Beneath steel clouds – Easy Start Guide

Here is Beneath steel clouds guide for easy start. The first 9 days, the next goals, relationship actions and endings.

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You can have 3 Actions every day (morning, midday and evening). Use all actions and don’t go early to bed. After the third action you go automatically to bed.
Moving around or buying in the black market doesn’t cost an action.
In the upper left of the screen you can see the daytime.

Beneath steel clouds - Easy Start Guide

Quite some grinding is needed In this game to improve your stats and the relationships with the 3 woman of the game.
To get some experience with the game and its locations it’s no fault to play at first a few days without the guide.

Nobe, Sanake and Vanilla

The 3 woman of the game are all at a certain time at a certain place.
Nobe = red district, morning
Sanake = clinic, midday
Vanilla = bar, evening

To ask out one of them, 50 relationship points are needed.

The first 6 days

Start a new game, because you have only 30 days! You can skip the Intro.
It’s best to focus in the first week on some basic stats, which are needed to perform the best jobs.

Day 1 and 2

Morning: Study schematics, +2 machinery
go ->Back ->Red district ->Private clinic
Midday: Talk to Sanake
go ->Back ->Blue district ->Your condo
Evening: Do some stretching, +2 agility

After day 2: machinery = 4, agility = 4 and Sanake =2

Day 3

Morning: Study schematics, +2 machinery
Midday: Do some stretching, +2 agility
Evening: Fix brocken robotic parts, +35$

Day 4, 5, and 6

Morning: Fix brocken robotic parts, +35$
go ->Back ->Scrapyard
Midday: Study damaged devices, +5 machinery
go ->back ->Red district ->Private clinic
Evening: Take steroid injections, +5 agility, -25$

After day 6: machinery = 21, agility = 21, credits = 65$ and Sanake = 2

Days 7 – 9

Day 7

go ->Back ->Red district
Morning: Talk to Nobe
go ->Private clinic
Midday: Talk to Sanake
Use the dialog option “Bother the doctor” and click on her hair, +2 Sanake
go ->Back ->Blue district ->Black Market
Buy “Precison tools”, -50$
go ->Back ->Scrapyard
Evening: Try to salvage valuables, +100$

Day 8

go ->Back ->Scrapyard
Morning: Try to salvage valuables, +100$
go ->Back ->Black Market
Buy “Club VIP card”, -70$
Buy “Savour Vivre manual”, +25 Interpersonal, -95$
go ->Back ->Red district ->Private clinic
Midday: Practice as a lab assistent, +130$
go ->Back ->Prestigious Club
Evening: Talk to Vanilla

Day 9

go ->Back ->Red district
Morning: Talk to Nobe, +2 Nobe
go ->Private clinic
Midday: Practice as a lab assistent, +130$
go ->Back ->Prestigious Club
Evening: Talk to Vanila, +1 Vanilla

I think this is a very good start, but you can’t save it manually. For every new game you have to play these first 9 days again.

The next steps

In the first 9 days we have increased some basic stats and have seen every girl at least twice.
Machinery = 21
Agility = 21
Interpersonal = 25
Credits = 310$
Nobe = 2
Sanake = 4
Vanilla = 1

You can earn enough money and have now the time (actions) to improve the relationships with the women. From now on I advise to split the daily actions: use 2 actions on the women and 1 action to work in the clinic. Don’t focus only on 1 woman, because for an ending you always need at least one favor from another woman. It’s good to have 50 relationship points with all the women and the possibility to ask out each of them.
Working in the clinic is the job with the best reward (130$).

The actions from the bedroom or from the scrapyard are no longer needed. The best way to improve the stats is the the black market. Buy everything from the black market with one exception: Stolen patents (170$). There is no need to increase your machinery skill, after you reached 20.

Relationship actions and endings

R= Relationship. These values are my personal experiences in the game the real minimal values might be lower. A relationship action doesn’t cost a normal action, but starting a dialog with a woman costs an action.

Action min R-Points
Bother Doc
Compliment her hair 3
Kiss her neck 5
French kiss her 11
Feel her up … 25
Ask out 50

Ending 1: Give Sanake the travel papers and accompany her. You get the papers from Vanilla (500$)

Action min R-Points
Try to figure …
Comment on her piercing 3
Did you … 6
Grab her 10
Mash your lips … 25
So, do … 50

Ending 2: Refuse the reward after you give Nobe the drugs from Sanake.

Action min R-Points
Catch up …
So, is that … 3
Kiss her Neck 6
Caress her tighs 10
Tits 25
Wanna go … 50

Ending 3: Help her brother Jack into service and don’t do another ending. You need a favor from Noble.

That’s all. Have fun ❤


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