customer levels are reset, gotta hand out flyers again
7. Your interior is reset, gotta pay the dough to revamp them again


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